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If you’ve visited these pages once or twice before, no doubt you’ve heard me mention my beloved “crackberry”.  My love affair with my “crackberry” aka blackberry began years ago.  Oh sure, I’ve upgraded over the years to newer, more flashy models but a loyal blackberry fan, I have been.  This fancy little device brings me my email instantly allowing me to tend to business and pleasure from almost anywhere.  Friends, family and colleagues can reach me via phone, email, text, blackberry messenger, facebook and twitter any time.  While some see that as a disturbance, I like to be connected at all times.  I have my crackberry at my side 24/7 and I like it that way.   I don’t like to think that someone needs to reach me and can’t.  ….and I can never understand why anyone would ever want to wait to hear from me.  Crazy nonsense! 

About a month ago Verizon announced that they would be offering the iphone.  Now the only thing I’m more loyal to than my blackberry is my cell carrier (….oh and MHS).  They all have their drawbacks but most of my friends and family are on Verizon and that saves me minutes and minutes equals dollars.  ….and I’m cheap like that. 

I have to admit that in the past, I have always sort of turned up my nose at the iphone and its users.  I may or may not have  thought that my crackberry was far superior with its more serious, businesslike tone and fancy email push.

But lately, my head has been turned.  I am hearing the iphone and all of its fantappulousness call my name.   I have resisted it for a long time but that shiny little rectangle of awesome technology is making me rethink my love affair with my crackberry.  Daughter #1 has one.  She is always showing off all the advantages of the iphone.

I hear the email server isn’t the best and can’t compare to the crackberry but everyone appears to be so caught up by all the apps that they don’t care if they get their email in a timely fashion.  How can that be?  Is there some sort of gas that is emitted from the iphone that creates euphoria, reduces stress and erases the urge to have up to the minute communication with your office?  Do you just become so dazzled with all the apps and their capabilities that the main reason to have the device no longer matters?

The touch screen is more than a little daunting to me too.  I am a total SPAZ with a touch screen.  I presume that touch screen skills improve with practice but I worry that I might throw the darned thing out the window before I reach an acceptable skill level. 

So far, I’ve turned a blind eye.  I’ve stood fast in my love for my crackberry and could not be swayed.  But did you know the iphone has a weight watchers mobile app that is ever so much more efficient than the points calculator on my crackberry? 

Did you know that you can pull up a birthday candle app for an impromptu birthday party?   ….And blow it out?  Way cool.

So many apps, so little time.  One con to all my pros is that if I were to purchase one of these shiny devils, I may never look up again but instead be stuck with my head down in constant fascination of the wonder of it all.

Did you know that the iphone is faster than my crackberry.

Oh yes, my head is turned.  Surely, my crackberry senses that things are not the same between us.  Could this be the beginning of the end? 

Where do you stand on this issue?  Have you crossed over to the dark side?  Are you considering it?  Or have you found  a way to resist the ever-present temptation of this slick little bugger?


Jan said...

I went from the Blackberry to the Droid. I regret it.

tulpen said...

I am a total Crack Head. In love with my BlackBerry, head over heels.

And also a loyal Verizon gal.

I don't think I'll go to the dark side. No. Touch screens and my fat spazzy fingers? Not friends. I like little knobby buttons.

No. I won't go.

Anonymous said...

I love my Verizon crackberry. Love Love Love. We should be on messenger and chat. :-) I'm not a fan of touch screens for phone. I couldn't work it fast enough...

Other half brought me over to the dark side by purchasing the iPad for me for my last summer. I get the best of both worlds.

Gaston Studio said...

I've been giving it some serious thought of late. My daughter has one and I love to tinker with it on occasion. Might be good to have my very own... but I'm still thinking.

blueviolet said...

Doesn't it just blow your mind what these things can do? Amazing!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I just bought a new phone. Flip top - big numbers. Nothing fancy. I'm so not good for the technology business. However, since it was on the shelf, perhaps others like me.

Thank goodness for people like you - those that can be found and depended on. I don't want to be found - often.

Anonymous said...

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Debbie said...

Oh Smart Mouth how I've missed you!!'s been a long time since I have laughed this hard catching up on someone's blog. I started with the buttermilk pancakes entry. I absolutely agree...#1.Once you've gone won't go back. #2. What DOES spoiled buttermilk smell like??? I loved that! I had the same thought.
Sorry you have diverticulitis. My sister in law has it. She can't eat strawberries (the seeds) and many other seeds or seed infested foods as you know. It's not so bad. I loved your story about the conversation with the Doctor/boss....priceless. The only thing that threw me off on this blog was the comment up above mine!! The boycott american women freak!! WTF?? Anyway...I love the way you are one of the funniest bloggers I have ever come across....hence the name Smart Mouth Broad I guess? Oh yah.

Life in the mom lane said...

I just recently switched to a droid from a dare... first time I have ever had a phone with apps etc.... I really am liking this phone a lot!

I have also switched from Verizon (gasp) to cricket which requires NON contracts- you pay month to month (at a much lower fee I might add) so far so good!

tera said...

So, what's with the asshole with the "I hate American women" rant? He is spamming my blog, too. Coward has set up his website so you can't leave a comment on his. Jerk.

Anywho - I never had a Blackberry but I do now have a Droid and I am addicted to it. When Verizon got the iPhone a lot of people asked if I was going to switch, but it seemed pointless. They seem to be pretty much the same thing (Apple lovers will disagree, I'm sure, but c'mon...)

So, yah- I think they are evil, but I can't live without mine! :)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Tera and Debbie, he has spammed me before. I thought about deleting it but he's an ass. I figured it would serve him right to leave it there and show everyone else what an ass he is.

DuchessOmnium said...

Oh, I am a total phone addict and began suffering from phone envy about a dozen years ago when one of my son's friends pulled his out of his pocket and it had a COLOUR screen! Yes,colour! It was only about one inch by inch, but it was in colour...

I looked at him and said, I want that!

I want an iPhone, blackberry, Windows7 -- whatever is newest and shiniest.

I want my email and text messages instantly. I want to be available at all times for work or fun. I want constant news updates on all disasters.

Okay. I admit it. I am a nut.

Tony Letts said...

welcome to Heaven :)

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh my, I am confuzzled enough by my cute pink whatever it is that thankfully let's me call out and others call in. More than that I can not handle....

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi SMB! I passed on the droid..but can get my blog on my phone and that's really all I need. I am a Verizon fan and have been for more than maybe 17 or more years. Verizon started out as something else...don't even remember what. I probably have old checks that would tell me (I save WAY too much junk!) the family Island in Maine they found out that on Verizon they could call from the Island...and that sold a lot of the family. So..Verizon it is.
Is the phone you're considering a Verizon phone. Power is important to me. Nothing worse about a phone server than having DROPPED CALLS! Yes indeed! Let us know if you capitulate to the dark side! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

oh..and about that guy who is boycotting...or some such thing. To each his own...just don't know why he is advertising his attitude on this blogger community. The ones who have and love their families, keep nice homes, care about others, blah blah blah! Makes no sense to me. Can't be worrying my head about something like that. Especially with things like phones to worry us! *chuckle*

I think I may need to upgrade..but I do rather like maybe not!

Kelly L said...

I have crossed over to the dark side and I am NOT coming back..
Love to you
I've Become My Mother
Kelly's Ideas
Amazing Salvation

Anonymous said...

I've recently learned how to use the house phone...Hey, did you know they went to push buttons instead of rotary dials? Blackberry? Yeah. I'm still using my cell phone as a book mark. When it rings, by the time I figure out it's ME ringing, and find it in my purse and figure out how to answer it...I've got something called A MESSAGE. hmmmmm I wonder what I'm supposed to do about that.

Speedy Lady said...

I just upgraded from a cheap little flip phone. And I don't text. I'm still living in the dark ages in some ways yet I know if I were introduced to such an impressive gadget, I would be hooked.

Kathy said...

I went from Crackberry to droid, love it. But the iPhone? Best toy ever. I had one when I was with AT&T, and then I killed it. Sad day. :( Don't ever put your iPhone on the bumper and shut the tailgate. Instantaneous death. Go for it - if you don't like it, you can always sell it on eBay and go back to the Crack. :)

Mrsupole said...

I have been on the dark side for over a year and a half and will never go back. Once you go dark, you never want light.

I am getting closer to 300 apps by now and the grandkids think their grandma is crazy, but they love all the games I put on there for them to play with. When we are in the car they take over my phone, heck when we are in the house they do the same thing. I always know when I get a call because they answer it. Little buggers need to know there are some calls I do not want answered. But they are learning. I think it took me about two days to get used to the touch screen and one thing I learned is to shut the thing off before you put it in your pocket or purse because otherwise you end up making calls you did not want to make. Very important thing is to keep it locked.

If you want to see me go into a panic, just hide my iPhone. I will freak out looking for it. I think I now subconsciously check for it every few minutes.

Oldest granddaughter did have a point one time. She said she did not understand why everyone who has an iPhone now calls their cell phone "iPhone". She said that we used to say, "Where is my phone?", now she says we say, "Where is my iPhone?" I actually started listening to myself and sure enough I did that. Funny thing though is that when we bought her an iPhone she started doing the same thing.

I think the dark side does that to us somehow.

I would tell you to just buy the iPad and then you will have the best of both worlds as someone commented. I borrowed someone's once and just realized that my iPhone is just a mini iPad and so have not taken that leap into the total darkside. Maybe one day. Good news though is that all my apps from my iPhone will just transfer to my iPad if I ever decide to get one.

Oldest daughter is a crackberry fan and hates our iPhones. I guess it is just what one likes. I guess we should just be glad we can afford anything.

God bless.