Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My buddy, Midlife Job Hunter has bestowed upon me an award that at first I wasn’t sure I wanted to accept. Should I beam with pride or run for the hills? zombie_chicken_award

Zombies! I’m afraid of zombies! I was never one of those kids that liked scary movies. Oh sure, I went to the theatre because it was the cool thing to do but I sat with my eyes closed through the entire movie.

At 18 I went to see Amityville Horror. By today’s standards, fairly lame on the scare-o-meter. I stayed awake all night reading the bible. I was terrified to close my eyes. To this day, (and MHS will back me up on this) I have to watch something funny like an I Love Lucy rerun to take my mind off a disturbing program before I can sleep.

All that being said, just look at those zombie chickens! They don’t look so scary, now do they? They’re actually kinda cute. I haven’t known Midlife Job Hunter for that long but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be cursing me with poultry voodoo. But one never really knows, now do they?

I’m going to assume that this Zombie Chicken Award is a good thing because I’m a cockeyed optimist and totally pure of heart and all and accept this award in the spirit with which it was given. Thanks, Midlife Job Hunter! All kidding aside, I was stunned when I read the description of this award that you would think of me. I started this blog almost a year ago and totally thought the only readers I would ever have would be my long-lost imaginary playmates who moved to California when I was four. (Yes, I really had imaginary friends. Don’t judge.) Coming from a gifted writer such as yourself, I will cherish this award forever (or until I clean house again next January) and find a special place for it on my sidebar.

Please read the description of the Zombie Chicken Award below: (And try not to shake your head in bewilderment saying, “She picked SMB for this?”)

The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all...

And now to pass it on to bloggers much more deserving than myself. I thought long and hard about this and it’s practically impossible to narrow this down to five recipients. But somehow I did it.

The following bloggers have made me laugh, cry, spit coffee all over my keyboard and have warmed the cockles of my heart on more than several occasions. Please join me in congratulating:

Janie at Midlife Slices

Jan at Jan’s Sushi Bar (She’s gonna LOVE this)

Pseudo at Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Jane at Gaston Studio

Tessa of Nuts and Mutton (She’s gonna Hate this)

Linda at Crone and Bear It

Congrats, bloggers!

Shhhhh! I'm hoping that the zombies won't notice that I can't count.

Thanks again to Midlife Job Hunter! I am truly honored.


only a movie said...

Zombies seem to be really trendy these days...

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Congrats on this weird, but somehow cool award. :)

Jan said...

My first thought was, "OMG I GOT A ZOMBIE CHICKEN AWARD!!!!" (you know me SO well) then I read what it represents, and I was all like, "Whoa - does SMB feel all right, giving ME this?"

I'm touched, girl. Yes, in the head, but seriously - I'm touched.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on receiving this prestigious award - this is a cool award. And thank you even more for selecting me to also receive it. Now, stay with me a moment while I say Jeez Louise I'm running out of bloggers I can re-award things to lady. ROFL - I am honored and I thank you because I only live to make people spit out their coffee and I'm so glad I've been successful at that endeavor. Hugs.

JOE TODD said...

Congrats....Did you know Zombie chickens eat spinach
Have a great day...

Gaston Studio said...

OMG, coming from you, Smart Mouth, this is truly an honor that I will cherish (even when I'm cleaning house)!

Like you, I was sure I'd only have family and friends following my ramblings and am humbled to receive this and other awards from bloggers I so admire!!!!

Thanks again and will pass along promptly... I'm scared to death of zombies!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Theresa said...

I'm like you, I must watch something funny like I Love Lucy after a scary movie, no matter how tired I am.

Gaston Studio said...

Also left something for you on my SECOND post today!

Anonymous said...

I must have me confused with someone else.

Do you have fever with these fits of delirium?

Does "that place" know you have access to a computer and the outside world?

Do your caretakers know your prescription needs refilled?

Anonymous said...

BTW I got such a kick out of this one I went and posted my response already - that's TWO blog postings in one day - I'm taking Thursday off dangit. Love ya, mean it.

Anonymous said...

Opps.....that should be

YOU must have me confused with someone else. sheeezz.....

I definitely have me confused with someone else......someone who makes sense. LOL

Anonymous said...

one more comment and I quit for the day...I apologize the "link" back to you didn't work -- I have since fixed it so you are properly credited and linked. Thanks again.

Debbie said...

Congratulations on your Zombie Chicken Broad award! You definitely deserve it so just bloody peck your way through. I'm with you...I can't take any of those really bad horror films...The Freddie films...the Halloween series...all of it makes me sick and gives me nightmares. As strange as it may seem though, my favorite show on tv is 24 and for some strange reason I don't mind Jack cutting someones finger off or choking them with a plastic bag or trying to electricute his own brother! In fact I can't seem to look away. Am I weird or what?

Tessa said...

Aw, you shouldn't have! No really, you shouldn't have. Kidding, honest.

I would never hate anything you gave me, SMB, you should know that! Although I'm not all that sure about me having the "Tao of the Zombie Chicken." Sounds rather uncomfortable. But I'm definitely flattered to find myself in such great company, among bloggers I love. Thank you. Mwah!

duchess said...

Hey, the latest thing is apparently Pride and Prejudice with Zombies. You are very trendy.

Debbie said...

Congrats on the award! I love the chickens on it, don't you?

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Nothing like zombie chickens, yes? You have to woderr who starts all this fun.

Thank-you Smart Mouth.

Tricia said...

This is the weirdest, coolest award I've seen yet. Congrats!

Swampy said...

Oh, I am so far out of the loop.
I am now having flashbacks of being in junior high and not being in the "cool group."

Congrats on your new award...I think.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Movie-Other than these cute chickens, frankly I don't see the appeal.

Dee-Zigns-Thanks and thanks for the follow.

Jan-I just knew you'd love it!

C&B-I'm just happy to be a part of your purpose in life. LOL

Joe- LOL :-) I'm going to start calling you Popeye!

Jane-Good thing because I hear chicken zombies are not very patient.

Fancy-Thanks and Yay for you!

Theresa-It works for me.

Jane2-Thanks, I will get right on it. It's lovely. thanks again.

MLS-You must have you confused with .....wha???? Now who looks like they forgot their meds?

C&B-You're clearly a better woman than me. But we already knew that.

MLS-Love ya! Mean it!

C&B-I didn't even notice but thanks.

Debbie-Jack doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I cheer him on.

Tessa-My dear, smart friend. What is a tao? Anyway, I'm glad you're happy with it.

Duchess-What the ....?

Debbie-They are very cute, no?

Psuedo-Someone much more creative than me.

Tricia-It is weird and wonderful.

Swampy-Oh no!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I...think it is a strange award..but...after reading the discription of it's meaning..Yes...I DO think you deserve it. Your blog knocks me out. I love it, I love you, I love MHS and his bike, I love D1,D2 and just the whole entire family.
so..YES..I think you deserve this award! HUGE fan here!

I don't know all the one's you chose, but Gaston Studio's is certainly deserving! She is amazing.
The others I have to check out.
Not tonight. I have GOT to get some sleep tonight! Seems..like...OH...I am doing the LINK thingy. Did you SEE?? I am SO flippin' proud!! :) Thanks SO much. You are always there!!
Later then..

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

This thing takes time. I love it but ..shoot...
I KNOW what Zombies are..but..I sometimes don't "get it" as with a chicken (?) Zombie award? Just an odd name for such a GREAT award!! I'm just sayin.... LOL...

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, hahaahaa...I laughed and laughed over your blog just now...oh, my dear I NEEDED that!

Debra said...

What a funny award! I am like you, I have to take my mind off the scary programming before going to bed.