Tuesday, December 21, 2010


                                                          …….PEOPLE KEEP REMINDING ME

My good friend, Janie, aka Midlife Slices, says that I’ve been mentioning my age a lot.  As previously stated, I’m having a bit of a hard time with this particular birthday.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always been the youngest of my friends for the most part.  In school, I hung out with older kids a lot.  I’m also the baby of the family.  My siblings were 12, 13 and 17 when I was born.  They were really more like extra parents than siblings until I was an adult.  I’m supposed to be the young one!  Combine these facts with a chronic case of PeterPanitis (I WON’T GROW UP!) and you have a 50 year old woman in denial.

So when Janie commented that I sure was mentioning my age a lot, I decided that I’m going to forget about it.  I’m going to carry on like I’m only 49.  You know, because I don’t look a day older than 49 according to my lucky she’s not dead coworker.

And then today, I get not one but two reminders that I am indeed 49+1:
  1. My brother, Smitty, called and left me a message.  He wanted me to know that he just got his first social security check.   He could have left it at that.  He could have left me feeling all young and smug because I’m AGES away from collecting social security.  But NO, he couldn’t leave well enough alone.  He added, “And WOW!  You’re fifty now.  I remember when you were in diapers!” 
  2. Then my cousin called to see if I had any more grey hair!  Stupid, stupid man!  I pay good money to make sure that NEVER happens!  PS.  Dear, stupid cousin is two years older than I am and has no room to poke fun. 
My WORDS OF WISDOM for they day:  Never tell a fifty year old woman how old she is.  She spends a good deal of her day finding ways to convince herself otherwise which may or may not involve multiple glasses of wine. 

Lie to me.  Tell me I’m young and beautiful.  Never mention my age.  Bring dark chocolate and good red wine and no one gets hurt. 

Sorry, I’m a little P(M)iSsy today.

Hugs and Kisses,


Pastor Sharon said...

You are young and beautiful. I have dark chocolate and red wine!

Now, do I get a prize. . .besides getting to live longer? LOL

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

They're looking certain death in the face if they mess with me! 75 coming up this year...and I am scared silly...to the point of insanity!
I totally understand...and if this helps, SMB, you are still just a kid and still in diapers! (more or less)
With me it's "Depends" soon...
I didn't need to say that, did I!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

p.s. sending Chocolate...dark of course!!
Forget the wine. I drank it all!

Mrsupole said...

I was eating the dark chocolate tonight and drinking white wine to celebrate with you.

Even though you might think you are getting older, you have now reached the time in your life where you get to deduct a year instead of adding a year. See next year you are 48 and when you become the same age as your daughters then you just say they are your cousins and then they can be your aunties. If anyone is brave enough to ask why you are getting younger, just tell them that you are getting closer and closer to your "birth"day and then if you reach it then you start getting older again.

Although you will miss out on getting "Senior Discounts" at restaurants and other places. Saving money is a good birthday gift.

Well gonna have another toast to someone who is getting younger and younger each year.

God bless.

Jules said...

Young and beautiful with wine glass in one hand and dark chocolate in the other :)

Now put down the chocolate so you take this hand gun I'm giving you :D

Happy Holidays!
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Arkansas Patti said...

I would kill to be 50 again but that is neither here nor there. No matter what the age, you are still the baby.
I enjoy my older brother. When I see him navigating an advanced age, I realize that I can do it too. He makes it look easy.
Easy on the chocolate or you might break out like a teenager, though that could be a good thing.

Linda said...

See, I'm the oldest of four. So I will NEVER be the baby. I will ALWAYS be the OLDEST sister. :( And my siblings ALWAYS remind me/throw it in my face. Brats. Come September I'll be hiding under rock. Maybe they'll forget? I'm so screwed.

You don't know me said...

That "Janie" must be a terrible friend!!! She should be ashamed.

Besides, she only WISHES she were JUST FIFTY.

The nerve of that biotch!!

only a movie said...


Seriously. You look great. No lie.

Kelly L said...

It's better to 50 than dead or so I've heard...lol

Merry Christmas to you
I've Become My Mother

Karen (formerly Midlife Mama) said...

My brother.... YOUNGER brother.... turned 50 on Dec. 18th. My oldest child turned 28 Dec. 5th. I have NO idea how any of those things could be true, since I am only 39.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Tell Janie hi for me and I miss her.

p.s. I have a new blog.

Menopause Diaries (frmly Midlife Mama) said...

ahhhh crap... I keep pointing people to the wrong URL for my blog. It's very similar to another url.

Here it is:


Menopause Diaries said...

Oh my goodness.... I really can't see apparently. I misspelled "diaries" in my own URL and I didn't even know it!! I need new reading classes, clearly.

HERE is the right URL. OMgoodness.


croneandbearit said...

You're gorgeous - I adore you - I have tons of dark choc and some very good red wine right here waiting for you to arrive - Here: Wanna Feel Better? You'll NEVER be as old as me! ROFL - I've decided to celebrate every wrinkle while still hiding every grey hair - we only go around once sweetie so let's keep rocking it as the Gorgeous Gals We Are! mwah! Sending you Merry Christmas greetings! xo P.S. Never follow any woman over 50 up the stairs. LOL #toot

Life in the mom lane said...

And soon the AARP notices will begin arriving...

You look great- don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

DuchessOmnium said...

Well, I am not old enough to think 50 is young... but it is younger than me! And since then I have taken your tactic -- bye the dye, drink the wine, scoff the chocolate, and when in doubt, dance.

Your friend Janie has gone underground...

ps, you are Queen, and I am only Duchess, so I guess I have to curtsey to you...

Tony Letts said...

Hey - 50 is the new 30 hadn't you heard? x