Friday, October 24, 2008


Aging is a funny thing. I have gradually come to appreciate the lined face that greets me in the mirror every morning. But while I can see the changes in my own appearance, if I haven't seen you in awhile, I expect you to stay the same. Logically, I know this is not possible but logic plays only a bit part in the production in my mind.

Recently on a visit to my hometown, I had the opportunity to spend time with my best friend since middle school, who I will call Beauty. (She was voted prettiest girl in our class, senior year) James Dean was from our home town and there was an annual festival being held in his honor. The event, called Museum Days, brings thousands of tourists into our tiny town but it also brings the people who are from this little town together. My Harley Stud has gone back for the event for years but this year was the first time since I've moved from there that I was able to attend. I've always been a little jealous when MHS comes back with his stories of how many of our old friends he saw while walking around town. So I was excited to walk through town with Beauty and had great expectations that we would run into old friends.

As we walked thru the booths of venders and organizations, Beauty would point out different acquaintances to me as they walked past us. I recognized almost no one. I quickly realized that I was looking for an eighteen year old face on a forty-eight year old body. Oh, sure there were a few that I recognized but so many more that I didn't. I didn't want to stop to talk to these people because I figured if I didn't recognize them because they looked so much older, I sure as heck didn't want to hear what they thought of me.

After walking through town, we decided to head for the park where a huge car show is held every year. The car show hosts many food vendors offering fair type food and local delicacies such as a breaded pork tenderloins. (This is a piece of pork that has been pounded until it almost paper thin and then breaded, deep fried and served on a bun. No trip back home would be complete without one.) So, Beauty and I were walking toward the park. There were many people walking to and from the different events being held around town. Beauty and I were giggling like school girls, cutting up, making fun and just having ourselves a real good time.

I would like to point out that no alcohol was consumed on this day.

Suddenly, Beauty trips on something and falls to the ground. It was like it was in slow motion. My reaction time was not quick enough and down she went. I was very concerned. I quickly helped her to her feet and made sure she wasn't hurt. She commented that she was surprised I didn't laugh at her because let's face it; it is funny to watch someone fall. I explained to her that now that she's a grandmother, I had more respect for her and would never laugh at a grandma falling to the ground. She took one look at me and we both cracked up.

We continued on our way and were still having our giggle fest which had only gotten louder and more obnoxious as we went along. Then we saw an old friend sitting in the yard in front of his childhood home with his family. J was a very cute boy when we were growing up and I have to say he has turned into a very handsome man. Beauty has always had a bit of a crush on J and I knew immediately we would be spending some time there. Don't get me wrong, J is married and has a family who were all in attendance. It's a very harmless crush.

Beauty and I began to tell J how I couldn't recognize anyone we grew up with. We're laughing our heads off while trying to tell him about Beauty's fall from lack of grace. (Just kidding, Beauty) Eventually I realize that J's mother is not all that amused at our story telling. I'm a bit confused about this because 1. I know we are funny. *wink* And 2. J's mother was a friend of my mother's and I had been welcomed with a very warm embrace earlier in the day when I ran into her during the parade. Later, Beauty pointed out to me that she probably thought we were drunk. No, loud and crazy behavior just comes naturally to us. No alcohol required. We can be stupid all by ourselves. But we probably did appear that way.

After we had entertained the troops just about as much as they could take, we turned to leave and J's older brother came walking up the sidewalk with his children. J asked him if he knew who Beauty and I were. Now Beauty still lives in town and in fact lives in the house where I was raised. She bought the house from my parents. J's brother who I will call Bubba recognized Beauty right away but looked completely confused when he looked at me. "No, I don't believe I do.", he confessed. I revealed that I am Smart Mouth Broad. He said, "Oh, of course. I see it now. Actually you haven't changed a bit. I think I must have just completely erased you from my memory." What the…? I smiled and said, "Why, Bubba, I do believe that's the most charming thing anyone has ever said to me."

Just then we were joined by another fellow who claimed to be in our graduating class and recognized both Beauty and me but we still have no idea who he was even after he told us. He did mention that he planned to come and see Beauty about a business matter so we are hoping she will be able to determine his identity at that time.

But even now, I'm still bothered by Bubba's remark. I mean what kind of comment was that! I don't think I ever said two words to the guy in my whole, entire life. (before that night) He was just J's older brother. Well,……….I never!

Tell me, what's the most "charming" thing anyone has ever said to you?


qtpie said...

When I went to my 20th class reunion I recognized almost everyone, but it amazed me how many people didn't know who I was. I don't think I've changed much at all, other than the fact that I was 20 years older and had put on a lot of wait. (That's what an unhappy marriage does do me I guess. But good news is I got rid of the ex and the extra 40 pounds) I'm looking forward to my 30th class reunion now. Hopefully somebody other than my family will recognize me!

Anonymous said...

I recently blogged about a 'charming' comment made to

I bet Bubba said what he did because he did not want you to suspect that he has been pining away for you all these years!

Anonymous said...

i have to confess to being one of those people who doesn't really remember people that well...i usually have to rely on PerfectSister for identifying people with a 'Do i know him/her' comment. Embarrassing at times. And that's one of the reasons she's called 'PerfectSister'...

as for those charming comments, i tend to 'erase' those from my mind PDQ...there's something to be said for the short term memory loss...

Bear Naked said...

At least you quickly came up with a snappy answer to Bubba's rude remark.
It usually takes me at least 36 hours to come up with a snappy answer.
(and then I get so mad at myself because it is usually a GREAT one)
Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

I tried to introduce my husband to a snotty college friend, and she looked me over and said, "YOU got MARRIED?" Ex-friend, now.


Pseudo said...

I think he had a crush on you and was still mad you had never noticed.

Anonymous said...

I have mastered openid!!! Yay!

Yup, I'm on the 'he had a crush on you' camp.

Happy Friday!

Lori said...

What the hell? Some people do not think before they open up their mouths. I agree, maybe he had a crush on you...maybe he tried to get your attention and when he didn't get it, took it as rejection. Why else would he say something like that?
It sounds like you and your friend had a good time though...always fun to catch up and hang out with old friends.
I remember being at my 20th class reunion and having people say things like, "I can't believe your still alive." "I always thought you would end up in prison." "I can't believe your so normal now, with kids and everything." This was all because of how wild I was and always in trouble. I moved away right after high school and rarely went back so people had no idea that I had gotten my life together. Still, it was weird having people say these things because I really didn't know how to respond, so pretty much just smiled.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Qtpie-I bet you look exactly the same as the last time I saw you. When was that anyway?

Fancy, Pseudo and Goodfather - I really don't think so. I think I was just an insignificant part of his life and so I was erased. But did he really have to say it out loud to ME?

Thistle - It is embarrassing to not remember. What I really hate is when you are with someone and run into that person you can't remember and then appear rude because you don't introduce your friend because you would have to reveal that you don't remember them. I hate it when that happens and it happens a lot.

Bear - Surprisingly, I did have a quick comeback but I usually don't. Like you I come up with a goody way too late. This time, my tongue was sharp and quick though. LOL

MsMeta - How rude!

Smiles - I still can't picture you as the young person you describe but will take your word for it. But I can't believe someone would be as rude to say something like that. UGH! People can be so rude and stupid sometimes.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Hmmm. I think that was very rude. Next time you see him make sure you pretend to have no idea who he is. Then if forced, confess you must have completely erased him from YOUR memory.