Sunday, February 1, 2009


I'm watching the Superbowl as I write this. I'm not really for either team. I love football. I love college football. I love high school football. NFL has never really been my thing. I do love the Colts. Once they were out, so was I. And even after living here for 28 years, I still haven't become a Dolphins fan. So here I sit cheering for both when they do something right and cursing them when they do something wrong. It's a win-win situation.

And then there are the commercials. We just saw a commercial for a local sports bar which is like our Cheers. D2 used to work there and like the song says, "Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name." Anyway, I'm thinking that we are paying way too much for our burgers and beer if they can afford a Superbowl commercial.

The second half has just started. Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen performed during halftime. I've always liked his music. I can't say I am a huge fan because I don't even own a single piece of music that he released. But still, I do really like him. I never realized how much until tonight. As I sat here, I was mesmerized. The music took me back. Way back. It reached deep into my soul and as I sat here and listened I felt like the young SMB again, newly married, listening in our small apartment while we ate dinner or entertained friends. Isn't it funny how music can do that to you. Good music can.

It was a great weekend. D2 came home from school. She has been feeling a little under the weather and I wasn't happy about her driving the entire six hour trip by herself without a break. Fortunately for her, Daddy lives in between. She stopped there for refreshments and a little break from driving. Daddy's two older brothers and their wives were visiting from out of state. She was happy to see them and they her. The six of them were playing Mexican Train Dominos and if you know my family at all, you know we LOVE games. This was a new one to D2 but after watching a few rounds she was happy to sit in for someone who took a break. Soon she was back on the road home but now she was a woman on a mission.

The next day, we had to go to the store to purchase the Domino game so we could play. Several calls were made to Daisy to make sure we were selecting the correct game. Then later in the evening while playing, more calls were placed to question rules. It's a fun game for ages 8 and up. Even if I didn't win. *pout*

By Saturday, D2 was feeling better and was in the mood to bake. She is the baker in the family. She has a plan for an upcoming occasion at school and wanted to try out a new recipe. She made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. They were so moist and light. Absolutely yummy. And not on my diet. *sigh*

Before we knew it, the time had flown and we had to pack her up to return to school. *pout again*

Of course she brought her dirty laundry home for me to wash.

They grow up too fast.


Fragrant Liar said...


Hey, SMB, they do grow up way too fast, don't they?

I'm a huge Springsteen fan, and when I was much younger my husband and I went to at least four of his concerts. Those were the days. Pre-kids. And divorce, if ya know what I mean.

Sounded like a nice weekend. I'm still recovering from a bout of "non-influenza flu." Who knew?

Wunderwoman said...

I love the Boss!

Kids do grow up way to fast. She's got a nice car, I was trying to figure out what kind just from her door pic, being around Bigblock who is a car freak will do that to you!

I enjoy reading your blog..

Anonymous said...

Red velvet eh? Need to try that sometime...and of course the laundry has to come home too, it's got to get done somewhere, and where better than at mom's...

have a great week...

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it really was a great weekend. D2 looks like she's saying...." you have to take another picture??" LOL

I had a good weekend too and it went by way too fast and Monday needs to get here so I can recoup from going all weekend.

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting? Did you cheat or did you break? I start my d.i.e.t. tomorrow. *I think I said that a few weeks ago but I was just kidding*

Fun! Ugh

binks said...

Those cupcakes looks yummy.

Springsteen was never my favorite even though he was HUGE way back in my younger days.

Reader Wil said...

Hi SMB, very nice post and entertaining too as if we are part of the family! There are a lot of games on the computer. These past few days I have been playing scrabble on Facebook. It goes awfully slow and I always lose, because it's in English, but it's useful. I learn a lot of new words.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I didn't watch the game either..but I sure ran in and plopped my butt down for "the Boss!"
Does that guy ever get any older?
I still get intense watching him and I am an OLD lady..ok..well not THAT old...but :) Always was a fan and always will be.
Your daughter is just so darned cute. What a time of her life this all is. She is just starting. Well, actually, so are you! :) Me? I'm wrapping it up! (wish I had a cupcake right now!)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Liar-I do know what you mean. Hope you are feeling better.

Wunderwoman-There's nothing like living with a gearhead.

Thistle-Yes, I suppose. I discovered I have a created a neurotic carbon copy laundress. She was freaking out because she only had one fabric softener ball and sometimes does more than one load at a time at school. She was so worried that one load wouldn't be soft and nice-smelling. The other kids said we don't use it at all. She said, I know and your laundry isn't soft. Another SMB.

MLS-She was actually saying, "You're gonna put this on your blog, aren't you?" I told her no, but then I changed my mind. A woman's prerogative, right?

Red velvet cupcakes: Yeah, I cheated.

Binks-I always thought he was one of my favorites but since I didn't actually buy any of his music when I did buy so many others, I have to question that statement.

RW-I love Scrabble. As I've already discussed, I don't have facebook but have played online thru another source. It's fun.

Mona-Yes, both of my daughters are all grown up now. It was really great to see her. Those cupcakes would look so good sitting in your kitchen. Color-coordinated.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda "meh" about Springsteen (to say nothing of he Superbowl), but I love the look of those cupcakes!

Why does my captcha say "imphobo"? What does it know about me??

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Lori said...

What a great weekend. We love playing domino's...we play a game called "chicken legs"...I wonder if it's similar to one you guys played?
I love football and did watch the game and sure did enjoy Springsteen.
I'm glad that your daughter got to come home for the weekend...and yes they grow up way tooooo fast!

Lo said...

yep, we do grow up too fast, don't we? sigh. now that i'm an 'adult,' i'm missing my college years. so easy!

and my mom still does my laundry sometimes. gotta love you moms.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Jan-the cupcakes were so yummy. I'm giving them away asap because I don't need that kind of temptation sitting around.

I had no idea you were phobo! *wink*

Fancy-It sure was.

Smiles-Does your domino game go out from the middle like legs? If so, that's it.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Lo-Lucky you! My mom used to do mine too when she would come to visit me.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you that they grow up too fast. I can remember when I had my last child, I wanted to frame every moment, so that I wouldn't forget.

We didn't watch the superbowl, although we had a superbowl party with chili, chicken wings, etc. Instead we watched movies. We're just not big football fans.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is beautiful and they ABSOLUTELY grow up too fast.

As for Springsteen, now I'm wishing I had watched it. Dang it.

Debbie said...

Yes, way too fast! But she is gorgeous.

cheatymoon said...

Your daughter looks happy. Of course she brought her laundry home...

Bruce was great last night. Only reason I tuned in... :-)

Joan said...

I'm horrible at playing games. I sit and watch and whine while others play. If it's not all about me, y'know I turn on them.

Stepping said...

I am not a Springsteen fan. I did enjoy the game though. We had some people over and I enjoyed the comments from our friends more than the game. Loved some of the commercials! One of our friends brought their daughter and she did her laundry at my house and then left for school. I loved it. Almost like having my own daughter home.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Geri-How funny that you had a Superbowl party but didn't watch the game.

BV-Thank you. You can probably catch Springsteen on YouTube.

Debbie-Thank you. It's hard to watch your baby grow up.

Joan-You gotta join in the fun. You'll get caught up in once you do.

Stepping Thru-LOL@ your friend's daughter doing her laundry at your house before returning to school. You're a true friend. Sounds like you had a great time.

Princess and the Degree said...

I sure could go for one of those cupcakes now!