Sunday, March 1, 2009


Can you think of a better way to start a Saturday morning?

Before we went to bed on Friday night My Harley Stud suggested we go for a bagel in the morning as the cupboard was bare. We had no milk, no bread and no eggs. I said we should take a walk on the beach and then go for a bagel. I mean if you're going to consume all those carbs, you should get a little exercise first, right? Can you see the Juno pier in the distance? (Click on the photo to enlarge it.) We walked almost that far. That's like a hundred miles when you factor in the sand. It's a LOT harder to walk in the sand. I'm sure that was worth a bagel.It was a beautiful morning. There were a lot of boats out. If you click to enlarge the photo, you might be able to see the boats way out there on the horizon in the gulfstream. It's a great place for fishing and diving.

And what is this?

I really don't have any idea what type of shell these are or what animal they house but they were growing right on this piece of driftwood.

Isn't this a lovely blue balloon? No. Stay away from this fella. This is a man-o-war. Those lovely blue slimy things are the tentacles and they will sting you. Contrary to what we learned on "Friends" when Monica was stung, do not urinate on the affected area. Thank you, God. Ideas on treatment vary but the best thing to do is seek medical attention.

There are not a lot of shells on our beaches. MHS and I were surprised to come upon this section of the beach that was just covered in sea shells.

And looky here. Isn't he cute? A baby man-o-war. Same rule applies. Stay away.

There were a lot of dogs on the beach. These two were so cute. They had just made friends. The smaller, brown one is a boxer. I was very curious about the large white dog and had to ask the owner, "What is it?" She told me it's a Golden Doodle. A cross between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. I've never seen a Golden or a Poodle this big. He wasn't in any mood to stand still for pics but is really the sweetest thing and has no idea just how big he is.
Maybe next time, we'll bring Mayzie.

This is an interesting way to fish. The poles are set in PVC pipe stuck in the sand. I thought maybe the poles were just resting there but the lines are going out into the water.

I was curious so of course I had to ask. "What are you fishing for?" This very nice man (A Seminole, by the way) explained to me that they were fishing for Pompano. The real season isn't until April but if you get them at high tide (which it was), you can catch some now. I caught this picture on our way back from our walk down the beach. They still weren't catching anything but they were enjoying themselves anyway. I had to snap my camera on the sly so he wouldn't think I was stalking him.
Notice how MHS doesn't want to be associated with the weird stalker lady who keeps taking pictures of complete strangers.


Debra said...

What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed the pictures and narration. Thanks for sharing!

Off subject, please drop my blog and join in on my celebration. ;-)

Wunderwoman said...

Looks beautiful
Thanks for the warning about man-o-war, if I had been there I would probably have tried touching

Debbie said...

I cannot think of a better way to start a day!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Really pretty pictures. I've already written my post for tomorrow and I had to laugh at how similar it is to yours ... but from the opposite coast.

only a movie said...

Thanks for sharing your walk with us, SMB. Hope the bagel was good. Lovely photos. (and warm - we are having a snowstorm as I type. Of course.)

Cristin said...

Loving the beach photos as I sit listening to a blizzard rage outside...

croneandbearit said...

OMG I just want to be there - I can smell the salt air. *sigh*

Sassypants Wifey said...

Awesome pics! Those shells on the log are really cool. I would want to be out there taking pics all day. We could be like beach paparazzi, it would be a blast, lol stalking unassuming fishermen. Great post, great pics thanks for sharing.

delaney55 said...

I miss the ocean and you brought back great memories and really made me hate being in KS! I love to watch the waves, smell the tangy air and feel the breeze. Your pictures took me back, thank you for that.

lisa said...

My day wasn't anything like that. :) Great pics and hope you enjoyed your bagel.

Erin @ T5M said...

ooohh this makes me long for summer...right now in Maine we're in the midst of our 439th snow storm of the season....our beach is covered in snow! The stripers are swimming around in the warm Virginia waters waiting to travel up here to be caught by Dirt in July.

Great pics!

nothingfancy1 said...

What a wonderful post. I'm so incredibly jealous I could just scream. But instead, I'm smiling. I trecked through a snow storm to get to work this morning and I'm exhausted. Seeing these pictures were just what I needed to warm up. Thanks!

Jan said...

Ptooi on both you and 24@Heart with your beach picture posts this morning!

You'll have to excuse me while I go sit in the corner and suck my thumb while I wallow in self-pity and 8 degree weather. *sniff*

Oh, yeah - I have a MITB post up today.

MsMVNJ said...

As I sit here with 10" of snow on the ground, looking at the gorgeous sand, I wonder what the hell is wrong with me......*lol* beautiful pics!

Oz Girl said...

I'm jealous, what a fantastic way to start your day, esp before you eat that bagel! :) And I know what you mean about walking in sand, so kudos to you and MHS for walking that far!!!

Midlife Slices said...

Loved the pictures! I'd probably have had to touch the blue thingy too, being the curious girl that I am. The last picture and caption made me laugh out loud which is something I really needed this morning. :)

midlife slices said...

Did you do something different with your comments? Now it's making me go through an extra step and asking for my name (to verify my credentials) and if I click "no" it tells me my identity can't be verified. I said my name was WTF and it took it.

Lo said...

goooorgeous. i'm so jealous. and also? jellyfish (i'm assuming that's what the manowar is) are terrible!!! whenever we're in florida (usually sarasota) i get so scared of those things. you can hardly see the babies and they're SO easy to step on!!! oh and my husband is totally used to be snapping inappropriate pics lol he just shakes his head and walks away!

LiLu said...

That man o' war scared the crap out of me! Ahhhh creepy creepy! I'd gladly step over him for a chance to be on that beach, though.

I gave your chicken saltimbocca a shout out today ;-)

Reader Wil said...

This was a great walk along the beach! Thanks!

Laura said...

Does it count as fishing if you don't even hold the pole? On the Delaware coast (yes, there is such a thing) the "fishermen" do the same thing. This is fishing for the remote control generation, but at least it gets them outside on a beautiful day.

Michele said...

Thanks for the tip about the man-o-war. We have a Goldendoodle. We love her. She is the best dog.

blueviolet said...

I can not believe how serene and glorious it is in your area. I am in love with it there!

smiles4u said...

Beautiful! You know how jealous I What a perfect way to start a Saturday!

Fragrant Liar said...

Oh man, I miss Florida beaches. Which side are you on? Gulf or Atlantic?

I'm so glad that's an old wives tale (or Monica's tale) about peeing on somebody who's been stung by a jellyfish. But can you imagine how many people have been peed on because of that? I've heard of a bunch of people!


Okay, I want to come visit you and walk on the beach. I'll bring the vino. Tell the Harley Stud to move over!!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I'll come with her. Although I felt I was there following along with the pictures. Haven't been to the beach in quite a while. I'll begin wine, too.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Debra-By now, I'm sure you know......I'm in.

WW-They look pretty weird but exactly threatening.

Debbie-We are in complete agreement on that.

24-Our beaches are pretty but I think yours are gorgeous.

Movie-To be honest, the bagel was crap but that's a story not worth telling. The iced coffee was delightful.

As I listened to the weather reports about all the snow being dumped up North, I was thinking,
"Here I am with this beach post up today. People are going to hate me."

Cristin-Is it any consolation that we had to wear jackets here yesterday? No? I thought not. Thanks for visiting. I hope you'll come back again.

C&Bit It is lovely.

Sassy- That sounds like a plan to me.

Delaney-I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. Thanks for stopping by and do come back again.

Lisa-I guess it probably wasn't. *sigh*

Erin-Hang in there, summer's coming.

Fancy-Yikes. That's the part about the beautiful snow that I don't like. Having to trudge thru it to get anywhere.

Jan-*wiping the spit off my face* That does it! You're just going to have to come for a visit.

MsMVNJ-Sounds like someone needs a Florida vacation.

Oz-Yep, like a 100 miles in the sand. LOL

MLS-Yeah, he was "running" away from me.
I think Blogge is messing around with changes. Let me know if you're still having a problem.
Anyone else?

Lo-Jellyfish and man-o-war are different but I think the are related. I'll have to do a little research now.

Lilu-The man-0-war are easy to avoid and not worth avoiding the beach. Glad you liked the recipe and thanks for the linky love.


Laura-That's exactly what I thought but I didn't think the comment would be received very well so I kept my mouth shut. LOL Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back.

Michele-I had never seen a GoldenDoodle before. So adorable! Thanks for visiting and please come back again to see me.

BV-You're just going to have to come see it for yourself.

Smiles-Someone needs to visit their daughter, no?

Liar-East Coast. MHS is moving over, come on down.

MLJH-He's moving over a bit more. Wine is GOOD.

JeanMac said...

Love this post and pictures.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Loved, loved, loved this photo tour. The color of the water is a lot Hawaii. My favorite is the pier. Gorgeous shot.