Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Before we get started, I just wanted to let out a big WOOT! for President Clinton who negotiated the pardon and release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee.

I’m lazy out of new material really busy tired on hiatus this week so I’m posting some reruns of the early SMB posts that were never read by anyone but my family. This was one of my favorites. This was my third blog post.

THE SIGNS WERE THERE – I just didn’t read them. (originally posted 8/5/08)


I have friends that freak out over birthdays. Surprisingly many are men. Birthdays have never really bothered me. I’ve always enjoyed them. I’m for anything that includes a party and cake. I guess I have been in denial. This might explain my complete shock at the fact that I am indeed well into middle age. For me, it’s not the birthdays but the little milestones along the way that revealed the years passing by…..daughter #1 and #2's first day of high school, college applications, last proms, high school graduations, leaving for college…….and more everyday.

I remember the first time I felt the clock ticking: Daughter #1 “became a woman” November 11, 1996. You might think it strange that I remember the date. For some reason, my brain remembers insignificant dates, numbers and commercial jingles from the early 70s. I guess that is why I can’t remember the important things that I should remember. My brain is full of things like, “Wrigley spearmint, gum, gum, gum.” Do you remember that one? I remember this particular date because it was 2am on Veteran’s Day when she woke me with the announcement. I was certain I had prepared her for this occasion nevertheless she was quite distraught and convinced the world as she had known it was over. I remember thinking that it was fortunate that it was Veteran’s Day and there would be no school. She would have 24 hours to get used to the idea before she had to go out into the world as a new woman. My next thought was that while it wasn’t likely, it was now biologically possible that I could become a grandmother. OUCH.

Fast forward a few more years: We are sitting at the table eating dinner when I mentioned that I had heard on the radio that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were separated. I said that I was disappointed because until that time I thought they would be this generation’s Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Daughter #2 raised her head with a look of complete confusion and said, “The salad dressing guy?”

A few years later: Daughter #2 is studying to take the SAT. The pressure of getting into the college of her choice is getting to her. Her entire future depends on the score she will receive on this test and she is descending into a serious melt-down. When I tried to offer her encouragement, she launched into a tirade about how I had no idea what she was going through; after all I had never had to take the SAT.

I said, “I didn’t?”

I will never forget the look of shock on her face. “YOU took the SAT?”

I nodded.

“I didn’t know it had been around that long.”, she said.

“Well, I did have to dip my quill into the ink to fill in those little boxes.”



So, I guess with daughters like mine, my advancing age should come as no surprise. They have reminded me every step of the way.

Smart Mouth Broad


Pastor Sharon said...

Great post! And let's all give a big whoot for Clinton! That was something that made my stomach lurch into a full panic attack everytime I thought about the journalists!

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

I agree... good for Clinton! Also I loved your comment to the Garmin post... Bitch in a box... ha!

Tony Letts said...

These milestones are so poignant. My problem is I've grown into my Dad

only a movie said...

You write about birthdays... and it's my today. I am now solidly into middle age. Oh well.

And go Clinton. I love him. I know he's sometimes a schmuck, but I love him.

blueviolet said...

Why do they think that we're as ancient as the redwood trees? It's so offensive! lol

The Peach Tart said...

Kudos to Clinton and the President for the release.

My daughter pulls that kind of thing on me all the time. You know like you only had black and white TV? There was no cable?

No just that damn Ozzie and Harriet making my family seem like freaks.

Gaston Studio said...

"Dipped your quill into the ink..." LOL, Smartmouth, well done!

Jan said...

Holy bejebus - I HAVE been reading you a long time, 'cause I remember this post! I think it was the first one I commented on.

And Woot! Woot! for Billy Boy getting those poor young women outta there!

Linda said...

Not having kids to mark these milestones is just as freaky. In my head I'm in my mid 30's. But when someone asks my age I literaly have to think... OK it's 2009. I was born in mumble61mumble. That makes me, let's see, carry the one....Holy CRAP! When did THAT happen??!?

LiLu said...

Aren't you glad you don't have to churn butter anymore? ;-)

Yay Clinton!!!

KJ said...

I need to read some current news...I didn't know that about Bill Clinton..way to go BILL!

Another great post...I swear some times I feel like I just graduated from high school and the whole going to college stress and other times I thank GOD I am 40!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Smart Mouth remarks directed at teens is alway a fav of mine.

MilesPerHour said...

I don't mean to offend anyone but I am already feeling that next year I will be offically old - my 50th b-day.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Yes, good news about the journalists.

Great post. I'm enjoying the reruns which are first runs for me.

Duchess said...

Yay President Clinton! It was top news in England too.

I like to think about all the things that are so different... I am moving and found a pile of old letters, some were mine that I didn't send. I was amazed what a good typist I was in those days! A few were handwritten "My typewriter is broken", I wrote.

Typewriter now sounds like an impossibly ancient prop, worthy of a detective novel.

croneandbearit said...

Hiatus seems to be a word going around lately. I'm off mine but would like to go back on hiatus. Ahhhh life. Hugs and more hugs! Enjoy your time off!

otin said...

It really makes you feel old when kids are like,"You didn't have the internet??? What did you do????" LMAO!

Kelly's Ideas said...

Very good post. My two daughters think I am a nerd...They really have a hard time believing that I was "cool" at least I think I


Joanna Jenkins said...

Yeah Bill Clinton!

midlife slices said...

I'm thinking I commented on this one the first time so could you just rerun that comment too? I'm on bloggy reading AND writing hiatus until further notice.

Breathe said...

Shoot. Did we even have the letter S back then?

Wunderwoman said...

Yeah for Bill Clinton, I've always thought he was the greatest!

LOL at your post, been there, done that.....damn kids! *wink*

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I tend to remember insignificant dates and trivial facts too! Must be why I can't remember important things!

Hit 40 said...

I was also happy that Clinton went over to bring home those two young ladies. I watched them come off the plane to their waiting families. Very touching moment.

I am just starting the high school phase this fall. Loving it so far!!!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Princess Nagger is always asking me 'Did you have this when you were a kid? Did you do this when you were a kid?' Should be interesting as she gets older how her 'perception' is on what I had or did when I was a kid... ;)