Sunday, October 19, 2008


While I am always grateful for the blessings mentioned here that make my life complete, today I am counting the simple joys in my life that add a little kick and make it interesting. (At least to me) As you will see, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

  1. My brother, Smitty, who is having a birthday today! He used to be twelve years older than me but now it's more like thirty. How does that happen? I will leave that question for better mathematical minds than mine.
  2. Chocolate. Not just chocolate but deeply dark, luxurious chocolate. I didn't appreciate dark chocolate until I turned twenty-nine (just last year) but now I won't even be bothered with milk chocolate. It's just not worth the calories. But give me deep, dark bits of heaven and it's almost impossible to pass up.
  3. My hairstylist, Stacy. She is a miracle worker.
  4. The return of Midlife Slices to Bloggersville. Welcome back, girl. We've missed you.
  5. Fresh tomatoes off the vine. I am a tomato snob. If you can't smell the vine, I just say no. I suppose it comes from being raised eating the best tomatoes in the world grown in Indiana by my very own Daddy.
  6. The Stairmaster. Man, I hate this machine. But I love what it does for me.
  7. Netflix. D1 set up our queue. I never know what's coming. It's almost like Christmas. And just like Christmas presents: Some are hits, some are misses. But I love it just the same.
  8. The musical stylings of Lynard Skynard. Turn it UP!
  9. Drives along the beach at night. Whether we're on the bike or in the convertible, it's a great way to spend an evening.
  10. FSU Seminoles' 5-1 season this year! Go NOLES! Next week is Parents' Weekend and we have tickets to the game!


Tricia said...

I think you just reminded me that I need to be more thankful for the stairmaster, but apparently I'm indulging in too much dark chocolate (which I adore and agree that milk chocolate is simply a waste of calories).

Anonymous said...

dark chocolate and red wine...the best

and OMG...we are kindred spirits, one of the first tunes i downloaded from itunes was 'sweet home alabama' that song!

and i'm glad MLS is back too, now the world will be back on an even kilter...yippee

ps...if you hit the Macleans link on my blogroll, it has a youtube video of a redo of the old Archies song 'sugar sugar'...too funny...

Lori said...

I love dark chocolate! Throw in a glass of red wine and I'm in heaven. Great things to be grateful for!

Vodka Mom said...

let's see....
I love dark chocolate
I love fresh broccoli and cheese soup
and I LOVE a sunny, crisp fall day!

life is good.....(great post)

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on the Lynyrd Skynyrd.

I don't do Netflix - I collect films so I buy them (even dogs like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). I do, however, adore Turner Classic Movies, which is a Sunday tradition in our home - we watch it all morning long until the GOOD football games come on. As of right now, Beloved and The Young One are in the living room watching Village of the Damned.

Anonymous said...

Awww...thank you and I'm glad to be back amongst my good blogger friends. Happy birthday to brother and I'll save all the dark chocolate for you, from now on. I'm still playing catch up on my reading and commenting and I realize I wasn't the only one MIA in the last ten days, which is kind of good because it's less I have to read to catch up.

Anonymous said...

The Seminoles? That's ACC girl. You know the only real conference in football is the SEC, right?? :)

Midlife is cool...I think she likes me. Don't tell her I know, though.

Oh, and chocolate is for women. Give me beef jerky!

Princess and the Degree said...

get your chant ready and start working out your tennis elbow at the gym. Saturday is going to be a LONG day! Can't wait!


Smart Mouth Broad said...

Tricia-Yes, Chocolate = more stairmaster time.

Thistle - My long lost twin!
PS. Love the Archies too.

Smiles - I'll have to include red wine or white wine or both in my next Sunday post.

VodkaMom - It's unanimous...Dark chocolate rocks!

Jan - Turn it UP! And I'm going to consult with you before updating my Netflix queue.

MLS- J, dear, we are all so glad you are back and entertaining us with your unique sense of humor and infinite wisdom. Muahh!

Slick - Dang it! Didn't I tell you to stop dissing my Seminoles! You want a piece of me! Maybe we need to take this outside.

Oh and PS. I think MLS likes you too.

Princess - Oh, I'm ready! Did you see what Slick said! Them's fightin' words!

Anonymous said...

I still like milk chocolate better than dark, but I'm only 24. Maybe I'll grow into it?

Anonymous said...

Dang. I had to run see what all the fuss was. Something about me and Slick and licking....then I find out it was only a typo. Liking. sigh....

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for my hairdresser too. I just need to go see her more often! She hasn't accepted my offer to move in with me and fix my hair and makeup every morning. I don't know why...

Smart Mouth Broad said...

24-Oh yes, most people don't really start to appreciate the dark stuff until around 30. LOL

MLS-Did I say that!

Fancy-What a great idea! I wonder if Stacy would go for that?

Anonymous said...

LOL...MLS, you soooo bad! :)

And Broad, I didn't just diss the Noles...

I dissed the whole ACC.

Noles just fall into that sucky category with'em :p

Take that!

Pseudo said...

Dark chocolate and red wine - a favorite - but only when the migraines are at bay.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Slick- phlbbbbfts

Pseudo-I love both of those too but still my fav is chocolate chip cookies and beer.