Friday, April 10, 2009


hip hop pants

I came across an article in the local paper yesterday. A much publicized case went before the judge. A city in Palm Beach County has passed a law banning the wearing of pants so low that your skin or undergarments show. Now the law is being challenged.

The case has been all over the television news but the article in the paper caught my eye because I recognized the judge. She’s a friend of my friend, The Trophy Wife. We used to go to the same gym before I changed teams in favor of more latin booty classes. She’s in really great shape too but I digress.

I immediately felt badly for her. Not because she has such a difficult task in front of her but because she has to tolerate this drivel and pretend to take it seriously.

I am no fan of this particular fashion trend. Though I am slightly amused every time I see a young man running awkwardly across the street with one hand on his breeches to keep them from falling to the pavement. But I don’t like it. I think it looks stupid. It can’t possibly be comfortable. I can’t for the life of me see the appeal. However, I also think that spending tax dollars to pass a law against such nonsense is just as absurd.

I’ve linked the article so I’m not going to rewrite it here. If you haven’t already, go there now. I’ll wait.

*patiently drumming long, beautifully manicured nails on the table* (That’s the beauty of a blog, you know. You can lie about how awful your hands look and no one is the wiser) Uh…er… well…until now. Damn.

I will assume you are all now well-informed.

Here’s the thing: Don’t you think that if we didn’t make such a fuss, this ugly trend would just die out like the mullet? Imagine the man hours that went into passing this law. (Notice I said, man hours? I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a woman there THAT day. Sorry, fellers, we women folk are just more practical than that.) Seriously, do we really not have better things to do? We’ve got child abusers, drug dealers, drunken boaters running over manatees and the homeless on every other corner. Heck, just last week, I heard the guy down the street tore the tags off his mattress. Come on, people! We’ve got a bigger job to do. Let’s keep our eye on the ball.

Each time I hear about this case in the media, I’m reminded of when Daughter #1 was in middle school. She was working as an aide in the office. It was a dress code violation to wear backless shoes. She was reaching up into a filing cabinet and her backless clogs were exposed just as one of the deans walked by. He reprimanded her. She came back with, “Doesn’t someone have drugs in their locker?” As you can see, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Smart mouths run in the family it would seem. (Now she is a middle school teacher and gets to deal with kids just like her on a daily basis. Life is funny like that.)

Can we agree that having fashion police running around arresting young people for bad taste is a waste of time and money? Do you have a local law that is just as ridiculous? Or maybe you disagree and think this is a good law. I can respect that even if you’re wrong and agree to disagree. Let’s hear it. Come on…..


Michel said...

I have a few things to add this this - because I always feel I must spout my opinion!

(1) low rider jeans such as those pictured in the blog HAVE ALREADY gone out of sytle. Rather than arrest, your townsfolk should mock. (that was sooo 1998).

(2) Your daughter's school outlawed backless SHOES!? WTF!? They'd probably have a small hernia right now. Where the kids seem to dress in hooker-chic.

(3) You are absolutely correct that this should be a self-correcting problem. Low-rider jeans create the oft-dreaded Muffin top when you wear them.

It must be stopped, yes...but law? No.

Do you want me to send you some terrorists so you can have something to focus on of importance? There are lots of them here!!! It's no trouble.

thyme said...

I don't really want to say it but... you _are_ talking about the Land of the Free yes? Not Saudi Arabia? Because there are certain countries in the world where these kinds of law might be the order of the day. I have never heard anything as ridiculuous here. Offices and schools have dress codes: I have worked in an office where the dress code went as far as prohibiting shorts, but backless shoes.. for Gods sake! And I can not imagine any National Law that would prescribe how (not) to dress!

Did you check the poll? 70% agree with the law!

only a movie said...

Although when I taught HS, I was very tired of seeing butt everyday, passing a law about it is just stoooopid and a waste of resources.

I agree on the bigger fish to fry sentiments.

And lol at your daughter. I got a call (one of several million) from my son's school last year because he walked out of class (anxiety disorder), and at one point I had to say *Dude you have DRUG DEALERS at your school...*

I could go on, but that's what my blog is for.

thyme said...

Lol.. stumbled upon this one whilst trying to convince myself to stop wishing for an iphone.. thought you might like it. Say No to Crack! - Don't legislate, educate (and ridicule);

Anonymous said...

“Doesn’t someone have drugs in their locker?”

I have a whole new respect for your daughter. What the perfect come-back!

Some people have nothing better to do than to knit-pick at other people and situations - things that don't matter and are so small and unimportant in relation to life. It makes them feel superior and gives importance and value to their sad little lives. You know...the woman on the Home Owners Association Board who sends a violation to you because you picked your newspaper up out of your driveway at 8:05 when the deadline is 8:00...The room mother who is organizing the party for kindergarders and tells you to bring mustard, then berates you for not bringing French's mustard...the boss who sits on the board report you prepared for a week, then comes to you to make revisions (that dont make a difference) to it 10 minutes before the board meeting and stands over you to remind you of the urgency while you make those revisions.

I could go on and on. It's a power trip for people who aren't happy with their lives. Period.

smiles4u said...

Yep, I agree, totally rediculous. Yes, I agree this style of wearing their pants down so far looks rediculous but wasting money and time on something like this is even more rediculous.

I just love your daughters come back and knowing that she is a teacher dealing with students...too funny.

I am just loving the comments here...will have to come back later and read when you have more.
Happy Friday!

LiLu said...

I totally agree with Michel! They should ridiculed... NOT arrested. What a waste!

Gaston Studio said...

I concur that there are more important issues to be made into laws and I absolutely HATE seeing guys with their boxers (whatever) totally revealed (and I am NOT a prude; it's just stupid looking)... and I say JUST IGNORE THEM; don't even do the 'curtesy' of ridicule because that's ACKNOWLEDGING them in the first place!

Love your daughter's comeback; absolutely perfect!!!

Happy Easter!

Jan said...

When I was in Texas a couple of summers ago, I spent a lot of time with Whacky-But-Lovable sister and her family. Her oldest son was wearing his jeans just like that (in fact, if I didn't know you were in Florida, I'd swear that IS my nephew). I drove him bonkers, because I'd follow him around saying things like,

"Isn't your ass cold?"

"Does your mother ask you to pull up your pants every time she sees you?"

"You're a father now, don't you think it's time you learned how to wear pants?"

Oh, and I love your daughter. Our kids must be related somehow.

Auntie, aka Dog Girl said...

hey smb,
I agree with michel. they are to be ridiculed, not arrested.
but guess what? here in the bronx, it is NOT out of style. unfortunately every boy in my school does this crap. it's disgusting. i wish some of our old fat male teachers would wear their pants down just to show the kids how stooopid it looks!

Anonymous said...

Our jails and prisons are already full... so now they want to fill it with young people showing their underwear.... pretty much a waste of time and dollars... sheesh.

Michel said...

I totally have to post first more often. There are literally threes of people who validated my opinions!!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I tell my male students who wear their pants like in that fashion that someday their children and grandchildren will mock them horribly about it. The very idea that they are not going to be young and "cool" forever trips them out.

BE said...

You've nailed it.

My daughter's school called once because she wore Capri's to school! At her High School shorts are NOT allowed - unless you have a penis!

Can you imagine that? I guarantee that rule was created by MAN too!

Anonymous said...

I really didn't think anybody was wearing them like that so much anymore. Eventually the kids are going to move on to something else anyhow. If they want to have rules within schools as to dress code, that's fine. But what a waste of legislation.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sorry I took so long..but SMB isn't the only one with a SM. I left a comment. I had just had to!
Michel...sending you one of those ever present hugs on here...sorry..gotta do that!
And SMB..never mind. We always agree! Makes me want to B slap someone!! I shouldn't have three cups of coffee before reading an article like that!
My kids didn't fall far from the tree either. And YIPPEE for us!!

It's a dumb fad..but so was letting your pants drag on the ground by three inches and wearing them ragged...and the list goes on..and on..and on. Grrrr...ticks me off? Court time? Arrests? ARRRGGGGGGG

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Hahahaaa...I think this is SO hilarious! Recently I've seen at different times, three young men wearing those low riders just beneath their butt cheeks, with their underwear hanging out...and you know what?

My two darling and gorgeous daughters were in stitches, hiding in the back seat. Well, I'm not sure I'd want that reaction, if I were a guy!!!!

Debra said...

It does seem silly to pay the courts to make judgements on this. That is the problem with our country as of late. Everyone wants the government to do everything for us. For instance, if the kid is still living at home, and most of these clowns are teens who do, why don't the PARENTS make their own laws of the household? I would not buy my son a pair of pants 3 sizes too big so that he can let them hang below his ass! This is the most insane, retarded, stupid "fad" I have ever seen!

midlife slices said...

I agree with the whole stupid low rider law rant, but it's politics as we know it these days. "Waste your time on dumb stuff so you don't have to deal with the really important matters" seems to be the norm.

I'm glad they've started making women's jeans higher waisted. I felt like I had to hang on to my pants to keep them up and my crack still showed. Ugh.....not a pretty sight.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Michel-Terrorism! My point exactly. More important fish to fry!
BTW, I think these pants are even too love to make a muffin top. LOL
The dress code for the schools around here are pretty strict. Solid school color polos with khaki pants. Closed toed and full back shoes in elementary and middle schools with a bit more relaxed shoe wear in high school.

thyme-Yes right here in the land of the free. See above comment for dresscode info.

Thanks for pointing out the poll to me, I missed that the first time. Can you believe these people?

Movie-Good for you for calling them out on their absurd perspective. Grrr.

Fancy-As you know, she still has that smart mouth. LOL

Smiles-We are seeing D1 and D2 today and tomorrow for Easter. I'm told she has some great stories to tell.

LiLu-Couldn't agree more. Focus on what's important.

Jane-I hate it too. But I really think if people didn't make such a stink about it, it would have died out a long time ago.

Jan-Oh how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for those conversations. I bet you got the eyeroll about a hundred times. LOL

Auntie-Oh please, don't suggest that the old fat guys do it. We couldn't take that.

Michel-LOL @ threes of people.

Pseudo-They do tend to think they'll be forever young, huh? I guess I did too. *sigh*

BE-No shorts without a penis. Now that's a manual I'd like to read. LOL

Thanks for stopping by.

PS. Are you THE "BE"?

BV-They are still wearing them like that around here.

Mona-You never fail to crack me up.

BethN-I have to wonder if any female anywhere finds this style even slightly attractive?

Debra-You hit the nail on the head! It should be taken care of in the home. That's a law I could live with. And did. Daddy ruled.

MLS-If we didn't have all these people spinning their wheels on nonsense, they might actually be able to solve some of the real problems.

tera said...

I totally agree that making laws like this seems frivolous. I am all for public ridicule, however.
What a lot of people don't realize is where this trend started: it is called "jailin'" because the inmates have to give up their belts, thus making for saggy pants. They also get no shoe laces. You will see a lot of these same kids with no laces in their floppy shoes.
I told a friend of mine this and he immediately made his kid go pull his pants up and told him he'd be grounded if he ever did it again! Hurrah!

Jan said...

Yes...Beloved is stalking your blog.

Kimberly said...

Seriously - I was walking into a c-store last week - on the glass door as I walked in was taped a sign, it read "if you have on drupy pants, pull them up, drupy not allowed"...

Far Side of Fifty said...

Did you see that weird guy on American Idol last week..trying to dance with pants half to his kness..some one famous I think..but not famous enough to be anyone I knew.. something about heads going round and was too funny:)

Tessa said...

Damn! Glad I didn't get arrested when I was there. Remember how I was trying to keep my britches from falling down! ;)