Thursday, January 22, 2009


Jeremiah was a bullfrog! It's cold outside! Joy to the World! It's cold inside! It's 11:30pm and 33 degrees f. in South Florida. I seriously don't know how you people up north do it. I was born, raised and lived 19 glorious years right smack in the middle of Indiana so I know about cold and snow and freezing temperatures. But I've forgotten!

One more degree and we are really freezing. We have plastic on our fruit trees and plants outside to protect them from frost. We've closed the windows! As I write this, both dogs are in bed with us just for warmth and dang it! We're short a dog. Because it is A.THREE.DOG.NIGHT!

We never turn on the heat because we're cheap and it smells funny. It's the principle. We live in Florida. We do build a fire in the fireplace. But that's in the living room. Right now I'm considering building a fire on the floor by my bed. Bad idea? I'm not sure.

I have no idea what I'll wear to work tomorrow. I've already used my two warm outfits this week. I'll have to wear sweatpants and a pullover hoodie. Appropriate attire for an office manager? Who cares! I don't own socks. Oh sure, I have those little footie socks. But not the kind that keep your legs warm. Today in the elevator, I saw a woman all bundled up in every item of winter clothing she owns and when I looked down to her feet, she was wearing flip flops. I almost laughed but I understood. Wool coat and flip flops. (Thongs, HBL) We clearly aren't equipped to handle this weather. We don't even own shoes with toes in them.

I'm going to sleep now. I'm going to dream of balmy, beach breezes and hopefully I will wake up in Texas where Midlife Slices tells me it's supposed to be 70-80 degrees tomorrow.


Frozen orange juice, anyone?


binks said...

I feel the cold and as a native, I don't think I'll ever get used to the cold.


Anonymous said...

With those balmy temperatures you're having, I just can't muster up any pity. I'm trying but it's just not working. ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually we could use it a bit colder here to kill off what needs to be killed, like the stupid stink bugs that my dogs keep eating.... There's a reason for cold.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

Now you have a good story to tell your grandchildren on how Cold it was in the Florida winter of '09.

Don't forget to add that you had to walks both ways uphill without socks and in flipflops to get the mail. *wink*

Debbie said...

There is something troubling about seeing ice on the oranges. Hope you warm up soon.

Midlife Slices said...

You poor poor baby uh er I mean.....dear. *eye roll* Thanks for the LOL wake up call and that 3 dog night did make me spit coffee on my monitor.

But I'm kind of with blueviolet. I'm tryin.....but it's just not happenin. Oh...and I'll let you know when it hits 80 here today. That ought to help. *wink*

Midlife Mama said...

Man, I LOVED 3 Dog Night. The group, I mean. John Fogarty and all that? Yep. Great songs. And I'm with ya on the cold thing. There's a reason I live in California and not Michigan, or Illinois or Minnesota or any of the other states that have 32 degrees as a high on a warm day. Nooooo thank you. :)

Lo said...

oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!! i live in northern illinois so i totally cannot complain about the cold- it's SUPPOSED to be cold here and hey i'm the one who moved here from southern cali. but YOU? you livei n florida!!! how on earth can you deal with cold weather????? and i burst out laughing at the picture of a woman in all winter gear and flip flops. heh.

Reader Wil said...

It's astonishing that you should have such a cold and frost in a climate that usually is so pleasant. I hope that you will get better weather before long.

BTW Thyme and I don't think you are boring! On the contrary!

only a movie said...

The last time I went to Florida, I drove from Charleston SC and the day I got in my car it was 16 degrees. Total cold snap the whole week I was traveling... I had to buy a sweatshirt when I got down there because I hadn't packed anything warm! I hope it gets better for you!

Tricia said...

I grew up in New England, but I swear my blood has thinned since moving south. I'm going to join you in that nice dream!

Mona said...

We moved to Florida once. Yep. North Flordia, Jacksonville to be precise. It got down to 17 degrees once. I remember driving the kids to the bus stop so they could sit in the car until the bus came. We got a couple of DROPS of rain here today..WHERE THE H IS WINTER? It musta have gone to Florida! It can get cold there. Really COLD! Howards house is sitting empty in Maine..but..think I'll pass. Better NO Winter than too darned much. Right? :)

smiles4u said...

I've been hearing about this cold from my children that live there. It's crazy! It warmed up to the 20's here for a couple of days this week and it was glorious for us it's back to being colder again. I can't imagine how it must feel for all of you that are used to it being much warmer. But, I do know that regardless of the fact that I live and have always lived in the deep freeze tundra, cold sucks and I will never be used to this!

Anonymous said...

Stay warm!

When I moved to AZ, I laughed at the locals who wore sweaters and winter coats in the winter (at 45 degrees F), but after my 2nd winter there...I was right there bundling up with them!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Binks-I think when you live here you develop a whole different internal thermometer.

BV-Yeah, I thought you might feel that way. *sigh*

BRG-I bet you have shoes with toes in them.

Lisa-How did you know it was uphill both ways to my mailbox? *wink*

Debbie-Thankfully it never lasts long. It is still cool today but warming fast.

MLS-Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just knew you would really feel bad for me coz you're such a good friend and all.

Mama-I knew that you would feel my pain. Joy to the world!

Lo-See what I mean. If I lived in Illinois I would expect to be cold, right? It really did look pretty funny to see someone all decked out in wool complete with scarf and then see flip flops on her feet.

RW-It's starting to warm now. Thank you and thyme for your kind words. I really am pretty dull tho.

Movie-It makes all the difference when you have the clothes. I've done that same thing just traveling a few hours north in Florida not realizing how much colder it would be.

Tricia-It must have really gotten cold up by you if it was in the high twenties here. Yikes! I think your blood does thin when you live in the South. Or maybe we're a bunch of weenies! LOL

Smiles-I can't even imagine living where you live. But it would be fun to visit for a few weeks.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Fancy-That is exactly what happened to us. We used to go to my nephew's soccer games the first year we moved to Florida and people would be sitting on the bleachers with coffee thermos', hats, mittens and parkas. We would laugh wearing our short sleeves and jeans. By the next year, we were sitting with them shivering. LOL

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Well, it's cold for here, but it's 61 degrees. Cannot imagine 30's.

Over here, flip flops are called slippers. When I first moved here, I was baffled by that.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Pseudo-My brother calls them slippers now too but before he moved to Hawaii, he called them thongs. As we all did of a certain age and older.

thistle said...

oh dear...i'm sorry for your pain...LOL...