Friday, October 17, 2008

BUSINESS MEETINGS – Who’d a thunk it?

I'm a woman of the new millennium. I'm fairly techno-savvy. I can make my fingers fly on my laptop and produce the desired results most of the time. I can program my TiVo dvr with ease. I have a Blackberry which provides me with email, internet and my new fascination, Twitter, from anywhere in the world. The point I'm trying to make is that even though I'm up to speed with mainstream technology, the realization of how far we've come is not lost on me. When I think about where we were, technologically speaking, when I was a kid and where we are now; I am in AWE!

My father worked for and retired from General Motors. I can remember him telling me about a new office machine when I was a teenager. He was working with some visiting GM employees from Japan. He spoke of a machine that could copy an image and send it over telephone lines to be reproduced at the receiving end as an exact duplicate. Yes, we know that now as the fax machine. I was amazed. A few years later, after being told the arrival of D2 would be earlier than planned, we used that very same technology to get a letter from my physician quickly to my parents so they could change their flight plans without additional cost. Of course, I had to go to a friend's house that had a home-based business and fax it to my hometown telephone company. My mother road her bicycle to the telephone company to retrieve the letter. Oh, yes, we are very hi-tech in my family.

I often think that if my grandparents were alive today they would be amazed by all that technology has to offer. Like for instance, try explaining to someone who doesn't live in the today's world that you can go into a public restroom, run your hand under the faucet and water magically flows. Or that I can wave my hand in front of a paper towel holder and the darn thing says to itself, "Gee, Smart Mouth wants a paper towel, here, let me get that for you." Presto….paper towel. WOW!

While I have embraced modern technology, I have had to drag MHS kicking and screaming into this new techno world. A few years ago, a company where he worked bought all new computers and a new software program to run their business. It took months to get all the staff trained on the software and the transition was anything but well-received. There were several snags and the switch took much longer than expected. However the entire staff (except MHS) was thrilled to discover FreeCell. One day while passing his employer's office, MHS made the comment, "Wouldn't it have been cheaper to just buy everyone a deck of cards?" I guess I'm not the only smart mouth in the family. *wink*

Fast forward a few more years. MHS has a home-based business. He uses computers, online services, CNC technology and produces CAD drawings. He also has a cell phone to which he downloaded a weather program that we've all come to depend on for regular updates. (A blog story in itself) MHS's best friend, the Biker Nazi, also has his own business and relies heavily on his cell phone. The Biker Nazi has a real aversion to computers in general but slowly and surely is being dragged into the techno-world too. So it probably shouldn't have struck me as funny as it did…….. but it did. I was recently going over the photos on my laptop and trying to organize my photo albums. I came across several pictures that just made me smile because when I consider the subjects………..Who'd a thunk it!

MHS is a businessman who is outstanding in his field. HAHA. Get it?

But sometimes it takes longer and he has to sit. (This call doesn't look like it's going so well)

The Biker Nazi takes a call from a customer roadside in Wyoming

Thanks to mobile technology, we can even work while on vacation.

The Biker Nazi just can't get a break!


Anonymous said...

The Boy loves to talk about "what I didn't have growing up." He is amazed, of course, as he does not know a world without cell phones, computers, email, etc.

The Chicago Blogger said...

I hear the same thing from my parents constantly("When we were your age, we didn't have...), but god forbid if they leave the house without their cell phones!

And don't get me started on the iPod we gave dad for xmas! I think he loves that thing more than he loves my mother! lol

Anonymous said...

'Outstanding in his field.' HAHAHA! I love that joke. The great thing is that you actually have a picture too. Hee hee!

I want to get a blackberry. My CRZR isn't cutting it for Twitter anymore, heh.

Happy Friday!

Bear Naked said...

My husband and I were just talking about the same topic.
I am sure that our grandparents would be astounded by the technology of today.
Astounded-yes, but I know for sure my grandfather would be embracing it.
Even in the 50s he had all the Latest gadgets.

Bear((( )))

Pseudo said...

MHS deserves kudos, even if he is in the "field" My husband only uses the computer for fantasy football and watching his stocks (drop). Great biker shots.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Fancy-Yeah, my kids love to hear about "the olden days" too. LOL

Diana-And we walked 5 miles to school, uphill both ways, in the snow. And...I don't know your mother but ipods ARE cool.

Goodfather-I know, right? I crack myself up sometimes. haha.

Bear-My mother was like your grandfather. Always had the new gadgets and not afraid to learn anything new. I think/hope I got that from her.

Pseudo-Yeah, MHS has come a long way, baby.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I got sucked into trying to explain to my dad how an mp3 player worked...i don't think he really quite got it (the man still has 8 tracks)...and i honestly think that they believe voicemail involves row upon row of warehouses full of little answering machines...

Have a great weekend!

Reader Wil said...

I am almost 75 but I am glad that 9 years ago, we already had the fax machine. My husband died November, 9th,1999 and I had pneumonia, but no fever so I could do all the necessary arrangements myself. I had to phone my sollicitor, the insurance companies, the banks. They all demanded a death certificate. So I was glad I could fax it. Good post! Thanks also for your visit! Have a nice weekend!

Lori said...

I am not as up to speed on all these things as you but I do appreciate all the technology that we have in todays world. It is amazing when you think back to when we were kids to what we have now. I love the pictures. Great post!

PS I wish I could have met up with you while I was in Florida but things got really hectic. I thought of you while we were driving through Jupiter!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Thistle-Your dad still has 8 tracks! And LMAO at the rows of warehouses w/answering machines.

RW-Modern technology does make things more convenient for us.

Smiles-No worries. But next time, you and me - Starbucks!

Vodka Mom said...

yeah, I'm still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing- I can't seen to strike through text. Any suggestions???

Smart Mouth Broad said...

VodkaMom-Did you get it figured out yet?