Monday, August 25, 2008


I talked to my mother on the phone last night. That might not sound like such a surprising thing. But those of you who know me personally are wondering if I’ve dropped my basket, lost my marbles, gone off the deep end. You see, my mom passed away 4 ½ years ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her several times. And I miss her more everyday. I promise you that there will be many mom stories in my blogging future. She was smart, beautiful inside and out and one of the goofiest people I’ve ever met. I’m pretty sure the goofy gene has been passed down to me and most definitely on to D1 and D2. (I’m so proud)

Last night I had a dream. And it was strange as all dreams are. (At least all my dreams are strange) It’s so weird how situations can make perfect sense in your dream and then you wake up and say, “what the…?” I won’t go into details because then not only the people who know me but everyone will think/know I’m NUTS! In my dream, I called my mom to tell her some bad news. I asked how she was and what she was doing. She said she was fine but that she had some bad news. A family member was rushed to the hospital and had to have emergency surgery. She said everything was fine now and I didn’t have to worry. I didn’t deliver my bad news but assured her that I would be right there. I hung up the phone and then woke up. (sort of) In my half sleep, half awake stage, I was quite distraught over the bad news my mother had given me. Then all of a sudden, I really woke up and was delighted that I had just talked to my mom on the phone. I then tried desperately to go back to sleep to see if she might call back. Of course I knew this would never happen but one can always hope.

During the 4 ½ years my mom has been gone, I have never once dreamt about her. I can’t even describe how good it felt to hear her voice. I can only hope that it won’t be another 4 ½ years before I get to hear her in my dreams again.

Do you have someone you’ve lost who you would love to speak to again? Has this dream thing ever happened to you? Am I NUTS?

For those of you who have asked or may be wondering: D2 had her first day of classes today and as expected, she is loving college life! (and even her room - maybe a little bit) Go figure


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift! My Mom has been gone for 24 years and sometimes I dream about her and wake up wishing our lives had been different. I dream of my grandmother a lot and even wake up and smell her scented powder. I love those dreams!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Susan, thank you for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!! Makes me laugh and cry a little with you and yours!! ~Melanie

Anonymous said...

Yes I've done this with my grandparents and also my best friend who died of ovarian cancer. I swear I they were really there and talking in my ear. I could feel their breath and when I woke up I felt so much better. I hope you have many more conversations from your mom and you're always home to pick up the phone. Oh, and I'm glad I could entertain you over at my place. Stop by anytime. I love your place too.

Bookworm said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and dropping a comment! I love your blog, btw, and I will come back and visit often. I am SOOO envious that your husband has a Harley!! I LOVE Harley rides, but my husband, alas, does not even want a bike. *sigh*

And I loved this story! When my husband's mother was very ill and in hospice, and very close to death, we were staying with my SIL. We were in my nephew's bedroom, getting ready for bed, knowing that his mother would probably not last the night. All of a sudden, my nephew's clock radio went on. Not a minute later, my brother-in-law came in to tell us that my husband's mom had just passed. I have to think that she was saying goodbye.

Your dream was your mother saying hello and that she was fine!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Midlife Mama: And thank you for stopping by my blog. Please do come back. There's a lot of nonsense and fun around here.
I am new to blogging and somewhat new to Harleys too.
Thanks again for your kind words. See you soon.

cheatymoon said...

What a gift for you that she showed up for you this way.
I love this post.

K Dubs said...

oh my. What I wouldn't give for a phone conversation or two. How cool was that. My mother has been gone for 10 years, and my aunt 2. I was closer with my aunt than my mother and would probably want to have a conversation with her more - but really - either of them would work for me. :)