Monday, March 30, 2009


Pseudo of Pseudonymous High School Teacher tagged me with the Sisterly Love badge a couple years months weeks ago. At the time, I had a few other posts already planned and then a few more current events hit that just begged to be blogged about. I am honored that Pseudo would think of me for this but I kept putting it on the back burner. Thank you, Pseudo!

I am the baby of the family. As the only product of a second marriage for my mother and the only child for my father, I arrived much later than my siblings. My sisters were seventeen and thirteen when I was born. My brother was twelve. The difference in our ages during my upbringing created a relationship with my siblings that more resembled extra parents than true sister/brother relationships. I have no recollection of any of them as anything other than an adult. Nevertheless, a bond was formed and now that we are all adults, we share a normal sibling relationship. Normal being a relative term here. If you've been a reader here for long, you've met my brother and sister and let's just say we all share that Goofy gene that was handed down from our mother, Lucy.

What I'm getting at is that I didn't have the pillow-fight, make-up sharing, got your back kind of sisterhood with my sisters when I was growing up. They were busy raising their own children and in fact my eldest niece is only 3 years younger than I am. I love my siblings dearly and we are very close, don't get me wrong. It's just a different sort of relationship.

I forged sister like relationships with my best friends from my childhood and am fortunate to still enjoy the blessings of those friendships. I have friends that I may not speak to for months and not see for years but when we get together, it is like no time has passed. We become the same giggle girls we were when we were young. Our stories just get a little juicier. Leaving my friends to move to Florida was really hard. We don't get to see each other near as often as I would like. Beauty's daughter just got married this past weekend and I would have loved to have been there. I wasn't able to go and that breaks my heart. I really wanted to be there for this major moment in Beauty's life. It's hard to miss the big stuff in a loved one's life. But one thing I know for sure is that Beauty knows I love her. She knows how much I wanted to be there. She knows she better have lots of pictures to show me. And the next time we are together, it will once again be like we've never been apart.

My relationship with my siblings and my chosen sisters is like that because we are always together in our hearts. Love doesn't acknowledge time or distance. It's just love.

The rules for passing on this award are:

Pass it on to those you choose. They must write about their sisterly relationship. That's it. I've made friends here in bloggyville that I never would have imagined and feel a sisterhood with all of you. Yes, even the guys. Consider yourself my sister. Don't you feel special now? Well you are to me. I'm tagging each and every one of you. Take it or leave it. I love you all.




Reader Wil said...

Hi! What a great idea!I'd like to be a sister to all those nice people on blogspot, but I am actually not looking for an award because I had more than twenty and I safely stored them in my library. I think visits must be an award great enough to know that one is appreciated. Besides looking for candidates and linking them is very timeconsuming.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Thank you for including everyone..I cannot think of one woman on here that does not deserve that feeling of sisterhood. all are loving and caring woman...
Thanks, SMB, for being you. I agree with Reader Wil. (However I am making off with it!)
It's cute and I love the idea of Sisterhood posted on my blog!

LiLu said...

Aw! I love this... I'm only now getting close with my lil sis, even though we're only three years apart, and it's so rewarding. Girlfriends are fantastic but sister (and sisterly bonds) are forever...


only a movie said...

What a nice post, SMB. I like your take on sisterhood - those you choose. I think there are a lot of sisters out there in bloggyland.

:-) Happy Monday!

JOE TODD said...


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love how you went about doing this! I'm glad you've found such a wonderful sisterhood in bloggyland!

smiles4u said...

You are so sweet and thoughtful in everything you write. I feel exactly like you do with my friends that are like sisters. While I am not close to my real life sisters(we get along, but like you they are much older than me and acted like mothers to me and tend to do this still...ugh!)I am very close to my brother...actually he is my best friend.

And I love all you bloggy sisters that I have made this past year...each one so dear to my heart.

Beth said...

I have a sister but we are not as close as I wish we were. I end up sharing more information here and being comforted, cajoled, humored, and encouraged in return. It is amazing the friendships that have been formed.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Ah, I love what you wrote about your sisterly relationships. My sisters live in California and Florida, so we don't get to see each other near often enough.

Love the new reach through blogland.

Fragrant Liar said...

I may try to grab up the gauntlet here. I have so many great friends whom I consider sisters, and of course, I do have one fabulous sister and a sister-in-law that I adore, and having lost my youngest sister, I think I have something to say about the value of sisterhood. I will put that on my bloggy agenda and see if I can come up with something uplifting.

Anonymous said...

Sisters are least some of them are. I was the same with with mine and they were always more like a mom than a sister so I value my girlfriend time which is few and far between. btw, when ARE you coming to Texas??


Reader Wil said...

Hi Sister!! Thanks for your visit.
A polder is a piece of reclaimed land surrounded by dykes and the canals between the fields are there to collect the water, which then will be pumped into the river by either windmills or an electric mill.

Julie said...

Visiting from Fragrant Liar...

Love your blog! Will be back for more!!!

Oz Girl said...

With a sister in CA, and numerous GFs left behind in Ohio, I have to say your post struck a chord with me. I value and treasure them all.

With that said, you've just been handed another award... for your past week of trials and tribulations, and also for your wonderfully humorous and upbeat blog, which as you know, shows the great attitude you possess! :)

Stop by my blog to pick up your award... oh sheesh you say, not another frickin' award???

Duchess said...

I have three sisters: The Killer One has the same father and mother as I, but I am always wary in her company. I haven't blogged about the Loopy One (I should -- she's a lovely girl!); we have the same father, different mother, and I was 18 when she was born. We are like people who wish they could be close but suspect it will never happen. The Lawyer Sis shares neither biological mother or father with me, but we are true sisters.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Wil-True but I enjoy them anyway. I'm somewhat of a ham that way. *wink* Thanks for coming back and answering my questions. Once a teacher always a teacher. (hugs)

Mona-You go girl and run with it. I feel exactly the same. I love you all. An incredible bunch.

LiLu-My girls were not close growing up as they are 5 1/2 years apart but now they are thick as thieves.

Movie-I agree and think we've found the BEST!

Joe-You're welcome, sis. *wink*

BV-Thanks and you are part of it. Why are you joining us for SA in the mornings?

Smiles-It's a very strange world, this blogosphere but it's a great place to be. So many incredible people.

Beth-I know exactly what you mean.

Pseudo-I'm not very good at the passing on. I like to spread the wealth and give it to everyone.

Liar-Please do. I know you'll have a great story to tell or two or three.

MLS-You're not even in Texas, Silly! Why would I go there?

Julie-I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you do come back.

OZ-Thanks and awww shucks, ma'am. I'm honored.

Duchess-The loopy one? Oh yes, I want to hear about her.