Monday, June 22, 2009



As previously announced, we took another road trip this weekend. Spending lots of time on the road gives me time to reflect on life in general. I ponder the big stuff and the small. And I wonder as I wander:

My Harley Stud’s family reunion was in Phenix City, Alabama. We stayed in Columbus, Georgia. The two cities are like sister cities separated only by the Chattahoochee River. Many people work in one of these cities and live in the other. It must feel odd to cross the state line to go to work everyday. I wonder if some people cross national borders in their daily commute?

MHS is the oldest of six children. This was the first time in more than 15 years that all six have been together in one place. It’s terrible how our lives have gotten so busy. It’s almost impossible to coordinate all those schedules for a gathering. I know that there is nothing we could have done for my father in-law for Father’s Day that would have been better than just being there at his family reunion. He beamed with pride all day. Not only were all six kids there but all his grandchildren too. He has five sons and 1 daughter. He has five granddaughters and one grandson. Weird, huh? We took lots of pictures but I didn’t get permission to post them so I’ll hold off for now.

I’m pretty sure I can get away with this one:

DSC03900I kind of look like I just ate a bug, huh? D1 says I don’t really look like that, thank the Lord! We had the bartender take this one while we were waiting for the rest of the family to go to dinner. We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant where my niece sang karaoke. She has the voice of an angel. Who knows? You might just hear her on the radio one day.

Being with all of MHS’s siblings again was like going back in time. Since we got married at “twelve”, I grew up with his family. No, we’re not cousins as far as I know. The family tree does fork. My brother in-laws are the same rowdy, fun-loving bunch. It was fun to see them together again. I have to wonder what it must be like to marry into a family that you don’t really know and already love.

Shhhhhhh! I couldn’t resist. This is just between you and me, right?

DSC03990 Aren’t they cute!

OH, Geez! I’m in trouble now.

As you can see, they are all very close in age. I remember once when we were dating some idiot made a disparaging remark about the sister. MHS and his brothers had the guy on his knees in the park apologizing to her in front of all his idiot friends. It was great. I wonder if boys still do that sort of thing to defend their sister’s honor?

There’s so much more but I have to wonder if this post isn’t getting too long and you’ve already left me to move on down the line? Are you still there? You, there in the back! Still hanging with me? Here’s one more for you.

D1 dragged invited me walking with her on Saturday morning. We walked about 5 miles. We stumbled upon the historic district in Columbus on our walk. We were thrilled as MHS has instilled in all of us a deep appreciation for architecture. We came upon a Burger King that was set in an old house in the district. We agreed we had to come back with MHS, D2 and a camera. We stopped on our way back from the reunion to get some quick pics and french fries. What? You can’t stop there without getting fries? DSC04008 Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Burger King. You can thank me later.


Have you ever seen a Burger King that looks like this? Each room of the house was made into a different dining area.


This section was open in the morning but closed when we went back in the afternoon. Do you think I would let a few chairs blocking the hallway stop me from getting you the photos that you deserve? I love you way too much for that.


Have you ever seen a fireplace in a BK? And this one had two!

It was right after taking this picture that the BK Police came to tell me that taking pictures wasn’t allowed in this establishment. Seriously? This is an outrage! Is this no longer the land of the free! Do I have to get a permit to take photographs in public like Michel in Sudan? And I hear they are running off Midlife Slices and her camera out in Oklahoma just because she got a little obsessive and stalker-like with Simon Baker and that other cranky celeb who shall remain nameless on this blog. (Although I was quite disappointed as I was always a fan of his acting……………Stupid JERK)

Of course, by this time I already had all that I needed. No jail time was involved.

I hope you appreciate the risks I take for you. *wink*

I have to wonder; does BK think that I was on some fast food black ops mission? Possibly planning to open my own BK lookalike? Smart Mouth Big Buns? Hmmm…’s kinda catchy, don’t you think?


Pastor Sharon said...

OK YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY walked through my childhood! I have family members in Pheonix City and that Burger King, in Columbus. . . . My Daddy used to take us there! Stop it! You should drive by my old house! It's a museum now! OMGOSH. . . I am like totally freaking out!

Pastor Sharon said...

By the way, thanks for taking the risks and the pics! It made my day!
What Mexican restaurant did you go to?

Pastor Sharon said...

By the way, thanks for taking the risks and the pics! It made my day!
What Mexican restaurant did you go to?

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. And I loved every bit of the post, not too long.

That photo of MHS and his siblings is wonderful.

Fragrant Liar said...

I'm the oldest of six too. Three boys and three girls. Reunions have always been fun, though they won't be the same now that baby sis is gone. HBL has a nice looking family. As do you!

I love how they kind of retrofit that BK with a historical building. Or maybe I don't, cuz there's something wrong about it . . . But it looks really cool!

Fragrant Liar said...

Okay, what I meant was, HBL's family of origin looks nice. His "new" family looks nice too. I'm a writer, yet I can't manage to fix this... You know what I mean, right?

Fragrant Liar said...

Actually, I'm just trying to compete with Pastor Sharon for the number of comments on one post.

Tricia said...

This sounds like a fabulous time and what a wonderful gift to have all the siblings together. They're a good looking crew.

Anonymous said...

wow sounds like a fun time- and your family is gorgeous...great pics

Anonymous said...

Kewl BK! Certainly not like the ones in our fair city. I may have to send the company a note in the suggestion box to upgrade all BK's to look like the one in your photos. Think they'd listen? NAH

What a bunch of hunks the guys are by the way. AND, please send a bug my way for me to eat cuz I think you look gorgeous and if that's what bug eating does for a girl I'll take that diet any day! Hee Hee

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

Is this a competition for comments by a person on a single post... then I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Is this comment #3... did I win?

only a movie said...

That Burger King is somehow not right. And the ban on photos? Weird.

Love to see the photos of your family, and HOW COOL for husband to be all together w/ the siblings. I'm the oldest of 6 and it is only very rarely that we are all in one spot.

Thanks for sharing and no worries about being too long...

smiles4u said...

Sounds like a most wonderful time. Great are such a beautiful family.

Jan said...

Is that D1 in the pic right next to you? She looks. just. like. you.

Beautiful, of course.

Anonymous said...

Family dynamics are always so interesting. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

Debbie said...

God I've missed coming here and reading your hilarious writings! What a handsome bunch MHS came from! They are all adorable and so are you and your girls! Who would have thunk that BK would have a place like that? Thanks for risking possible jail time to get us those photos! I'm glad they didn't confiscate your camera.:) What a great trip for all of you to be together for Fathers day....warms my heart. We had a good one too.

midlife slices said...

Now who's the stalkerazzi of fast food places?? LOL BTW, your Mr. Harley Stud is the best looking of the bunch even though they are ALL mighty fine and very easy on the eyes. What a lucky sister to have all those studly brothers to defend her honor. I'm glad you had fun and everyone was able to attend. That is rare these days so treasure those moments. MUAH!

Oz Girl said...

What a great looking bunch of siblings! :) And of course, you and your family seem to always take outstanding pics.

And that BK is just amazing... what an awesome idea to renovate an old home and put a burger establishment in it. Love the old architecture, just way too cool.

We, your faithful blog readers, always appreciate the risks you take for us. Seriously. We do.

Michel said...

DAMNITT! Was there a comment contest??


You're family's pretty! And tell that BK to F off - what do you mean you can't take a pic? You should be CHARGING them for the advertising on your blog!

croneandbearit said...

I enjoyed your wandering and wondering and you don't look like you ate a bug; you're CUTE as a bug, ya little boogerbutt. What a great family. Both Devoted Spouse and I are only children and these big family reunions scare us. My neighbors had 16 siblings between the two of them and when they'd gather and invite us too, it would freak us out to see so many people all related to each other and everyone knew everyone's names. Great post! Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

JOE TODD said...

I almost got kicked out of a greenhouse for taking pictures of their flowers .. It is time to bring out the stealth camera

Wunderwoman said...

I've never seen a BK look like that! Thanks for taking the pics, but rest get thrown in jail, just have the family ask for bail! Hey, that was pretty catchy too wasn't it? *wink*

Linda said...

Good looking family! You & the D's & MHS (Your HS) all look great. (Did you snort a fly or something? Whats with the face? hahahahaha! Sorry:) couldn't resist.) YHS's family looks like they could be some fun! Glad you all had a good time. And the BK?!? They should re-work more old building imo.

One Nurse said...

Great BK!!! I also love road trips. It is my time to really reflect. My mind races and runs in a different direction than it usually does. I find myself slowing down enough to enjoy nature and marvel at God's wonderful creation!
I think this is my first comment here. . . . Really love your blog!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh God..I've got to be careful here or I will use up way too much comment space...and since this is two posts probably won't read it anyway...But...MHS has one great looking family..and then the little sis! Too darned cute! I doubt posting that one picture will be anything major... :) However if they are anything like my daughters! No matter ..I post them anyway. They'll have to catch me and they have to be careful. I'm a senior citizen you know! :) BK! Amazing! Like you said..they must think you are going to copy their architecture! I'm glad you took pictures because I would never have been able to picture it! Amazing!
I'm so glad you had a good time on your trip.
The last all seven of mine was together was for my 70th birthday and before that..nearly 13 years ago when their father died.
I miss my kids...terribly. I am grateful that at least four are nearby.
Right now my 18 year old granddaughter, daughter of my youngest daughter, is here visiting me with her dad. I am going to hate to have them leave.

I KNEW I would go on and on...shoot.
Hugs and love..

Reader Wil said...

You are a very brave woman!! But the photos are brilliant! BK should be happy to have such publicity! The establishment looks like a castle or a manor house.

Anonymous said...

Hey SMB,
Did you see the BK in downtown Columbus? Ultra modern, plasma tv's everywhere, curved walls and very cool lighting.

Anonymous said...

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