Monday, May 11, 2009

LITTLE THINGS ADD UP - A Money in the Bank Post

I haven’t posted anything for Money in the Bank for quite awhile. For those of you who are new to this blog, MIB is a collection of money saving ideas from bloggers far and near. I’ve listed and linked the entire collection below but you can always find links to all the MIB posts by clicking on the piggy bank in the upper left corner of my blog. I will continue to host this feature until we have complete economic recovery or we lose interest….whichever comes first. If you have any money-saving ideas and would like to participate, feel free to take the little pig and run with it. Just be sure to let me know so I can link back to your post here.

Running a business in this economy proves to challenging on a daily basis. Sadly, I admit that I’m not really that great at budgeting or saving money. But I am quite cheap frugal when it comes to most things. In fact, My Harley Stud will attest to the fact that large purchases make me ill. The first time we tried to put an offer on a house, I hyper-ventilated and had to leave. The realtor came rushing after us as we walked to the car. She was screaming to MHS, “You can buy this house without her, you know. You can’t sell it without her but you can buy it.” True story. *sigh*

I have found that by doing a few things just a bit differently, I can save a few dollars here and a few there. This adds up to big savings at the end of the week/month/year. And keeping more money in my pocket makes me a very happy SMB. Here are a few little things that I do to save big:

  • I turn off the ceiling fan(s) when I leave the room. My electric company tells me this can save $7 per month per fan.
  • I don’t replace items that are in good working order for the newer, bigger, better upgrade. If it works, I keep it.
  • We’re dining out less. Instead we do theme nights to make our meals feel a little more exciting.
  • I don’t do Starbucks. My Harley Stud makes my coffee every morning (Thanks, Honey) and I leave the house with travel mug in hand. It not only saves me money but time. The exception to this rule would be during the holidays when I can’t resist their Peppermint Mocha. I think I just gained 3 lbs. thinking about it.
  • I reuse my bath water. ………………………..Just kidding. I just wanted to see if you’re paying attention.
  • Most of all, I refer to the posts of the bloggers below because there’s some really good stuff there.
    • I’ve changed my toilet paper brand because Jan said so.
    • I’ve become a regular at our local library, thanks to the reminder from Nothing Fancy.
    • I’ve taken to beach walks and inexpensive take-out, thanks to Pseudo’s “date” stories.
    • I’m paying more attention to my thermostat settings, thanks to Janie.
    • I’m going to add OzGirl’s Waste Notes to the MIB list too. She didn’t actually post as a MIB but the savings were just too good to be ignored so link them, I will. See what she has to say about leftover coffee and saving leftovers.
    • I’ve discovered Cheap Chick who has a blog dedicated to saving money. That’s a MIB link if ever there was one.

So there you have it my friends, If you’re looking for ways to cut corners, save a little jingle and keep more of your hard-earned cash, check out these great ideas.

Jan's Sushi Bar
Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp
A real sweet-tart of a dessert

Pseudonymous High School Teacher
Read how Pseudo and Daughter had a lovely evening out for under $20.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher
Pseudo has a great idea that's fun and saves money and it's green too!

Smart Mouth Broad
Chicken and Noodles

Jan at Jan's Sushi Bar
Chocolate Pudding

Ooooooo, how I love this woman!

Jan at Jan's Sushi Bar
Paper Towels

Jan at Jan's Sushi Bar
Bran Muffins

Jan teaches us how to save money and eat healthy all at the same time

Smart Mouth Broad
Sunday Dinner for Less

My recipe for traditional pot roast

Midlife Slices
PC or a Mac?

Janie's been laboring over this decision for awhile now.

Jan of Jan's Sushi Bar
Oatmeal Cookies

The Sushi Bar is serving up another fine recipe.
Nothing Fancy
Outlet Shopping

Here's a woman who knows how to find a bargain!

Smart Mouth Broad
A Cheap Date

Jan at Jan's Sushi Bar

Chicken Noodle Casserole
If Jan posts a recipe, I sit up and take notice. This is a woman who knows her way around a kitchen.

Pseudo at Pseudonymous High School Teacher
Pseudo has combined her Friday Foto with her Money saving post. You get a two-fer and she has not only shown us how to save money but time by combining the two posts. Snaps for Pseudo!
Check out her lovely evening out with the hubs that was pocket friendly too.

Pseudo at Pseudonymous High School Teacher

"Car talk"

Sprite's Keeper

"Step Away from the Sale"

Smart Mouth Broad

"A Valentine's Splurge"

Jan at Jan's Sushi Bar

Jan has combined her money saving skills with some great ideas for Valentines' Day. Check her out.

Nothing Fancy
Calling all book lovers!

Midlife Slices
She's got a million of 'em

Smart Mouth Broad
Grocery Shopping


midlife slices said...

Good Lord, did you spend all Mother's Day working on this post?? I've never seen so many links and good information in one spot.

I've been putting together a MIB post in my head for the last few days but I've been so busy with my latest project that I haven't written it down. I'd better hurry before I forget everything. Ugh.

About that Realtor......those damn Realtors are all alike! *wink*

cheatymoon said...

Thanks for all of those links... when I get my computer back/ or when summer vacation starts, I'll have a few for you. I'm wicked cheap. LOL.

Beth said...

You are just a wealth of information. After reading all this, I'll probably be able to upgrade to a bigger house (kidding).

I hope you had a great weekend! Seriously, I like all the money saving ideas.

Reader Wil said...

Great advice and information. My children used to live in squats when they were teenagers and had hardly any money. So they went to second- hand clothes shops, they got cheap vegetables and fruit at the market when the marketvendors were throwing away their leftovers at the end of the day. Well I won't say that this was an ideal situation and we, as parents were not happy at all.Fortunately the girls are more than okay now and they know how to live economically
well on a low budget.I think your ideas are great! Thanks.

Joe Todd said...

Great idea for continuing posts.. As far as eating out As far as beverage goes it is always water with lemon . Those beverage prices are terrible.. Dinner out for 2 including tip $7.00 Applebee's Neighborhood Grill during happy hour appetizer half price We get a couple of them a split them.
If you get enough lemons with your water you have lemonaide

darsden said...

That is great helpful hints. Every bit does matter!

Anonymous said...

I started cooking at home and my husband went on strike because...he likes to eat out. So...on occasion he eats out, my kid and I stay home and eat- instead of blowing $60 on dinner he spends $15, gets what he wants and we make something cheap (pasta) because that's what she eats anyways.

Anonymous said...

I bathe in the evenings and reuse the water the next morning to make coffee. Better than Starbucks! ;)

Great post!

Unknown said...

Really great post! We do the turning off the ceiling fan thing as well as other stuff like using Smart Strips and those funny looking lightbulbs that are ugly as hell but last forever and use less electricity for the same wattage.

I was really interested in Midlife's post about PC vs Mac because having always been a Mac person, I really HATE a PC. Knowing I'm going to need a new computer soon, I've been investigating whether or not to return to my faithful old friend Mac! Even though the cost is greater, my Macs have always greatly outlasted PCs... so I might have to switch back because otherwise, this PC is going out the window!

That realtor was obviously really desperate!

Jan said...

Good heavens, don't go to my site today - there is NOTHING frugal about the vanilla ice cream recipe posted there (but, ohhhhhhhhh, is it gooooooood).

I've got some more MIB posts rolling around in my head, I just haven't gotten to them. However, since both strawberries and rhubarb are inexpensive at this time of year, I'll make my recipe for strawberry-rhubarb crisp on Thursday a MIB post. You should be able to make it with a frugal purchase of strawberries and rhubarb plus ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

And isn't Scott brand toilet paper great? A roll seems to last forever.

Julie said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, I'm honored to be a part of your post and included with your other blog links!

I checked out your pot roast recipe and it's definitely going on the menu. I loved Sprite's Keeper's "Step Away From The Sale" post, it can be so true. I'm rocking about 20 boxes of cereal because they were basically free but how much cereal can I force my family to eat? :)

Beth Niquette said...

How absolutely COOL! Thanks for the tips!

midlife slices said...

ROFL at Nothing Fancy.

uhmm....note to self: Never ever drink any coffee offered by NF. Never.

CocoDivaDog said...

Hi there SMB,
I need to show this post to BF's sister. She is perpetually broke, and has already been bankrupt TWICE. What a sad way to live.

rachaelgking said...

I got a headache just thinking about all that linking you did...


Smart Mouth Broad said...

MLS-Nope, copied and pasted from MIB up there in the corner. I did have to add the color to hi-lite but that's it.

I felt really bad for that realtor....NOT!

Movie-I look forward to reading your money-saving posts.

Beth-Good, just be sure to have a guest room for me.

Wil-I'd have had a heart attack for sure if that were my kids. I'm such a control freak.

Joe-Great idea!

darsden-My mother used to say, "Watch your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves."

MrsK-And everybody's happy. MHS is just the opposite he would rather stay home and I'm the one who wants to dine out more...but still not a lot.

Fancy-ROFLMAO! I'm with MLS-I'll pass on the coffee when I come to visit. I'll take a glass of wine, please.

Jane-What's a smart strip?

Jan-Well, I'm am getting complaints because it's not soft like Charmin but it does last 3x as long at least.

And btw, as long as it's as yummy as your recipes, they don't have to be cheap.

CC-I really should have asked you but I was so tired and it was late so I just jumped right in.

BethN-You're very welcome.

MLS-Amen to that sista. We'll have wine instead.

auntie-I know a few people like that too.

LiLu-I copied and pasted most of it but you're welcome.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I never buy clothes ... it's really a money saver! Or should I say I RARELY buy clothes?

Michel said...

i'm waay late, and everybody already took all my good comments! CURSES!

However, the bathwater thing got me. that was funny.

And how the hell did you get all those links!? Impressive. (and a little bit scary too!)

Lori said...

Aren't you a wealth of information! About the bath water part...I grew up in a large family and Saturdays was bath day(because of church on sunday)and went in order of oldest to youngest, in the same bath am 2nd to the youngest so can you imagine how dirty that water was by the time it got to me? It makes me cringe just thinking about it!