Wednesday, May 27, 2009


DSC03700 I just love our next door neighbors, the Goats. They are a fun family and they’re always happy to see us. That’s Daisy jumping up on the fence.


D2 is having a hard time convincing Brownie to take a bite.

DSC03708These are my favorites, Donkey on the left and her mother, Hillary on the right. We were there for Donkey’s birth so she is extra special to us. Brownie and Daisy are the mean girls in goat world and never let these two to the fence for a carrot treat.

DSC03703 Daisy loves her carrots. She is Brownie’s mom. I don’t think Goats have that instinct to let your baby eat first.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our Goat Whispering World. We really enjoy “sharing” the Goats with our neighbors, the Wests. Do you or your neighbors have any fun and unusual pets?


Gaston Studio said...

Bad Brownie and Daisy! Bad goats! But they're so adorable.

One of my neighbors has an Amazon parrot with an incredible vocabulary and another neighbor has a darn rooster who sometimes confuses time.

Jan said...

Our next door neighbors have adopted several VERY large dogs who came from abusive/neglectful homes. Nothing really unusual about them - they just bay and bark ALL. NIGHT. LONG. The husband grows his own hops and brews his own beer; I got to enjoy an evil little snicker Monday while we were planting our impatiens. Mr. Neighbor was in his back yard, yelling at the poor creatures - they had apparently ripped down his hops plants and had their way with them. There will be no homemade beer forced on us this year.

Pardon me while I say "Yay!"


Anonymous said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

No fun neighbors in our neighborhood. We're the recluses in our neighborhood - or we're shy - not sure which.

Anyway, we don't know too many people, so we just make up nicknames for them.

There's the "Open For Business" family - because in the 7 years that we've lived in the neighborhood - they've never once closed their garage door.

And there's "Dog Walking Man" - who although we finally met him (Robert) and his dog, Charlie....we still call him "Dog Walking Man".

Oh and how could I forget "The Inheritors" - the family who turned the one story house into a 2 story house and added on to it so it looks like crap cuz they used junky materials and did a shotty job - and who own a Hummer, a corvette, an Escalade, and 2 motorcycles. We figure they inherited some cash and had to spend it on crap they shouldn't buy.

Okay...I've got an idea for a post. But I've written it all here. Sigh....

Anonymous said...

No unusual pets here, but my sister has some miniature donkeys that are just cute as buttons. I've never met them but she tells me about their wonderful and fun personalities.

The goats look like fun too!

The Blue Ridge Gal

only a movie said...

I share my next door neighbors cat. I'm allergic, but she's an outside cat that sometimes hangs at my patio. She's so fun.

When I lived in the U.K., we had a herd of sheep in our back yard.

Love to see your neigbors!

Anonymous said...

I think all the neighbors talk about US and OUR pets....or the fact I "USE" to not say "NO" to any pet.

Do I feel a blog coming on???? Yes, stop by later.....

Linda said...

Friends of ours had goats once upon a time. Very cool eyes and SUCH personality! Cute, cute.

marathoner81 said...

My uncle bought me a goat when I was little, but my mom made him take it back. Thanks for the glimpse into the life I missed out on.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Jane-Yes they are baaaaaadddd! But I love them anyway. I also love parrots. (when they belong to someone else)

Jan-So homemade beer is bad? Who knew?
My mother and my MIL made homemade rootbeer once. It was a disaster. (and very messy when the bottles kept exploding)

Fancy-Can't wait to read it. Or did I? LOL

Di-Donkey's! How fun!

Movie-Everyone at my house is allergic to cats except me. We've always been dog people but I do love to watch cats.

Sharing-I'll be there. Can't wait to see what you've got.

Linda-They are a great source of entertainment for me. And I for them. They think I'm a really weird goat.

M81-Do you have any greenery? Because that is what you would be missing. They go for the trees and shrubs first and then the grass.

Michel said...

This confirms it! I totally need a goat!


Debbie said...

Pretty cool...goats can be pretty tricky. I knew a family that had one yars ago and they would sneak a pack of cigarettes out of the husbands pocket and eat the tobacco! My neighbor right next door has two horses. The appaloosa's name is Misty. She was riding the other day and came by here with Misty. She keeps candy lifesavers in her pocket for other folks to give to Misty. I thought that was different. My neighbor down the road raises cows for beef. There are quite a few of them. The calves are giving birth the last couple of months...spring babies. You can hear the mother crying up at my house when they start to wean the babies. The mother is kept inside the barn! Around the corner are llamas, goats and peacocks on a small farm. We have wild turkeys in our back yard that come out all the time from the woods. The goats are cute and so is your daughter...she's adorable!

Beth Niquette said...

Well, let's see. We have a slew of fish out back in the pond. They are led by a six-inch coy, who loves to boss everyone around.

There's Crickette' the cat who is in love with my husband (I share him with her), and Sammson the Klepto who steals bslts, string and other such things. Snowbunny the black cat believes herself to be the mother of my daughters. And then there's Re-Bob the fish, so named after Bob died.

Re-Bob loves my Dad and blow bubble nests for him, literally hanging over every expression and word Dad says.

I guess we do have some strange ones among us!

Blasé said...

If I could have a goat, I would. Sweet personalities. They are smart and know their names.

I have a customer that has one of those 'squirrel monkeys' in his office/cage. They will bite, scary.

Show me a goat that will not take food from you, and I'll show you a goat that is about to POP because they are already full....of something (you name it, and its probably inside their tummy).

I have a 'Cleaner Shrimp' that rides on other fish in my Aquarium and eats the parasites off of them. Funny

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh..SMB...I don't want you to think I don't like goats..or anything like that..because I really do. I just got butted good by one when I was little...and am still not over it. I like the babies..(but they used to try and chew on my clothes!) and ..well..they really don't smell too good especially the "billies" but...I don't want you to think I don't like goats..cuz I do! Well...I DO!!! (Our neighbor used to bring us warm goat milk and told my mom that it was good for me...and I nearly threw up..and still gag when I think of it!) I really do like them though! :) Ok?

JOE TODD said...

I wonder if goats eat spinach? My problem today was the groundhog in the garden..

Debbie said...

We aren't allowed any unusual pets in the city. But those goats are great.

Sandy said...

Howdy, don't remember how I stumbled in but I had to write because I love goats.....and I guess you could say I'm a biker chick. Please come and visit me sometime.

Anonymous said...