Monday, October 20, 2008


I've been tagged by Jason at the Jason Show to list seven, count them, seven interesting/random pieces of information about myself. I would say that I'm not all that interesting but that's not really true. The truth is I could be a study in weirdness when you REALLY get to know me.

It has been said that EVERYONE is weird, once you get to know them. Weird is a relative thing. Or is it; relatives are a weird thing? HAHA. I crack myself up, sometimes.

Note: I'm not feeling all that great tonite. I may be coming down with something. Chills, fever, droopy eyes (not to be confused with the bags that are there everyday) Anyway, don't stand too close. I don't want you to catch anything. So, I'm cheating a little here. Midlife Slices had to list 6 things yesterday on her site. She asked for readers to list theirs too. I've copied some that I listed in my comment to her yesterday because I'm lazy SICK. Maybe someone could make me some virtual chicken soup? Anyone?

Jason, you asked for it:

  1. I have an evil twin. His name is Skippy. I'm all Mary Sunshine, hearts and flowers. Skippy is a JACKASS! (not like MHS). If you ever think I've said something that offends you or is unkind or insensitive or biatchy. That's Skippy. Nope, not me. I swear.
  2. I communicate with my neighbor's goats by bleating across the fence. They love me. They think I'm a really weird-looking goat.
  3. My favorite food combo is chocolate chip cookies and beer.
  4. I can stand on my head for as long as I want.
  5. Whenever I'm in a long hallway, I long to do cartwheels. So sometimes, I do.
  6. I married my seventh grade boyfriend.
  7. I once performed in a Miami Dolphin half-time show.

OK, so now, I think I'm supposed to tag seven more people to do the same.

Tag, you're it!

Because she taught me what a meme is (and I think she really likes them).

Because inquiring minds want to know.

Because it will make him so happy to do it.

Because I've never known her to do one.

Because I know she will make me laugh.

Because he's always on board for things like this. (and he can cheat if he wants to like I did)

Because she is young and full of life and I find her refreshing.


thistle said...

Hey! must think i'm a wealth of weirdness...i've been publicly 'fessing up to a lot of weird facts about myself lately...but...i accept this challenge graciously, and will attempt another 7 cos i'm sure...if i think about it...there must be at least a few more that i can admit *cough* publicly...

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I love that you bleat at the neighboring goats. And I've fallen for the goats too!

Bear Naked said...

Sorry you are not feeling great.
(((Smart Mouth Broad)))
Does that virtual hug make you feel any better?

Bear((( )))

goodfather said...

Sorry you're sick. I made a giant (and I mean GIANT) pot of virtual chicken soup, and emailed it to you. You should be getting it, unless your chicken-soup-spam-filter screens it out. In that case, I'm sorry.

Thanks for the tag! I will bleme post-haste. :D

Slick said...

You Bi...

Uh..You dadburn girl!

You tagged me?! ME????

I'll get to it but I have a few other posts lined up first :)

Slick said...

And I hope you get to feeling better by the way!

Get some rest and drink plenty of protein.

Or Gatorade.

Bear Naked said...

At least you were asked to post seven fascinating facts about yourself.
I was asked by TWO bloggeres to post my UNUSUAL or ODD facts about me.
I am hoping tomorrow someone will think my odd facts are somewhat fascinating.

Bear((( )))

swampwitch said...

Chances are, you caught something from the goat AND standing on your head for long periods of time might have something to do with it...hope you feel better.
Just flew over from Slick's place to see how really weird (wired) you are. You didn't disappoint me either.
Chocolate chip cookies and beer?
Gag me.
Question: What did you do at half-time?

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Thistle-Now, did I say that? You just seem to like them. Or is it that you like reading them?

24-You want me to teach you to bleat? LOL

Bear-Thank you for the bear hug. I'm not that bad, really. It's just enough to make me whiny. Plus I like to milk it for all it's worth. *wink*

Goodfather-I'm looking forward to your soup. You didn't make it from leftover Pad Thai ingredients, right?

Slick-Didn't anybody ever teach you to respect your elders?

Bear-Choose any facts you please. Make it your own. Do like I do and make up the rules as you go. LOL

Swampy-Yep, I'm pretty weird. Half time - I danced if you can believe that! Maybe they should have had me stand on my head.

Jan said...

I'd pay real money to watch/listen to you communicate with the goats next door. Oh, yes, I would.

I hope you're feeling better soon, hon. (((SMB)))

Nothing Fancy said...

Hope you're feeling better. Skippy too.

And I must know about the Dolphins half time show. Details, please!

Thanks for the tag. You're nice like that!

smiles4u said...

I hope your feeling better very soon. Thanks for the tag...I will do my best...not sure if there is that many fascinating things about me but I will give it a shot in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I've been tagged?? Why, I don't know if I've ever been tagged before. I feel . . . sorta . . . wonderful and yet . . . cranky. Now I'm required to reveal seven -- SEVEN? -- fascinating facts about me? I might have one. Let me see what I can make up. ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm sorry you're feeling sucky.


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

You and thistle have a goat thing in common. I would love to hear you bleat to your neighbor's goats while thistle plays the bagpipes ; -)

Really cool. fun facts.

Diana said...

Awww, thanks for tagging me and the compliment! I really do enjoy your blog.

I owe Slick a thank you, since that's how I found you! :)

Hope you are feeling better. Get plenty of rest and take care! :)

Midlife Slices said...

Awww...I'm sorry you aren't feeling up to snuf and I didn't get the plea for chicken soup before now but I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off since early this a.m. Wow, that was a really long sentence!!

I'm with Jan and I think we could sell tickets for people to watch you bleat at the neighbors goats.

I know why you didn't tag me. You know I couldn't narrow it down to only 7 fascinating facts about moi. *wink*

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Everyone-Thanks for your well wishes. I think it helped because I'm feeling better today. No chills, no fever, just worn out like an old tire.

Jan, Reallllly? How much money? LOL
Thanks for the hug. I needed it today.

Fancy-Better, thank you. But Skippy, well, he's a much bigger whiny ass than me.
Half-time talent - I sang a solo! Nah, just kidding, I danced with a large group of people. It was fun.
And you're welcome.

Smiles-I bet you can come up with all sorts of interesting facts about yourself. You're holding out on us. You grew up on a farm, there's got to be some fuel for this fire there. LOL

Nana-You mean I was your first. Now I never would have believed that. LOL

Pseudo-Maybe you're onto something.

@Thistle-What do you think, should we take our act on the road?

Diana-Thank you and right back at cha, obviously.

MLS-Oh don't worry about it dear, I've got this big ole batch of soup from Goodfather that's to die for. (I hope I don't)

Check it out. Thistle and I are gonna take our goat and bagpipe act on the road.

I didn't tag you, silly, because you did one just the day before almost exactly like it. (And I didn't tag Jan because I want her to focus on recipes, recipes, recipes. I'm compiling my own Jan cookbook but shhhh, don't tell her.)

Tricia said...

You have neighborly goats? I think I need some goats.

Hope you feel better soon!!

Duchess said...

Never mind the goats. I've lived next door to goats. But football half time shows? That's another league (as it were). More information please.

Though if I could have it without the complex green background that would be better...

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Tricia-Goats make great neighbors. They're always so happy to see you.

Duchess-I used to teach Jazzercise. All the classes in the South Florida area got together and performed a professionally choreographed Jazz routine. It was great fun.

I'm playing with the settings on my site to make it more reader friendly.