Monday, October 12, 2009


greek_alphabet It was Parent’s Weekend in Tally.

Daughter #2 joined a sorority this year which meant that Parent’s weekend was full of activities and not just an excuse to get tickets to the football game.

Daughter #1 was also in a sorority while at the same university but I have to say, it’s still all Greek to me. The whole idea of a secret society intrigues, bewilders and frustrates me. I hate secrets. I’m a blabbermouth and expect everyone else to be also. Is that a bad thing?

We attended a banquet on Friday night at a local country club. Required dress was Sunday best. I think I may have stressed out D2 slightly every time I said, “I mow the yard on Sundays, so lately my Sunday best is my very fashionable knit shorts from the clearance rack at Gander Mountain and a tank top. Can I wear that?” Never fear, D1 dropped her Food Nazi title and became my fashion consultant for the gig. Stay tuned for a future post about that adventure.

*What is it about saying you are going to cut back on blogging that you suddenly have tons of ideas for things about which to write?*

We had lunch on Saturday with NoleBoy and his parents. D2 and NoleBoy were celebrating one year together that same day. A better mom would have thought to take some pictures. *sigh* How about a link to last year’s Parent’s Weekend? Daughter #1 was present for the festivities but left shortly afterward to travel to Pensacola to meet friends.

There was a cook-out at the sorority house prior to the game. This was our first opportunity to tour the house. Whoever said “poor struggling college students” wasn’t referring to Greek life. The house was beautiful and meals are prepared by and served to you by house staff. I’m thinking that I might join myself. Is there an age limit on being a sorority girl?


After the cook-0ut MHS and I got to see once again what it feels like to be a college student and walk everywhere. Parking is an issue at every university, I think, and FSU is no exception. We walked 100 miles to Doak stadium and visited friends who were tail-gating. It was about this time that I was really wishing we had some of that Indiana fall weather we had experienced the week before. There’s no fall in Florida. We have two seasons: summer and “not quite” summer. Sometimes I wonder why anyone lives here.


The game. Don’t get me started on the game. OK, I’ll tell you about it but I’m going to skip the part about how we didn’t win. The Seminoles hosted the Georgia Tech Bumblebees Yellow Jackets. If we had to lose, at least we were playing a team whose fans never failed to entertain me. I should explain that even though I’ve been a Seminole Mom for several years now and should know better, I tend to procrastinate like the challenge of waiting until the last minute to buy my game tickets and make my hotel reservations. In the past this modus operandi has worked to our advantage but this year, it resulted in us sitting in the visiting team section and driving 40 miles to Bainbridge, Ga to sleep. MHS was lovin’ me. FO SHO!

So anyway, Georgia Tech would chant, “Let’s go, Jackets” and D2 and I would crack up. EVERY.TIME.THEY.DID.IT. And they did it a lot! You see it sounded to us like, “Let’s go, Jackass!” Even now, it’s still funny. They had another one that sounded like, “Jackass, Go home.” I have no idea what they were actually saying but it was so fun, I would even chant with them. It was the first time we’ve ever been to any sporting event where we weren’t sitting next to some obnoxious drunk. I’m thinking maybe this time, I was the obnoxious one. Just not drunk.

If you’re a long-time reader here, you may remember that “Jackass” is MHS’s other name. You know…… the name I call him when he says things that aren’t exactly P.C., drives too fast, swears in public… know, that sort of thing. Yeah, he can be a jackass. In fact, that is his name on the wii wii. I swear. So I’m thinking, this can be my new chant.

If you don’t hear from me, I may have chanted one too many times. Even now……… still cracks me up. I guess you had to be there.

The game started at 8pm. We weren’t very far into it when they called a storm delay. That means there was lightning in the area. The players leave the field but the fans remain in their seats to get zapped. Once it started to rain a bit, we took cover. What do you do when you’ve got nothing else to do? Well, if you have a serious crackberry addiction………….




MHS kept us in the know with his fancy, dancy weather app on his crackberry. D2 facebooked and tried in vain to reach NoleBoy who was two sections over with his parents but “never has a signal in here.” Me? I tweeted. Well, that and I tried to take pictures of people who obviously didn’t check their look in the mirror before leaving the house. Sadly, they were moving too fast and my photography skills were lacking.

Eventually, the game resumed only to end in disaster after 1 am. Yes, that’s what I said. The game lasted until after 1 am. You can probably guess how happy MHS was with me that I booked a hotel 40 miles away. “Let’s go, Jackass!” Hahahaha. Yep, it still cracks me up.

The weekend officially concluded with a brunch at the sorority house. Again, I’m thinking I really need to look into joining. I could really get used to Greek life. I bet they will love my new chant. Alright, I’ll shut up now.

Smart Mouth Broad


midlife slices said...

My my, you're certainly look slim and trim my friend. Is that Martha standing next to you in that last picture? How's the fall decorating going? Could you ask him for me?

Glad you had fun at parent's weekend and didn't get zapped by lightning.


only a movie said...

I'm thinking you look slim and trim too. You must be stepping it up at the gym.
What a fabulous weekend. Thanks for documenting for us. :-)

otin said...

What could be better? a post with gorgeous women and football!

I am lost on the whole Greek thing??

It looks like you had fun!! No pressure!! You do not have to comment on 1000 blogs now. I need to keep you straight :))

Ps- this morning, I wouldn't mind living in Fla. It is cold and damp here!

Arkansas Patti said...

Sorry about the Noles. I am a big Bobby Bowden fan. That man cracks me up when he is interviewed.He can really turn a phrase and is a funny fellow. Not so much this year.
Glad you found a way to enjoy the game.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I was in a sorority in college, but alas, no house. Lots of fun tho, and I'm kinda hoping one of my daughters pledges.
Our first parents w/e is coming up. Hope I get something bloggable out of it...

Gaston Studio said...

Watch out girl, I'm a Tech fan!

You look fabulous my dear and I'll bet you gave all those sorority girls a run for their money!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Looking good Ms. Smartie. So glad you had a fun weekend at college.

Jan said...

You certainly look quite gorgeous, Ms. Thin Person!

*goes off quietly to sulk over the unfairness of life and hip sizes*

Okay, I'm back. As for the weather, we're about to enter the part of the year where I sit and foam at the mouth in jealousy over your warm, winter weather. Can we trade places until April?

thyme said...

Hello, I am glad I checked back, your post is a lot of fun as always. Glad you enjoyed yourself and I would have been one of those people who never checked the mirror before leaving home and I am very sympathetic to them and that they were moving too fast for you to catch the toothpaste on my face, haha!

Beth Niquette said...

What fun! I loved this blog--you made me giggle to myself--and I really needed that this afternoon.

I'm glad you've found stuff to write about--because I LOVE to read your stuff--you are a gifted writer, you know.

Otin said...

See, I can come here and comment as much as I want to! I can neglect going somewhere else just to come here for the second time! Why?? Because I can! LOL!!!!!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

MLS-I'm afraid after this weekend, NOT so slim and trim. Too much candy. "Martha" has been too busy traveling to decorate. LOL!

Movie-No more gym for me. In fact, I'm finding it hard to get back into it after vacation. Maybe tomorrow.....

Otin-Silly! Football season is supposed to be cold and damp. LOL Thanks for looking out for me and my neurotic ways. LOL

ArkansasPatti-Bobby Bowden is my dadgum hero. *wink*

Maureen-D2 doesn't live in the house but eats a lot of her meals there and of course meets there for sorority meetings and functions. (whatever those are-LOL)

Jane-You're a bumblebee!? But seriously, the Yellow Jackets were some of the most polite fans I've seen.

Pseudo-Thanks, my friend.

Jan-I would absolutely switch places with you.

thyme-You crack me up. I was talking about people wearing leggings who shouldn't and buttcracks showing. LOL

BethN-Thank you, my dear. You are too kind. Hugs!

Otin-Of course you know you're welcome here any time but be careful, the rest of your harem might get jealous. LOL!

otin said...

This is my hideaway from the other gals!! :))))

Hit 40 said...

I want to join a sorority too!! I need a chief and a housekeeper!!! Isn't this called a retirement home? Just doesn't sound as cool as sorority.

Hit 40 said...

HEY OTIN!!!! You can not hide from us!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My GOD! I'd almost forgotten how much I love you, your stories and your writing! HOW COULD I??!! :) Sick is the only excuse I have!
You look so blasted cute in your blue jeans...and MH is as handsome as ever and of course daughters are adorable as ever!

You are right. I am going through a very rough time..and yours is the only blog I will be visiting this time around. I feel like crap 24/7 but they explained it was a serious situation and of course MY AGE! God, how I hate it when they say that! :) I will get well though, or die trying!
Sending you love, hugs and thanks for stopping by! I NEEDED that! :)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Parent's weekend was the only time my son's fraternity house didn't have beer bottles on the lawn. Loved the pictures with the "crackberry". Your husband reminds me of mine. What did they do before those?

And, yes, sometimes not a clue what to write about in my blog - and then, tons of ideas. Well, maybe not tons.

otin said...

See, I come here to hide and they follow me!!!!

Ashley.SoItGoes said...

Remember tonight when that Blackberry commercial was on and "All you need is Love" was playing in the backround? You said, "what does that song even have to do with a blackberry?" and I said, "Love, duh!" I'm pretty sure these pics just proved that statement true!! I'll take that point, thanx