Friday, March 20, 2009


Last night I met My Harley Stud at BIKE NIGHT at a local sports bar across from the stadium. It was a great way to kick off my weekend. It's been a hectic but productive couple of weeks at work and since I only work half day and from home on Fridays I like to think of Thur. night as my Friday. Instead of boring you with all the hohum details of the evening, I will point out the highlights.

  • The food was surprisingly good. (We've been there before and I've never been impressed.)
  • I became the new best friend of a drunk biker chick in the ladies room. You tell me: We must be BFFs if we are so intimate that she felt the need to share her life story while I did my business, right?
  • Our server was a Noob and defined the word SLOW. MHS was not amused. I was.
  • I was stepped on by another server on my trip back to our table from the ladies' room. I stood there for an awkward moment holding onto his arm while he apologized. I continued to grip his arm for what seemed like an hour but was really only "10" minutes. He just stood there looking at me and waiting for me to move on. I finally realized that he was clueless and explained that I could neither let go of his arm nor move on because he was still standing on my foot.
  • There was glitch with the credit card processing during our transaction that kept the entire restaurant waiting while our payment details traveled around the world a few times. We eventually left without completing the payment process with the agreement to return later. We strolled thru bike night and all the festivities and as promised returned later to settle our bill. I convinced MHS to be more generous with his tip than he wanted to be. He was still unamused. I on the other hand was just happy to not be at work. I was also very impressed that they allowed us to leave and believed that we would come back. Good for them.
  • And then I made a new friend, Truman:

Truman rides around in this sidecar with his owner and has since he was just a pup.

Truman is very safety conscious and always wears his goggles.

He's even been to Sturgis, SD: A world famous bike week that completely takes over the small town. (Too many bikes for this sissy but Truman loved it.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Jan said...

Okay - Truman is HAWT. I want him. Think he'd agree to take me to Sturgis? I've always wanted to go.

I take it the server eventually freed you from his, er, footy grip.

Tessa said...

I wish I knew why husbands can be so ornery when it comes to restaurants. TFH is exactly the same. I tend to laugh off this kind of service, but he wants to talk to the manager and demand justice. I'm with it when it comes to really bad service, rude wait staff, or crappy food, but when it's just a bunch of kids overwhelmed by numbers, as seems to have been the case this time, I just grin and bear it. Chance are they'll get better at it.

Glad to see Truman's owner is protecting his eyes. Now that is something that is guaranteed to push me into Christian Bale mode - owners letting their dogs hang out car windows. Very cute until they end up blinded.

only a movie said...

Men are far less patient than women sometimes. Restaurants, traffic, Target... :-)

Truman is soooooo sweet.

Happy weekend, SMB. Fun post.

Anonymous said...

That dog's coat is super sleek and shiny. Clearly he's well loved!

Lo said...

that is one gorgeous dog!!! my god look at his coat. phew! all shiny and glossy. and i'm not even a dog person!!!! yeah and what's with husbands bein' all stingy? sometimes mine is super generous, for whatever reason that ISNT obvious, and then other times he tries to stiff the really good server. bi polar? who knows. i'm jealous i wanna go to bike night!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya, that Truman, how fickle he is. He promised to take our rottie, Missy to Sturgis but took Jan instead... HEARTBREAKER TRUMAN. LOL

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

What a fun time. Truman is a chick magnet. Very sweet.

Debra said...

I LOVED this post because:

I ride a Harley!
I LOVE bike nights!
I LOVE dogs!
I LOVE motorcycles!
I LOVE Truman!!!!!!! He is just too sweet!

smiles4u said...

Sounds like a great night out with your honey. I could write a very long blog post about all the conversations I have had in the womens bathroom. I swear to God I become every drunk women's bff in the bathroom and come to think of it, they don't even have to be drunk. I swear I must have the word counselor stamped to my forehead. I have listened to so many sad sob stories and heard way too much information and hugged women I have never met before while in the bathroom. It's not like I invite these interactions or don't try to get away but somehow there I am listening to complete strangers.

Truman is adorable! I want a Truman!

Beth said...

I love him. Truman, that is. I really, really love him. And his goggles.

And I want a job where my weekend starts on Thursday night. *Pouting*

Gaston Studio said...

Okay, I know I'm jumping on the proverbial band wagon here, but I want Truman too! God, he's too gorgeous!

I can't believe the restuarant let you guys walk away and come back to pay!

Erin @ T5M said...

Truman is the cutest thing ever! I'd take him over the lady in the bathroom and the man on my foot any day!!


Midlife Jobhunter said...

My husband, the Harley guy, says sidecars are just so...not. I say if he had one, I might ride with him. That way I could read while he rides. He just doesn't appreciate my opinion.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Jan-I checked and he doesn't have a girlfriend. I think you could be IN.

Tessa-Three words. Grumpy.Old.Men. *wink*

There is no doubt that Truman is well taken care of and is very much loved by his owners.

Movie-What is it about men and Target? MHS hates that place.
Maybe it's because I love it so much.

BV-You're right about that.

Lo-Truman is a sweetie. And men? Who knows what makes them do the things they do? One of life's little mysteries.

Di-Geez and he told me he didn't have a girlfriend!

Lisa-Let that be a lesson to single men everywhere. Truman's owner has found his mate tho.

Debra-You'll have to get yourself a sidecar so you can have a Truman too.

Smiles-I know what you mean. Some times I wonder if there is a sign on my forehead that says, "Please even tho you don't know me, tell me all your problems." Actually, I don't get that so much any more. I don't think I'm as nice as I used to be.

Beth-Truman is a real ladies man. My job is a pretty sweet deal. It started as a work at home job but became an office job. I just never gave up my Friday. It's all in the negotiations. LOL

Gaston-I was a little surprised myself. For a moment, I thought I was back in Indiana.

Erin-Given those three choices, Truman wins by a longshot.

MLJH-I'm not sure you would be able to read in a sidecar but you could listen on your ipod. That's what I do.

Anonymous said...

Truman looks too perfect to be real......but how beautiful!

HBL is this way with restaurant service and sometimes makes me cringe but he's never really mean, just curt.

Glad you had a nice evening but I'm still disappointed you didn't get of picture of you in your leather bustier. Next time, maybe?

Auntie, aka cagny said...

That Truman guy looks like someone I once dated, back in my young wild days.
And re: the women's bathroom...sometimes the REAL party is in THERE, and not out there. I've been known to snap photos of female co-workers praying to the ceramic god during staff parties. Some people just don't know how to drink. :D

Debbie said...

OMG....I just HAD to show these pics to my husband! What a sweet dog and so serious about riding! You couldn't get a smile out of him if you tried! He looks like he is guarding the bike. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I have had many people become my best friend after drinking and vice versa! I don't drink anymore but I raised a lot of hell when I did. I love the way you are such a hoot! :)

Kathy said...

OMG I LOVE Truman. Was he sitting there the whole time? What a good dog!
And silly servers. He was probably hung over and had no clue - which is why he couldn't tell he was still standing on you.

Fragrant Liar said...

I think I have been to that very "same" bar on too many occasions to recount. Always makes for an interesting evening.

Now Truman, he's a cutie. He looked rather sad in those photos though. Was he not able to go into the bar? Or was he just embarrassed to have his picture taken with those goggles on? What a sweet boy.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Truman is so gorgeous he looks like a statue. Too much. I think I'll have to fight Jan over him.

How's the big guy who doesn't know where his foot lands?!

Happy weekend SMB. Today is the first day of my spring break. wooo hoooo

kari and kijsa said...

Truman is too much! Love it!!
kari & kijsa

Smart Mouth Broad said...

MLS-Truman is real alright, I played with him and he is a lover. Sorry about no bustier and good luck on next time. *wink*

Auntie-Now why didn't I think to snap a picture. Oh that's right I left my bag at the table. I was unarmed.

Debbie-Truman does have a serious look but trust me, he was having a great time and loved the attention.

Kathy-He was sitting there the whole time I was around but I wasn't around there for long. We had a nice chat with his "parents" and then moved on.

Liar-He's not sad, he just has those puppy-dog eyes that drive the girls wild. He doesn't seem to mind the goggles at all and in fact even had them down on his eyes at one point which would have driven my dog NUTS.

Pseudo-Happy Spring Break. Enjoy your time off. Too bad I didn't get the contact info for Truman's "parents" so I could let them know how women around the world are falling for him.

Kari and Kijso-Thanks and thank you for stopping by my site. I hope you'll visit again.

Debbie said...

I really don't like it when people try to tell me their life stories - especially in the bathroom!

Stepping Thru said...

Love, love, love Truman and his car!

Reader Wil said...

I am a cat person but I love Truman and many other doggies!
Great story!

Tricia said...

I love to hear stories of people still having faith in each others honor, like the restaurant believing you would come back. I'm working on becoming less of a cynic.

Truman is divine. I can't get my dogs to sit still, let alone onto a motorized vehicle with goggles. Holy cow.

JOE TODD said...


Smart Mouth Broad said...

Debbie-For some reason, people always talk to me in the bathroom.

ST-Me too.

Wil-It's OK, I forgive. *wink*

Tricia-It is quite rare for people to trust strangers these days. Nothing like my small hometown.

Joe-He most certainly does. Glad you had a good day for golf.

Oz Girl said...

Truman is way too cool, as any biker dog can be. I'm surprised the restaurant let you leave and trusted you to come back to pay too... perhaps it was your Harley Stud's unamused demeanor....

Breathe said...

Wow. He just sits there and doesn't even hang his tongue out? That''s a dog with respect for a wax job.

I tell you, not carrying cash is great but too often technology is not up to dinner.

thistle said...

I came this close to acquiring a Truman a number (um...20?) years ago...but i was living in my derg-hating mothers basement so alas, it didn't happen.

Wonderful travel stories as always!