Tuesday, June 23, 2009



My one year blog anniversary is coming up soon. I recently posted my 200th blog post which I would have made a big deal about if I had noticed but I can’t count and missed it. All this has gotten me thinking about all things blog. I have some questions and what good is social networking if you can’t use it access info from your peeps, right?

From the beginning, I have always tried to respond to every comment with a comment of my own. I have missed a few but for the most part, I’ve always responded……that is until recently. I really enjoy reading your comments and responding to them. But I’m wondering now after a year, yes I’m a bit slow if anyone comes back to read them. Is it important to you that I respond? Do you care? Do you come back to read my response? I sometimes go back after leaving a comment on other blogs to see if there is a response but lately I’m finding it hard to find the time.

What do you think about word verification? I used to use it. I still got spam. I removed it and coincidentally I’ve had no spam since. *knocks wood* Do you use it? If so, why? Are there any spam horror stories out there I should know about? Am I living too dangerously?

Do you pay attention to what is in the blog’s sidebar? I have to say that I don’t pay too much attention. There are times when something will catch my eye but for the most part, I just read the posts.

Do you copyright your content? Should I? Why?

Peter Pan or Jiff?

Chocolate or vanilla?

Thelma or Louise?

I appreciate any and all advice….good, bad or indifferent. C’mon, share your wisdom with me.


Pseudo said...

Excellent questions SMB. I have similar ones.

I do come back and check because I know you respond, but would come regularly even if you couldn't.

I try to respond in my thread to the overall gist of the conversation if I can, but when I am working it is really hard because of time zone constraints. I would love to stir up conversations in the thread that spun off the post, but so far have not been too successful with that.

I try and respond personally by email when I can, if the person has a reply email.

When time is short, I figure the blogger would rather I read and comment on their blog than my own.

I've been meaning to copyright but have not gotten to it yet. I figure after years of rejection from pubishers... However, wouldn't it be ironic if I could not make money off my writing but someone else did. Wouldn't want that.

Lola said...

I use word verification on my blogs, I don't have an opinion either way. If you don't use comment moderation, at least require modification after a set number of days. Some j/a posted about 50 spam comments on one of my blogs awhile back and I had to check every flippin' post and remove each individually. Had I moderated after several days, I could have just not published them.

Yes, I check out blog’s sidebars. Especially blogrolls. I've found a lot of new interesting blogs that way.

Copyright content? YES Why? What if you suddenly become famous like Gooce or whatever that silly blog name is and you want to write a book compiling your fascinating and humorous posts?



Definitely Louise. (Thelma was a little ditsy, no offense.)

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Peter Pan, vanilla, no word verification and no problems, put a copyright on mine, but don't really see the point.

I often find blogs I like (or don't like) in the sidebars of those I read. I appreciate your comments, but as our followers grow, hard to keep up. I do look to yours as I know you comment. I like the email response from those I read faithfully and hope to do that more in the future rather than putting the comments in my blog.

Thelma and Louise? Love them both, to death.

Liz Mays said...

I very rarely remember to come back and check for a response but the next day when I come back for the updated post, I'll check. I tend to just reply to the comment by email from my blog because I too don't think people come back to see a response.

I agree that most people would choose a comment back on their own blog.

I copyright now because I've seen my exact posts copied word for word on other blogs. That's not a good feeling.

I don't use word ver but I'll be going to moderation soon.

cheatymoon said...

Hmmmm. Chocolate.

Sorry, sidetracked.

I subscribe to comments in google reader, that way I get all the comments on comments and can join in (when I remember to). It is easier than going back to visit to check.

I read sidebars for the most part - depends on how much time I have.

There are a few people who have me in their blogroll, but have never commented on mine. That is a little weird for me, but whatever.

I suppose I should get to copyrighting at some point...

Anonymous said...

I rarely return to a blog once I leave a comment so I enjoy an e-mail response if time permits.

I may be the only one, but I enjoy the sidebars....lots of visual and short blurbs. No real thinking involved. :))

Hit 40 said...

I sometimes go back to check my comment to see if anyone else commented. Plus, Michel and Otin like to leave smack comments about me. So, I go back to see what they typed.

You left off one pet peeve. I like to reply back sometimes to a person through their email. But, not everyone has an email linked to their id!!!! Very frustrating. If it is really important, I will go back to their blog to find the email.

I think some folks enjoy reading my comments back to the comments?? I try to make it funny.

I also always find the time to pop back to their blog to leave a comment if they have a new post up. And, sometimes I leave a second random comment to be nice. We all love comments.

I also look at the sidebars and the bottom of the blog for a funny picture. Kinda a blog easter egg.

Hit 40 said...

I almost forgot!!!


Just let folks post their comments. Spam happens!! Delete the spam when you see it.

WV LeAnn said...

OK this is the first time I've commented on your blog and been reading for months, and months, and months (you get the picture). Here goes I love the comments and so love when the glogger responds back and when I respond I always go back to read the response. Definately Jiff, Vanilla over Chocolate, and Louise. Love your stories and always enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures and reading about all your journeys. Thanks for sharing with us.

Joe Todd said...

I use word verification and really dislike spam comments.. Sidebar for some fun stuff. I will come back to comments if I have asked a question and sometimes just for the heck of it. Sometimes I just want to take a break from the whole thing

Tricia said...

Great questions. I've pondered some of these as well.

I only come back and check comments if it's a really compelling conversation...something that hits one of my hot buttons, or if a blog friend is in distress and there's a dialogue going on in the comments section that is providing support.

I despise the word verification thing, seriously. I sometimes even avoid blogs with it because I'm always typing in the wrong letter combination and then I lose my comment, or whatever and it starts to drive me a little crazier than you know I already am.

I use WordPress and the spam filter has been wonderful.

I do pay attention to what's in the sidebar, especially if it's a new blog. It helps give me a sense of who the person is, what they support or where in the blog world they're traveling.

I've started buying organic peanut butter. It's a long story that involves my husband's paranoia.

Always chocolate...preferably dark

I can't choose between Thelma and Lousie. Do I really have to?

Congrats on your 200+ posts!!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Let's see....

I don't come back to see if someone responded. But I also don't respond to please thur my comments I just go to their blog...(like I am now) - thank you for stopping by my blog and wishing me luck on my run :)

I do need to look into th ecopyright thing but haven't gotten to it yet.

I love lokking at peoples sidebars!

Jiff - but I like the one with honey mixed in



Tricia said...

And even though you didn't ask...I'm back to also say I really don't like comment moderation. Seriously, I'm an instant gratification kind of girl and if I'm going to take the time to read a blog and comment, the least I can do is see my darn comment before I click away so I can kick myself for all the typos I'll have made. Is this really too much to ask?

OK, my little rant is over. Hope you're having a nice day :o)

Linda said...

It's not important that you respond to my comment, but it's nice. Completely understandable if you don’t. I Use wordpress and email a response if one is appropiate. I have a couple bloggers that consistently comment on comments and I check back on them. I should probably just subscribe to comment feed and not worry about going back to check.
What do you think about word verification? It’s fine. Kind of a pain but I use comment moderation because of the SPAM I get so I understand why it’s there. About the time I think the SPAM has stopped and it’s OK to turn off moderation; BAM! more SPAMMERs.
Do you pay attention to what is in the blog’s sidebar? Not too much
Do I copyright my content? Who would steal it? LOL!

Beth Niquette said...

Excellent questions indeed! I try to respond back, too--sometimes it has been set up where when the blogger responds, it is sent as an email. I rather like that.

I do so enjoy your blog. Your observations are such fun. What a talented write you are.

Sharon Rose said...

I do come back and check and the email thingy is good, I think I'm getting the hang of it and how to send it out to others, not sure though.

And, I don't read a lot of the side bar stuff after visiting a blog a few times.

I took that word verification off because I like to live on the edge.

I would care for a piece of chocolate if it is the big "o" in your mouth kind. . . yes I just insiuated. . . it has to be VERY GOOD chocolate!
Don't like Jiff or Peter Pan and I so totally LOVE your blog!

Delaney said...

I try and respond to all the comments left on my blog and when I go back to the blogs I usually visit (and usually comment on) I check on the comments on the previous posts I left comments on to see what/if the poster has commented back. I enjoy the responses. I have approval on my main blog for first time comments then they can post afterward with no problems.

I don't copyright but probably should.

Jiff, chocolate, always chocolate and Thelma she is too cute!

Girl Tornado said...

Let's see... as you know, I don't comment back to commenters within my comments, but I know that you and a few other bloggers do, so I try to remember to come back and check, but I often forget!! Since I usually read most of your posts, I just try to check previous comment posts while I'm on your blog.

I like sidebars, mostly of newer blogs - as someone else mentioned, it's a neat way to find other blogs you like. Although I've got so many I'm following now... I probably need to clean up my reader!

I love to respond back to someone via email if they've provided their email -- but I still go to their blog to reciprocate the comments, as we all love our comments. :) I do wish more people would turn on their email hook-up.

But it's getting harder to keep up lately - my blog readership has leapt quite a bit the last few weeks and I like almost everyone and their blog and I'm going crazy trying to keep up!! Now that I start a full-time job on July 8th, I don't know how in the world I will keep up. Will prob need to do a post warning everyone!

I put the copyright thingie on my blog recently, mostly because of photos, gawd knows I'm no writer. LOL

Don't use word verification or comment moderation - have only had a few problems with spam, nothing too serious.

Hate peanut butter unless it's in cookies.

Usually chocolate, but I like vanilla too.

I think I liked Thelma & Louise... dunno, would have to watch the movie again... I forget. The midlife brain sucks.

Beth said...

I try to respond to comments on my own blog and I wonder the same thing you do. Do people come back to read them? I'd respond via email, but I can't get that feature to work. Maybe this weekend one of my nerd boys can help me out.

I haven't copyrighted. And now you have me all scared.

I don't use word verification.

I love peanut butter - it makes no difference if it is Jif or Peter Pan.

Chocolate is important but sometimes I crave something vanilla. Depends on my mood.

You can pick between Thelma and Louise? I loved different things about both of them!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Thanks, everyone for your input. It seems as tho at least some are coming back to read my responses and that's good enough for me. I will continue but will maybe start emailing when there is an email account available. I know that I personally like to get emailed responses to my comments on your blogs. I get them on my phone so it gives me a little lift while I work, shop, travel, etc.

Hugs to all!

Fragrant Liar said...

Hi, SMB!

Congrats on your upcoming blogaversary. What are you going to do to celebrate?

Regarding your questions:

It's somewhat important to me that you respond to comments, but not required. I respond to my own blog's commenters as often as I can, and now that my followers are higher than ever, it's harder than ever to respond as much as I'd like.

Sometimes I come back to see if people have responded to my comments. It's nice when they do. I like getting responses either way, on the blog or via email. I just started trying to respond to people via email to see if that works better, but a lot of times their email is not linked and so you get the no-reply-comment@blogger.com thingamajig.

Word verification sucks. I don't use it. Have received spam once, but it was more of a religious nut trying to make his hopeless case to a bonafide pagan.

I normally do pay attention to a blog's side bars. I build my readership on the "recommendations" of these blogrolls by visiting them. About a dozen visits to new blogs per week.

Don't worry much about copyright infringement right now. If it happened, I'd be pissed and probably do something then. But I am living on the edge here and it's quite fine so far.

~ PP or Jiff, as long as it has nuts.
~ Strawberry.
~ Brad Pitt

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

ok..now I get it...
Well..the one thing I really and truely cannot stand is when I make a comment...and nothing shows up..and the little sentence that says it is "being saved until the it is read and approved" goes unnoticed by me...and I write it all again...and it's usually different ..only to find the stupid sentence in wee letters at the bottom..and I sit there feeling foolish...blind and all out of sorts. Ah well...it's a small thingy.. :) Yep...

Reader Wil said...

I love your comments! Especially when you promise to come to Holland or when you invite me for a ride on your bike!! LOL. I answer all comments, but sometimes I am in a hurry and I don't read the whole post very thoroughly. I shall try to do that better. You are among the bloggers who always respond and I keep coming back to answer, but I don't answer on my blog, I go to your blog to do so.

Debbie said...

Leave it to you to come up with all these questions just when I am trying to play catch up! Just kidding...I love that you do that and the WAY you do it kind of tongue in cheek.
Ok...let's see now...Yes it is important to me that you respond and I do come back and check...but I totally get it and ok with it if you don't...Does that make sense?
I, on the other hand have found it hard to go back and respond on mine lately, which leads me to believe that commenting on someone's blog is probably enough...isn't it? For people that are home a lot or have more time on their hands it may be easy...but it's not for me...at least this time of year.
I hate word verification!
I don't use it. I have had a bad spam attack by a whacko just once.
Blog sidebar?...what's that?...no...I do...like you, if something catches my eye.
Peter pan or Jiff....Jiff.
Chocolate or vanilla...Chocolate of course!
Thelma or Louise...Louise
I just want to say one thing before I am really late for work! I thouroughly enjoy your blog. You are one of my absolute favorites even though it may not seem like I am there much. I cannot even imagine having 30 or more bloggers that I follow! Some have hundreds! How the hell do they do that? When I come across a blog story on ANYONE'S blog that is really long, I tend to come back to it because of time constraints. If I was running things in blogger world, I would tell everyone to blog one day....take a break for a day or two and keep it fairly short so we can all get to visit each other and leave comments. Of course no one is going to do what I say! But think about it....your going through your bloggy friends sites and you come across someone's blog who has not written in a couple of days or more and you go....whew!..I have a little more time to browse....she or he...is on Hiatus for a day or so! Works for me!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I almost never return to anyone's comment section to see if they've responded ... simply due to a lack of time. I read blogs daily but when things get hectic I get lazy about commenting. (as in recently, post surgery). I usually try to respond back to my commenters w/a comment but sometimes I email them directly and sometimes (again if life is out of control) I do neither. Word verification is a part of typepad which I use. It's a pain in the ass, but I never get spammed so that's a good thing.

JeanMac said...

I was advised to use comment moderation on WordPress to control spam. I think I'll remove it. I do get some doozy comments but I'll just delete them.I always read and try to comment on posts - my comments are often short and sweet due to time factor.I love your posts.

thyme said...

As soon as you asked the question about the side bar I noticed the "zombie chicken award" lol you crack me up...