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(Fifty+3 days)

There is a disturbing trend that has reared its ugly head in the last few decades or so.  I’m no parenting expert nor do I hold a psychology degree but with almost twenty six years of parenting experience, I do have something to say on the topic.  It is merely my opinion but I think we can all agree:  ……I’m right.

Some parents believe it’s acceptable and even wise to teach their little darlings to call private parts of the body by their real, anatomical names.  Big mistake. HUGE! 

There’s a very good reason why I disagree with this practice:  I never wanted to hear Daughter #1 or #2 tell a woman in the supermarket, “I have a v_______.  Do you have one too?”  And I can guarantee you, that phrase or something equally mortifying would have come out of their cute little mouths. 

Personally, at 50 years old, I’m still not comfortable using the “p” word referring to a man’s (what my mother taught us was a) “fella”.  So if I can’t say it myself, I sure don’t want to hear it out of the mouth of a four year old. 

So what did I use instead?  Not really the creative sort, I stuck with “pee pee” for both a girl’s and a boy’s …….well….. pee pee.  I couldn’t bring myself to use my mother’s “fella" because every time I heard someone say they were bringing their “fella” home to meet the parents, I got a completely different mental picture.  Sometimes I refer to it as the ever-popular “thing”.   And then of course there are the bottom and the boobies. 

So dear readers, if you have young children in your life, please restrain yourself from using the “proper” body part names.  There’s plenty of time for them to learn those words.  For now, let’s all be cute and fun and say words like “hoohah” and “fella”. 

Let’s all agree to agree with SMB.  Nothing good can come of doing otherwise.  Listen to me and the world will be a kinder, gentler place. 


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Arkansas Patti said...

Well I do think there is an upside of using "proper body" part names.
Since every family has their own version of these parts, it can get confusing.
Not ever having heard the term "fella" associated with a man's part, I would just assume it was reference to someone's beau and I would be looking for a hand to shake:)) Yikes.

Brian Miller said...


Lori said...

I've always used the proper names for body parts and so far haven't had any of my children embarrass me in public with using them but just watch it will happen with one of the little's now that I have read supppose there is no going back to using slang words after they already know the real one's..I can imagine if I used pee pee they would look at me like what the hell? Happy hump day! XX

Linda said...

I agree SMB. You are right!

Deb said...

I'm with you SM!

Life in the mom lane said...

@ our house the girls had "susies" (where that came from I have no idea) and the boys had "weiners" :) So obviously I am in agreement- :)

only a movie said...

My sister says 'cookie' and the ob/gyn is, of course, the 'cookie monster'.

Pastor Sharon said...

These conversations are always fun to listen in on.

Gaston Studio said...

Still laughing at Only's comment!

It must be a southern thing because I too raised my girls and boy to say pee pee if they had to say anything. Not a prude at all but that's the way I "brung 'em up"!

Does this mean I agree with you?