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Every year when February rolls around, I want to crawl into bed and not stick my nose out from under the covers until March 1st.  Just like Punxsutawny Phil…..only different.  My beloved Lucy passed away eight years ago in February and since then the second month of the year has become my most dreaded time.  History has proven it is a sucky month to be sure.  After Lucy died, all sorts of mayhem has fallen upon us in February.   My apologies to those of you who have birthdays or anniversaries in this month.  You may have some special affection for the month of FebI’MGONNAKICKYOURARSEruary but as for me, I would totally vote to take it right off the calendar.   I mean, who needs the confusion anyway?  28 days?  29?”  Who can keep track?

And the weather!  Enough winter already!  OK, you’ve got me there.  February is quite beautiful for the most part in Florida.  It is usually sunny and about 72f.  Who can complain about that? But still….even so, I detest the month and all of the crap-storm it brings with it.

That is until this year…………

This year, I got smart.  About mid-January, I started feeling anxiety about the days to come.  Those January days just kept ticking by on the calendar and impending doom was weighing heavily on my shoulders.  I wasn’t sleeping well.  I was cranky.  No amount of chocolate chip cookies (read dough) or Cabernet Sauvignon was sufficient to quell the storm that was brewing in my heart. 

I began to joke about running away from home.  Getting on the Florida turnpike and just driving until I ran out of gas, money and SweeTarts.  I mentioned this several times to a good friend of mine who shall remain nameless but you may know her as Midlife Slices.   Well, MLS, being MLS, did what MLS does so graciously, she extended an invitation to me to stay at her home and refresh my spirit.  Or maybe I invited myself……..I’m not really sure at this point…..but that is neither here not there, right?  Plane tickets were purchased, plans were made and Feb.1st found me on a plane to Texas. 

MLS and her Hunk a Burnin’ Love, aka HBL, greeted me with open arms at the airport and whisked me off to their home.  One might ask if I was a little worried about traveling to a complete stranger’s home and relying entirely on them for transportation (read no escape route).  Well, to tell the truth, MLS IS strange but she is no stranger to me.  We met several years ago right here in these pages and a beautiful albeit warped friendship (Love ya, MLS) has developed from there.  And was I a little nervous about climbing into their SUV after seeing HBL open the back to load my luggage and spotting duct tape and blankets wadded up in the cargo hold? Not one bit.  Did I feel any apprehension while riding in the dark in a place completely foreign to me as they drove me out into the middle of nowhere.  Actually, no, I didn’t. OK, I may or may not have checked my iphone no less than a dozen times to make sure of a signal.  Winking smile

OK, the real truth is that MLS and I actually met in person almost a year ago when after complaining about needing a getaway, a girls weekend was planned and executed with two other “perfect strangers”, known here in the interwebs as Fat Cat Crochet and Nothing Fancy.  I was in blog darkness then and have yet to write about that escapade but just you wait……I will write about it……as soon as I can remember the details. 

MLS and HBL welcomed me into their home and treated me like ……well….like the Queen that I am.  *snort*   They wined me and dined me.  They soaked me (in a hottub) and choked me (with jalapeno chips).  They booted me (cowboy, of course) and suited me (off to cowboy church).  They cowed me and WOWed me at the rodeo!  I even got manure on my pants!  Now I’ve run out of rhymes but let it suffice to say that I had a darn good time and my spirit WAS refreshed.  I left Texas with my soul at peace and with a newfound love for all things of the Lonestar state.  Hot sauce! Steak!  Caramel Pecan chewy things that are to die for!  Cowboy hats!  Cowboy boots!  Beer served while you are shopping!  Cowboy church!  MLS!  HBL! 


Words cannot express my gratitude for the friendship and hospitality of MLS and HBL.  And I can’t say enough how blessed I am to have met such wonderful friends here in bloggyland.  My dear peeps, if you ever have the chance to meet and greet with a friend with whom you’ve connected here in the interwebs, don’t walk, RUN, straight to the nearest Starbucks (but take a bodyguard….one has to be careful) and share a cup of Joe with them.  And if they are normal like you…….or abnormal as was the case with MLS and me, invite them into your home,  You won’t regret it.  Well, MLS might but that’s a different story. 

Thank you, MLS!  I love you like my luggage……even more.  LIKE YOUR LUGGAGE!  Winking smile


And when I got home……you’ll never guess what was waiting in my drive…….


To be continued.  


Hugs and Kisses,





StaringAtSMB'sLuggage&WonderingWhereSheWent said...

I <3 you AND your luggage, which might or might not still be in my guest room closet, and can't wait until your return with the other 2 crazy ax murderers. At least now we won't be sleeping in a the park. Shhhh.....don't tell the other two how close they were to THAT little adventure.

StillWondering....... said...

Apparently you can't use the ampersand sign here.'ll figure it out.

Brian Miller said...

ok so a cool trip...and def great blog friends as well to open their home to you...and what was in the drive!!!

Tessa said...

The answer to your question, Brian, is Trailer Trash!

Linda said...

38 Days!

Venom said...

If I could meet any of my bloggy friends, my first choice would be Marilyn, from Fat Bottom Farm.

Erin said...

would love to meet up with you one of these days, SMB!!

So good to see you in my google reader!


Tresa said...

Lucy's spirit will always be alive in you. HUGS

Sounds like you had yourself a great Texas adventure. Good for you!

Karen said...

Cool...Tell MLS hi for me and I miss her blog. Heck, I miss her too. I dunno if she is still speaking to me or not, but this is Midlife Mama. I have a new blog if she wants to check it out ( miss the "old days" of blogging with MLS, Goodfather, etc. Glad you're still around though :)