Monday, October 27, 2008


My friend, Goodfather, from the Goodfatherblog has bestowed upon me an award for which I am not sure that I'm worthy. But I'm so excited, I'll take it anyway, graciously, of course. GF, I only hope that I can make you proud.

Here it is: My first award

The rules, if I choose to accept this award (and I do, I do, I do) are:

  1. The award may be displayed on the recipient's blog.
  2. Add a link to the person from who you received the award.
  3. Nominate up to seven other blogs.
  4. Add their links to your blog.
  5. Send a message to each of those you awarded to tell them about the award.

I'm going to follow Goodfather's lead and try not to award anyone who has already received this prestigious honor.

Adventures at Midlife

Bear Naked

Manic Mariah

My Life Interrupted

Nothing Fancy

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

The Chicago Blogger

Congrats, bloggers. You're awesome!

Thank so much, GF!


Bear Naked said...

Bling-Bling I really love Bling.
I am honoured to accept this award.
Thank you so much!!
I have posted this award on my sidebar and if anyone *clicks* on it, they will be directed back to your blog.
Thank you again. I really appreciate this award from you.

Bear((( )))

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Congrats SMB!

I am so honored! Aren't I glad I decided to go catching up on blog reading when I got home from work instead of making dinner right away?

Thank-you very muchly.

manic mariah said...

COOL! Thanks

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Bear, Pseudo and Mariah-You're all quite welcome.

goodfather said...

I heart your blog, SMB! :D

smiles4u said...

Congradulations on your award! You really do have a great blog so it is greatly deserved.

Thank you for sharing it with me!

Midlife Slices said...

You got another one at my place so run by and grab it. Now I've just got to figure out how to display them on the side where they stay on the front page. sigh.....that requires thinking, right?

MLS said...

p.s. What has happened to Nana Diaries site? Can you get there? Is it only me? I tried from here and can't get there either. My gosh I'm bitchy/whiney today.

Diana said...

Wow! Thanks so much! :)

Smart Mouth Broad said...


Smiles-Thanks. And you deserved it!

MLS-WOW! Thanks. And if you need any help, just call. You know what a techy I am. LOL
RE: Nana Diaries. I can't get there either. I don't have an email address to ask her. Does anyone?

Nana-Houston, we've got a problem. We can't get to your site.

Diana-My pleasure. Much deserved.

Tricia said...

How exciting. Congratulations on your award!! I'm not familiar with most of the blogs you linked to, so I look forward to visiting them.

thistle said...

i'm so far behind LOL, i spent way to much time trying to fix my computer issues yesterday...congrats on your award...

oh, and i love statement #1 in your accountability sidebar...i'm feeling your pain here too...