Sunday, October 5, 2008

So Grateful Sunday III

While I am always grateful for the blessings mentioned here that make my life complete, today I am counting the simple joys in my life that add a little kick and make it interesting. (At least to me) As you will see, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

  1. The stolen minutes of sleep after the alarm goes off. Those extra moments when you're not really awake but in such a light sleep that you can appreciate the bonus minutes that you're getting.
  2. The recovery of D2's friend. She suffered three grand mal seizures due to a side effect of an antibiotic. She is out of the hospital now and recovering nicely. Praise God!
  3. The happy sound of frogs in my yard after it rains. It's something I had to get used to when we moved here. When they put their voices together it is so loud that you can't escape it. And now I don't want to.
  4. My laptop. D1 borrowed my laptop when she left for NC to job search. I retrieved it on our roadtrip and no longer have to blog in a cave the den.
  5. The smell of clean laundry. I think you get used to familiar smells and no longer notice them. I change my fabric softener often so that I can enjoy the scent of the clean fabric while I am folding.
  6. The dog at my feet while I write blog posts.
  7. My camera. I'm not a photographer. But my point and shoot camera has captured many precious memories. (which reminds me to back up my data)
  8. Vince Flynn books. I am currently reading Protect and Defend. I love his Mitch Rapp character. If you like the television show, 24, I highly recommend his books.
  9. Sweet tea. It is a guilty pleasure I can't give up. I am working hard at weight loss by cutting back on sugars and starches. And while I like unsweetened tea, sweet tea is my beverage of choice and because I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to food and beverage… artificial sweetener will do.
  10. That Florida State beat University of Miami yesterday! I love me some football! Yesterday's game was a real nail-biter at the end when we almost blew it big time let it slip away. But winning is winning whether it's by two points or twenty. Go Seminoles!

For what things are you grateful for today?


Plunger Girl said...

I love sweet tea too--it's like a dessert in cup! While I like it with sugar and most artificial sweeteners are yucky, Splenda makes it so sweet and yummy. Now I make it with Splenda unless I'm out.

Nothing Fancy said...

Wonderful list!

I love it when anyone beats the U!!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

PG-The way I've been eating this weekend I may have to try your suggestion. And if you like sweet tea.......have you tried sweet tea vodka?

Fancy-I think it's funny that unless you went there....EVERYONE hates UM.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Hey! I love the facelift on your blog. You've got some skills. I have no idea how you were able to backdrop the entire thing. It looks beautiful.

Great post. I am grateful that I have a week off (Quarter 1 intercession in a school that started July22).

Reader Wil said...

I am grateful for all things that come to me in a friendly and peaceful way. Words of wisdom, music, books or movies which put my mind at rest.
But I am also grateful to have met a creature like the crocodile.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Reader Wil - You are a brave woman. I don't think I ever want to meet a crocodile or become close friends with an alligator either. (which is more likely in my neck of the woods)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

PHST-No skills involved - click on the little icon thingy at the top left of the page. Enjoy your time off in the beautiful place where you live.

goodfather said...

Great list! I love the sound of frogs singing too. We live out in the 'country' enough to get quite a cacophony in the Spring, heheh.

I'm thankful for my first cup of coffee in the morning, and the feeling of brain finally engaging and getting some traction after I've kick-started it to life.

Jan said...

Like plungergirl, I love me some sweet tea made with Splenda - I buy it in liquid form, online, and keep a little dropper bottle in my purse so I don't have to use the stuff in blue or pink packets at restaurants.

I'm grateful that I can cook for my family.

And that the Cowboys are about to beat the snot out of the Bengals.

thistle said...

great post and i LOVE the new look too, another site for me to come and sit on whenever the weather gets too grim up here!

and you are right about the in the city you don't get to hear mother nature's little choir like you do out here in the country...and you've just given me another blog thank you for that also!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Goodfather-ahhhh yes, coffee. Coffee is good.

Jan-I'm gonna have to try the splenda thing but I don't know...and I don't believe I've heard of the liquid version.

Thistle-Can't wait to hear your frog story. Is a prince involved?

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Do you have a new layout? Or have I been reading you in a reader for so long I didn't notice? I like it : )

I am grateful that I was able to help dd with her algebra homework and I actually knew what I was doing. Then we went to dairy queen to celebrate. And yes, I am grateful for hot fudge : )

Have you entered to win Petunia Pig?

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Lynn-I was visiting Midlife Mama
and was inspired by her new look so I got one of my own. It suits me better, I think until I can get one that is "made for me". I love the DQ and Celine Dion is a patron at our local DQ which is an added benefit if you're a celeb stalker. LOL I will check out your contest. Thanks for the heads up!

Vodka Mom said...

First of all, I LOVE your site!! It is the coolest! Second, i must say I LOVE college football. You're awesome. I'll be back.....(thanks, Arnold, for the line....)

Midlife Slices said...

I like what you've done with the place. Beachy and not at all about winter, although I love winter.

I'm thankful for time with my Dad. I'm thankful for lazy Sundays. I'm thankful when HBL has time to come to OK like he did Saturday. I'm thankful for all my blog friends.

Now, I don't like sweet tea because it's too sweet usually. I also don't like Splenda and won't use artificial sweetner because it gums up your brain. I use Xylitol and there is no after taste.

I've got a headache tonight and I'm thankful I've got ibuprophen, Army Wives is on, and all the kids are in bed. :)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Vodka Mom-Thank you and please do come back again. Let me know you're coming and I'll have all the fixins for a great martini. LOL

MLS-Thank ya, ma'am. I'm feeling more at home now. You DON'T like sweet tea! Actually, I don't put that much sugar in if I make it myself and at a restaurant I get it 1/2 sweet and 1/2 unsweet. But I don't think I can put in anything I can't say or spell. What is that stuff?
Spending time with our Daddy's is special. And what is this connection we have...I have a headache too. Now I'm gonna go watch Army Wives. G'nite.

Slick said...

The Noles?

What the hell is wrong with you, woman!

No team in the ACC is worthy of praise!

It's all SEC :)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Slick-Them's fightin' words, Boy!

Princess and the Degree said...

Thank goodness for the recovery of good friends.
I think you are missing something that you are greatful for however... (cough cough a visit from a wonderful daughter cough)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

TP&TD-That goes without saying. :-)