Tuesday, April 14, 2009



We spent Easter weekend at my dad's house. Daughters #1 and #2 met us there and we spent a relaxing couple of days together enjoying each other's company.

This is one of the wood duck houses Daddy and his friends built for the ducks to nest in. Daddy says wood ducks are the most beautiful bird in his opinion.


A home any duck would be proud of, I’m sure. I think this one is a townhome. Daddy was telling D1 and I that sometimes more than one duck will lay eggs in the nest and then the mama ducks take turns sitting. One flies out and another flies in. Shift work.


He checked this house only to find a single dead baby duckling.

I know. That’s how D1 and I felt. Daddy brought it up to the dock where we were standing to show it to us. We didn’t really care to see it.

He holds it out for us to see. Then he says, “What a shame.” And chucks it into the lake.

D1 and I gasped and looked at each other and then at the duck floating in the water.

I asked Daddy, “If you find me dead in my house one day, are you going to throw me in the lake?”

I can see it now. “What a shame. She was such a good girl, too.“ Kerplunk!

He said, “Nah.”, very seriously. He didn’t see any humor in my sarcasm. He then explained, “It’s the most respectable thing to do.” looking out at the floating duck.

D1 and I were mortified and heartbroken. My father looks at this as a matter of fact. It happens all the time in nature. The circle of life.

I guess.

But if I should go before my father. Keep an eye on him. Just sayin.


Midlife Jobhunter said...

"were mortified and heartbroken. My father looks at this as a matter of fact. It happens all the time in nature. The circle of life."

One of the hardest thing to understand, for me. My soft heart feel such sorrow for the loss that I overlook the gain for some. Not a soft matter.

Reader Wil said...

Ha, ha... I couldn't help laughing. The way you write it is hardly dramatic:"What a shame! She was such a good girl. Kerplunk!"
I am sorry for the dead duckling. He/she deserved a decent burial of course.
Thanks for your visit!

only a movie said...

Sweet story. Nice snapshot in your writing of your dad. :-) Thanks for sharing, SMB!

blueviolet@A Nut in a Nutshell said...

The perspectives you use in your photos are always so fabulous. I loved this circle of life story. Your dad is probably wise to just take it in stride like that.

Jan said...

Dear, we won't let anyone fling you in the water when you die.

Unless, of course, we can tie you to a Viking funeral pyre, launch you and then set you on fire.

What? It's all the funereal rage these days.

Gaston Studio said...

Didn't know ducks like duckhouses; that is cool! I could feel ya'll reaction and I'm sure I would have found a shoebox (does this kind of duck fit into a shoebox?), found a beautiful, restful spot, and buried that sucker with a little duck call ulogy.

We'll watch out for you but I think Jan has the best idea... what a way to go!

P.S. Left you a tag on my second blog yesterday; like I told FLiar, please don't hit me, I'm an old lady!

The Blue Ridge Gal said...

Heh Heh Heh... will listen for kerplunk sounds coming from your blog.

The Blue Ridge Gal

smiles4u said...

Sometimes it's hard to accept the circle of life but we either can accept it or fight it. Sweet story.

croneandbearit said...

It's actually a sweet story - return the duck to the water where it was probably very happy at one time. You're so blessed you have your dad - I miss mine terribly. As for my final resting place, I'd like to be propped up in the corner of the family room so I can forever torment Devoted Spouse. muahahahaha

lisa said...

A set of waterwings are in order the next time you visit.

Oz Girl said...

The circle of life. I love my animals, and this end of life is so hard for me sometimes.

Funny though, the way you describe your dad "kerplunking" you! LOL

Tony Letts said...

I actually do believe that life is a circle. I'll be back! Hey! Who's the big old blue duck? :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

You are too funny. Don't worry, no one is letting anyone, including your daddy, fling you into a lake.

Joan said...

If you stop writing someone should really start dragging the lake.

Tricia said...

Maybe we should take the example from mama ducks and take turns sitting on each others' children.

Of course we won't let anyone throw you in the lake, I like Jan's Viking funeral idea.

midlifeslices said...

Did you want to have a little duck funeral complete with duck calls and a proper duck burial? LOL

We're fixing to start trapping our bazillion turtles. HBL said he'd have to bury them and I rolled my eyes. You two are a pair. Ha!

MilesPerHour said...

If I died and someone threw me in some water that would be bad. I'm afraid of drowning.

Debbie said...

I loved the fact that he just chucked the duck. Sounds exactly like something my dad would do. I loved this.

Michel said...

OMG I feel really bad that I just laughed at that post! Let's have a moment of silence for that duck.


Now go tell your dad to go wash his hands! Dead shit's unsanitary!

Mrs. K said...


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I'm keeping my eye on that Daddy of yours!! Um..he can't see me...can he?

thyme said...

I love those photos. You don't even mention that huge monument of a tree in the background. Death has to be less troubling with so much life surrounding you.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

MLJH-Me too. But Daddy is an old farm boy.

Wil-I'm pretty sure he wouldn't throw me in the lake tho. LOL

Movie-He's a good guy and very sensitive. I hope I didn't paint him as heartless.

BV-I guess if the mama bird abandoned the baby, he at least gave it a burial at "sea".

Jan-That sounds so cool. That's definitely the way I want to go.

Jane-I don't know if all ducks like houses but these are wood ducks and they sure do. They are very small. And this baby was just hatched.


Smiles-I know it happens all the time....just not in my face.

C&B-This particular little duckie probably never made it to the water. It was recently hatched.
I do cherish every moment with my dad and miss my mother terribly.

About your resting place,I like the way you think.

Lisa-Great idea. That would be a funny picture.

OG-Yep, I can see it now.

Tony-The big blue duck is Daddy.

Pseudo-Thanks. I feel better know you've got my back. *wink*

Joan-OK, you're in charge of that.

Tricia-I think it's sort of like, "it takes a village......". I love Jan's idea. LOL

MLS-Why do I feel like HBL and I have a lot in common and so do you and MHS? It's that old opposites attract thing, I guess.

MPH-If you were already dead, it woudldn't matter, silly.

Debbie-I've had the thought our fathers are a lot alike from some of the things you've written.

Michel-Moment of silence. Check!

Mrs K-Poor thing, huh?

Mona-My father would love you.

thyme-There are lots of trees like that one on his property.