Monday, September 13, 2010


Ipod Classic with 160GB to hold all the music, tv programs, movies, podcasts and audiobooks your little heart desires - $249.00

Enjoying a pedicure by your favorite salon tech with eyes closed,   relaxing and listening to a great audiobook on above-mentioned ipod - $22.00

Dropping the beloved ipod into the tub of soapy foot water – DEVASTATING

Realizing that I may have just experienced the most expensive pedicure ever - AGGRAVATING

Spending the next two days alternating ipod between bowls of rice, and resting on the DVR to soak up all the heat; wishing, hoping and willing the darn thing to live  – FRUSTRATING

Returning home from work today to find she was only taking a nap.  It’s a miracle!  She lives! - PRICELESS