Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The lovely and gracious T5M at Moore to Love has tagged me for a meme. It couldn't have happened at a better time. My creative well is running a bit dry. Oh sure, I've got a few things in the works but that's just it, they're not really working. So there's nothing like a meme to come in and save the day. Thanks, T5M, for coming to my rescue.

Here are the rules:

  1. Go to your documents/pictures.
  2. Go to your 6th file.
  3. Go to your 6th picture.
  4. Post it and blog all about it.
  5. Tag 6 people to do the same.
  6. Smile. (This little step was added by T5M to keep with the six theme)

This picture was taken at a friend of Daughter #2's. The girls were supposed to be practicing for a FBLA competition in Parliamentary Procedures at the state convention. This is one of many photographs where they were hamming it up. Wouldn't you just love to know what they thought was so funny? I don't think they got much practicing done but it sure looks like they were having fun. Don't they look like Future Business Leaders of America to you?

Now comes the part where I'm supposed to tag 6 people for this meme. You just never know who wants to do this sort of thing and who has several posts already planned so if you feel like a meme.....I tag YOU.....and YOU.......and YOU.....and YOU.....and YOU......YOU! That's six, right?


Anonymous said...

I love hamming it up photos... at any age.

The Blue Ridge Gal

thistle said...

what a simple and fun concept...i may have to try this one, cos you know i love me a meme....

Midlife Slices said...

Man, I'm sure glad you didn't tag me. :)

Those girls are the cutest and of course they look like future business leaders, they just were taking a giggle break.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Look at those smiles. Oh, the pure fun of it all!

Geri said...

What cute girls, and I am curious what's so funny. Thanks heavens they are future business leaders and that they can keep a happy attitude (particularly with the way the economy is currently).

Reader Wil said...

The girls are very beautiful and look very happy, no doubt about that!! The meme is a great idea, but.... please don't tag me, for I am too busy, and the things I do, are done very slowly. I do love to come to your blog!

Jan said...

Ginger over at When Ginger Snaps tagged me with this.

She has no idea how huge my My Documents is. Fortunately, the sixth file in the sixth folder is something I can blog about, although if you're not a complete geek it may bore you to tears. So I'll try to keep it brief.

Yes, I know - but I can try, can't I?

Lo said...

hahahaha oh goodness i just LOVE this photo. such joy!!!!!! sigh. i am envious this snowy and cold morning!!! i want to laugh alllllllll day long :) i just love meme's... whenever i come to a block on what to write, there's ALWAYS some sort of meme to save the day!!!

Anonymous said...

I love giggle pix!!!! And of course they look like Future Business Leaders. They'll be wonderful in the finance industry. I hope one of them is my boss.

Jason, as himself said...

Cute pic! I just did this meme, too. Only I cheated. And then I forgot to tag 6 people. Derrrrr!

Mona said...

~Memories...in the corners of my mind~ misty water colored memories..of the way we were... :)
(just singing away here..memories flooded my mind and heart when I saw that photo..) Precious picture!
p.s. my sweet friend, we have only just met..and your words have been a blessing. Thank you!

LiLu said...

You got super lucky with that picture... it is a gorgeous one!

Anonymous said...

I love laughter. This is such a great picture!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

BRG-Me too!

Thistle-Can't wait to see what you have in your 6th file and 6th photo.
Or you can cheat like Jason.

MLS-Don't they! I'm sure they will run the world one day. They were class officers and ran on the slogan: Pretty in pink but prettier in office................and won!
Very serious politicians, you see.

Pseudo-To be young again, huh?

Geri-It's hard telling what they were laughing at but maybe it was about all the fun they'll have when they rule the world.

RW-You're only tagged if you want to be. That's the beauty of it.

Jan-Now you've really got me curious.

Lo-Me too! I just love memes to the rescue. Sending warm, sunny day wishes your way. Brrr!

Fancy-I love the new phrase you coined: gigglepix. Finance....hmmmm? Could be. They will probably be CEO's of Bloomingdales, Saks and Nordstroms.

Jason-Cheater! Cheater! There now don't you feel like you're on the playground with your kids!

Mona-Thanks for your kind words. And for serenading me too. *wink*

LiLu-I saw some pretty fun pictures on your site too. You're a cutie!

BV-Thanks. The subjects are so darn cute, it would be hard to take a bad picture of them.

T5M said...

Okay, big word alert:

What the heck is a "FBLA competition in Parliamentary Procedures"

Great picture, you can't look at it and not smile. Thanks for playing!!


Smart Mouth Broad said...

T5M-FBLA is Future Business Leaders of America. And "According to Robert’s Rules of Order, parliamentary procedure is based on the consideration of the rights: of the majority, of the minority (especially a large minority greater than one-third), of individual members, of absentee members, of all of these groups taken together." Huh? Rules for the running of official meetings. Thanks for tagging me for the meme.