Monday, October 13, 2008


Note: The last time I mentioned my mother in this blog it caused quite a ruckus in my family unbeknownst to me at first. My brother, Smitty, who lives on Maui, doesn't read this blog. However his friend, Pualani does. I wrote about having a conversation with my mother in a dream and how heart-warming it was to hear her voice. Pualani shared this with Smitty who promptly called my sister, Snips, in Indiana. He suggested an intervention might be in order as he thought I had dropped my basket because I was hearing voices or at least THE voice of our dear and departed mother. Snips told him she would check out the blog and get back to him. She read it and realized that I was talking about a dream and not hearing voices and assured him that I wasn't in any danger of visiting the funny farm any time soon. Smitty, not completely convinced, called me and said, "What is this b.o.l.g. thing you're doing? Are you OK? You're not going off the deep end, are you?" GEESH! Well, Smitty and Snips, here I go again. I hope you enjoy reminiscing about Mom as much as I do and will not call out the guys in white coats just yet.

I would like to introduce you to Lucy. Lucy is my mother. Lucy is not her real name. Lucy has been gone now for four and a half years. I thought long and hard about what to call Mom on this blog. Like many, I choose to rename my friends and family for the sake of some sort of anonymity. I've chosen the name, Lucy because to describe her to someone who has never met her, my best attempt would be to liken her to a cross between Lucille Ball's character in I Love Lucy and Grace Kelly. She was more Lucy than Princess Grace especially in her later years but there was a definite sophistication and grace to her that was always evident even through her antics. Lucy was a unique individual. I always knew this but it was never more evident than when I listened to countless stories at her memorial services. As children, we view our parents from our perspective only, who they are as a parent. Listening to her friends and mine, I had the opportunity to really see who she was outside of my parent box that I kept her in and how she affected so many others.

Memories of Lucy provide me with a smile daily and usually several times a day. She was so loved and so much a part of my life that even now as I write this, I am having trouble seeing the screen through my tears….four and a half years later.

I have in my heart a wealth of Lucy stories. Don't worry, I won't lay them all on you at once. But if you will allow me to (and if you don't I'll do it anyway….it IS my blog) I will share them with you one or two at a time every now and again. I hope you will enjoy them. I hope that you will come to love her too. I wish you could have met her. She would have been the quintessential blogger. Of this, I am sure. And she would have been my biggest fan.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Lucy, Mother Extraordinaire!

When my mother married my father, she was a recent divorcee, a mother of 3 teenagers and a city girl. My father moved her to his small hometown in Indiana. My mother was a little goofy and her humor was sometimes lost on the very traditional women of our little town.

When I was in the fourth grade, my cousin came to live with us. It was her senior year in high school. She loved to sew. She would sew her own clothes. She would sew clothes for me and my Barbies. One day after several trips that same week to the Ben Franklin store to buy sewing supplies for my cousin, my mother was once again there buying fabric. While the two clerks were measuring and cutting, Lucy started up a conversation. She said, "Sew, sew, sew! All that kid wants to do is sew. You'd think she would go out and smoke pot like the rest of the kids but noooooooooooo, all she wants to do is sew."

It's a small town. I think they're still talking about it.


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Did you just call your brother what I think you did?? LMAO

I love your mom story. She sounds like a real hoot. Weird truth. My sisters and I have always said our mom reminds us of I Love Lucy. We used to watch the reruns every night while my mom made dinner. We'd laugh and alugh and tell my mom how much they were alike.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

PHST-I think I did. But I'm not really sure. Thanks for enjoying my Lucy story.

Reader Wil said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mother. I am sure you'll miss her very much. You are a good writer!
Thank you for sharing.

Jan said...

ROFLMAO - your mom and my mom would have gotten along REALLY well.

Nothing Fancy said...

That story/memory is priceless!!!!

Please share more stories and memories of your Mom. My mother passed away 5 1/2 years ago. I understand completely where you are. It is so wonderful to be able to share memories and smile when we think of the good and funny times.

Stepping Thru said...

I love the story about your mother. I didn't have a relationship with my mother as she left when I was 12 so I really enjoy hearing others stories about "happy times". You r mother sounds like an awesome lady. I know you miss her terribly. Enjoy those dreams and memories. They are gifts of great value.

thistle said...

Deeply.Envious. of anyone with a great relationship with their mother...i love hearing stories of the kooky ones, please keep sharing...

and inquiring minds want to know...what IS the english translation of your brothers name? :) i'm getting the impression it's something naughty...i'm going to have to google it aren't i?

goodfather said...

Sigh, great story about your Mom, she sounds like she was so much fun to be around, heheh.

My Mom was the person I was closest to when I was growing up. We used to talk for hours when I was in high school. I still look forward to spending time with her when I can, but geography gets in the way :(.

Thanks for sharing this! And I'll jump on the please-share-more-stories bandwagon - you must have lots :D.

Bear Naked said...

Your mother Lucy sounds like my kind of woman.
But I am laughing my socks off at your brother Smitty.

"b.o.l.g. thing"--too funny!

Bear((( )))

Diana said...

Great story! Your mom reminds me very much of my mom.

Vodka Mom said...

that was a wonderful story. AND, I loved the show with Lucy and the vitametavegamin.....

My mom was also a character. I still miss her deeply.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

PHST-Sooooo, I googled it and decided it might be best to edit that section. LOL That is not what I thought it was.

RW-Thank you very much.

Jan-I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now tell us about your mom.

Fancy-Thank you, it sounds like you might have some stories to tell also.

Stepping Thru-Thank you for you very kind words. I'm glad you liked the story.

Thistle-I will be happy to share more memories. As I'm sure you are aware, it's not only amusing and good material but therapeutic as well. :-)

Goodfather-I'm so glad you liked it. A mother and son have a very special bond, I know. I was the baby but my brother was "her boy". :-)

Bear-And she would have loved you too. She was a beary special woman! I have a garden bear that sits on my desk at work that was given to me in remembrance of her.

Diana-Welcome. I don't believe we've met. I'm glad you liked the story. Please come back again for Lucy stories and more.

Vodka Mom-Maybe our mom's our together entertaining angels....?
By the way, Lucy loved martinis.

Midlife Slices said...

Like my sister said, no good mom stories, but my best friend from birth has always reminded me of Lucy even down to the red hair and she's delightful. Treasure those happy memories and thanks for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

I love your mother. She sounds like somebody I could hang with. Thanks for sharing her with us.


Smart Mouth Broad said...

Nana-She would have liked that. Look for future Lucy stories. I got a million of 'em! LOL