Monday, November 24, 2008


photograph courtesy of Midlife Slices

A day or two later I received the same recipe from my cousin, QTPie. I'm a pretty good cook if I say so myself but baking is not my thing. It's the measuring. Well, that and the fact that I can't seem to follow directions exactly to save my soul. Nevertheless I was inspired by this very seasonal recipe and just had to give it a shot. Alas, even after several text messages burning up the airwaves between here and Texas, this is what I came up with:

I call it Blob-O-Bread

The fact that MLS could make something so beautiful and mine completely flopped just p*ssed me off good. I couldn't stand it. I drove to the store and bought more ingredients and new pans. (I'm pretty sure the failure was all because of the pans because I'm sure it wasn't anything that I did.

This is the result of my second attempt:

It was still a little gooey in the middle but came out much better. If you attempt this recipe, it's a very tricky making sure that it's done. The cheesecake filling is supposed to be gooey so it's hard to test with a toothpick. I have no advice but wish you better luck than I had. The best part was that both the Blob-O-Bread and the pretty ones were delicious.

And I felt so much better when MLS posted this picture a few days later:

(Does that make me a bad person?)


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Our cooking skills are somewhat matching. I love to cook, hardly stick to a recipe, and therefore am not so good with the baking.

It does not make you a bad person. It makes you human.

Bear Naked said...

Blob-O-Bread looks very normal to me.

Bear((( )))

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Blob-O-Bread???? LOL! I'm not great at sticking to recipes either. I always have to improvise just a little ....

goodfather said...

I love the Blob-O-Bread, too funny! I've never even TRIED to make bread, so I'd be pretty happy with a blob. ;)

thistle said...

i love the things that looked like they flopped and yet still taste good...cos that's what's all mushed up in your tummy anyhow :)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Pseudo-I'm beginning to think baking skills are over-rated. *wink* At least we can whip up a wonderful meal! LOL

Bear-It did taste wonderful.

24-That's me too. I always think I have to add or omit a thing or two. I'm pretty sure I did follow your pumpkin choc chip cookies to the t and they were delicious.

GF-Start with the cornbread and then go to MLS if you need advice for this one....obviously. *sigh*

Thistle-It really was delicious. Just a little over cooked in some parts and not so much in others. LOL

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...


The uglier it looks the better it tastes. I make blob o cookies : )

Diana said...

Wow, everything looks yummy! Cheesecake filling in bread? Holy moley! :)

And I'm more of a baker than I am a chef, so I can tell you first hand that some of my biggest disasters have turned into some of my best dishes.

I posted the recipes from class on my blog. Enjoy!!

The Blue Ridge Gal said...

Big belly laughin' going on here over Blob! I don't bake either, that's Hubby's job in our house. Mr. Science loves to measure things.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Brooke said...

I am right there with you!! I am a pretty good cook but nothign is pretty about my cooking. It tastes good, ok usually it tastes good, but I get NO presentation points b/c most of the time its UGLY!!

nothingfancy1 said...

Taste is the only thing that matters. Don't you know that all of the most delicious things are either messy or look awful!!!!

Man...I wish I had a slice (or glop) right now!!!

Jan said...

You cracked me up with your Blob O' Bread.

Don't feel bad - I forgot to put the baking powder in a batch of biscuits I made recently (one of the hazards of having a recipe memorized) and ended up with lovely, golden brown hockey pucks.

Midlife Slices said...

LOL It took me all day to get to sit down to read this post. My post for today explains why. ugh...

YES it makes you a bad person. You're a BAD BAD BAD person. Now bake 3 more pumpkin cheesecake breads and mail them to MLS as your punishment for being a bad person.

smiles4u said...

Sometimes the things I make turn out just fine and other's well, lets just say, as long as they taste good, I'm happy! I keep thinking about making that bread ever since MLS showed it on her blog. It looks so darn good! And you most definetly are NOT a bad person...not even close.

qtpie said...

I made the bread also. I baked it forever but the bottom part never really looked like bread. It looked like pumpkin pie and my cheesecake center came up over the top too. But it was still delicious. It tastes like you are eating a piece of pumpkin pie with cream cheese on it. I love to bake, not as good at meal recipes. I went crazy last weekend. Made homemade noodles for Thanksgiving, two pans of banana bread (because I'm tired of throwing away bananas that don't get eaten) and then a pecan pie... I also tried a new recipe you make with turkey in a sauce consisting of tomato paste, chicken broth and sour cream. Oh yeah! And thyme. I've decided I don't like the taste of thyme. It ruined the turkey sauce. Too strong. I think my families a little tired of my experimenting with new dishes. I'm hearing lets go get a pizza more and more often.. Oh well! I tried

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Lynn-I really like a good presentation but at least it did taste good.

Diana-Being the baker, you would probably do just fine with this. It is very yummy! I look forward to trying your recipes when I get home.

BRG-Maybe hubby can figure out the secret to the perfect loaf.

Brooke-At least it tastes good. I do like for my dishes to look good too but if I have to choose, taste is more important. Thanks for visiting. I hope you'll come back again.

Fancy-ROFL at "glop"

Jan-My biscuits are always hockey pucks. THat is why we use the frozen variety made by someone's grandmother. LOL

MLS-I guess I deserve that. 3 loves on their way. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Smiles-Try it. Good luck.

QTP-I can't believe you have Grandma's noodle recipe. I'm coming to your house next Thanksgiving. LOL