Thursday, March 19, 2009


Work has been a little crazy lately. Scratch that. Work has been a LOT crazy lately! By the time I get home, I haven’t had the energy to read or write much. I have been tagged for a few fun posts and I’m working on them in my head. I just wanted to say thank you for coming here and reading the drivel that I seem to have in endless supply. I haven’t had a chance to respond to your comments yet. But I will. I promise. In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know I get your comments on my phone almost immediately and they are the source of a much needed smile during my work-day. Thanks again.

Smart Mouth Broad

***Braja update***
I received an email from Braja this morning. She must be feeling better if she is up to emailing a Smart Mouth Broad. She is home from the hospital and doing well. Please continue to keep her, her husband and the driver in your thoughts and prayers as there is much healing to be done.
And.........I see that she has a new post up on her blog. Lost and Found in India


only a movie said...

Hope things slow down for you soon, SMB. It's been a bit crazy for me too lately...

Lo said...

oh god, do i know what you're saying!!!!! tax season SUCKS!!! i'm sorry you're swamped. hopefully there's a light at the end of that crappy tunnel. and don't say thank you, i love your blog :)

JOE TODD said...


Gaston Studio said...

Enjoy your blog so much, thanks is out of the question except to you!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My sweetcakes friend...I cannot begin to tell you how great it is to be retired. I honestly never ever thought I would see the day..and now here I am!
One day you two will be kicking back and enjoying the good life too. I just hope I am alive to see it. :) Seven years now and counting.
If Braja is up to emailing or blogging she is definitely getting better. The positive thoughts and prayers are continuing..and seem to be working!
Old Broad

smiles4u said...

I totally understand since I have been pretty scare myself lately. You are so thoughtful for taking the time to say thank you. So glad that Braja is doing well enough to be home. Will continue to pray for all 3. Thanks for the update!

Jan said...

Honey, you couldn't do drivel if you just came home and slobbered on your keyboard.

Try and take it easy, girl. I love you.

Fragrant Liar said...

Ditto to what Jan said. You always have something good to say and worthwhile to read. Looking forward to your tagged posts.

Jason, as himself said...

Ah shucks, it was nuthin.

Beth said...

I can't imagine work as crazy. A foreign thought to me.

Hope things calm down soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope things slow down for you soon. Try and have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! ((HUGS))

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Movie-I can see light at the end of the tunnel now, I think. I hope you see the same.

Lo-Thanks so much. Your kind words lift me. You know I love your blog too.

Joe-Today is the first day of spring. There's snow in NY today but it's pretty much always spring here...........except summer.

Gaston-You, my friend, are too kind.

Mona-I look forward to that day. I'm going to need some decorting lessons tho. *wink*

Smiles-I do appreciate you all so much and never thought anyone other than my family would come here to read this.

Jan-Funny you should say that. I do drool on my keyboard at times........when I fall asleep. I love you too.

Liar-And I love you too.

Jason-Now I'm blushing.

Beth-uh huh. You just keep telling yourself that. *wink*

Fancy-Thanks, Fancy. I don't know how relaxing it will be but if I can accomplish a few things on my to do list, I will be a happier woman.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Anonymous said...

She's home; that's just wonderful.

It's been a crazy week for me. I'm so behind in blogland and probably will be until next week.

Good luck at work!

Anonymous said...

Life happens and we all have those "times". I've had mine too and probably more to come. MUAH!!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Ack. I know how you feel. Last week at work was crazy crazy. Hope yours gets less stressful soon.