Wednesday, November 10, 2010

With Heartfelt Gratitude

My Harley Stud and I spent last Saturday morning with The Rocket Scientist and The Trophy Wife at the Navy Seal Museum in Ft. Pierce.  The museum hosts a Veteran’s Day weekend ceremony every year and we always try to make it when we can. 

I am so proud to be American and so very grateful for those who risk and sometimes sacrifice their lives for our freedom.  It is my prayer that we might have world peace sooner rather than later.  It’s really very simple.  No hate.  No wars.  Let’s all get together for beer and chocolate chip cookies.  I’m pretty sure that would do it. 

The museum puts on a very impressive show.  Ya’ll come along.  I’ll show you.


I don’t know how they do it but every year they “jump out of  a perfectly good airplane” and land where they are supposed to land.  I guess all that Navy Seal training really works. 

DSC05052 A simulated anti-terrorist mission in action.  The museum is on the beach.  I always wonder what the people who live in the condos next door must think when helicopters fly by their windows shooting.  Wouldn’t that just make you drop your spoon back in your oatmeal!


Under orders from President Franklin Pierce, Lt. Col. Benjamin Pierce, his brother, was sent to what we now know as Ft. Pierce to set up an army base during the second Seminole War.  The site later became the training ground for the Navy Frogmen.  The Frogman eventually became a Navy Seal, today’s elite warrior.  Training to become a Navy Seal requires nothing short of super-human strength and determination.  I’m told that a well-known men’s magazine recently listed the worst things a man can do to his body:

#1 was crack cocaine.  #3 was crystal meth.  And #2 (worse than meth) is hell week at BUDS.  (The training school for Navy Seals)

 DSC05061 Something new at the museum:  The Memorial Wall. 

It is virtually impossible to stand at this wall and not shed a tear.  Ask anyone. 



My new favorite Navy Seal, Arras.  A four-legged Seal!  Who knew?

Arras and his handler are awaiting orders for deployment to Iraq, Afghanistan or?  Arras is a multi-tasker.  He can detect a bomb but also doubles as an attack dog.  And he looks so sweet, doesn’t he?  Don’t let that purdy face fool you. 


MHS and I in front of the MV Maersk Alabama

I’m sure you all remember the story of the MV Maersk Alabama hijacking by Somali pirates in April 2009.  Navy Seal snipers came to the rescue doing what they do best.  Captain Richard Phillips has the US Navy and specifically, the SEALS to thank for saving his life. 

A few years ago, I had the honor of meeting Marcus Luttrell, author of Lone Survivor.  In a book that every American should read, Marcus tells of his experience during Operation Redwing.  When I thanked him for his service to our country, he very humbly replied, “I was just doing my job.  It’s the only thing I’m good at.”

And once again, the reason for this post:  Never forget.


As for me and mine, we would like to thank all those that serve and have served in the United States armed forces. 

May God bless you and your families all the days of your lives.


Fragrant Liar said...

YES! I love you taking me down memory lane on your trip. I love visiting military museums and air shows and such. Always reminds me of how we got here and those who fought/fight to keep America the "land of the free."

Thanks to all vets and their families.

only a movie said...

Beautiful post. You should link up to pseudo's travel tips so more people will get to read it... Xo

Brian Miller said...

this is very cool. great pics and a perfect post to remember those that serve...4 legged seal...nice...

Mrsupole said...

Thank you for thinking of us. Both hubby and I served. We were in during the Vietnam war, but luckily we did not have to go over there. We did spend time in Panama and that was enough.

It is always nice to have people thank us for our service. I once heard that it is about only 1 or 2% of American's who ever serve in the military. I always thought it was more but I guess it is not. And for females it is even lower. Some people who meet me tell me that I am the only female they have ever met that has served. Since leaving, I must say that I have rarely met any females who have served and so I know how they feel. Our three grandson's all want to join when they grow up and so we take it as a compliment to us.

Thank you again.

God bless.

tulpen said...

Love this. I would have been weepy all day at that place.

Arkansas Patti said...

Always meant to stop by the Seals Museum but never did. Thanks for taking me along.
A dear friend's son that I tried to claimed as my own, went thru BUDS and it was brutal.
We do need to let service men and women know we care and appreciate them. Thanks.

blueviolet said...

Just looking at that wall kinda chokes me up. Wow.

Tony Letts said...

Good to honour our heroes :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My husband served in Korea as an 18 year old..and had three tours in Vietnam. He is gone now..but ..he is not gone and never will be.

I hate war..with such a passion that I cannot even begin to tell you the emotions I feel when I think of most of the time I try not to think of it..which is not right and I know that.

How I wish it were as easy as getting together and sharing chocolate chip cookies and a beer? How I wish.
It seems there is a huge agenda dividing us. It's sad. Makes me ill.
I will leave this earth with us still fighting one another.
Love to you SMB for you good heart.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Janie said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post but better late than never to tell you....good job! I'm a proud American and I love these type of events and I pray we never forget what it takes to give us the freedom we enjoy today. Love you!!

p.s. Did someone post something bad and you had to remove?

JeanMac said...

Wow, I loved this post.

goodfather said...

Awesome post!! Very appropriate to remember those who have served while we give thanks for what we have.

croneandbearit said...

Hey SMB - Popped in to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!! mwah!

Joe Todd said...

Have a great Thanksgiving.