Sunday, February 15, 2009

A VALENTINE SPLURGE – Money in the Bank

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. My Harley Stud and I have never been known to "go big" for this particular holiday. Truth be known, I bought a card (he didn't) but I forgot to give it to him until today right after I finish writing this. I had a long to-do list for this weekend. Housekeeping, bill-paying, tax preparation, and more housekeeping are just a few of the items that are screaming to be completed. Yesterday, for the love of Cupid, we decided to chuck it all and spend a little time together. Nothing too mushy, gushy, but still it was time well-wasted together.

Try not to be too jealous as I regale you with the details of our romantic errand running outing. First stop was the green market where local vendors gather at a rural nursery once a month to sell their wares. MHS's sister, The Artiste and her husband, Deadender have a booth there. They are photographers with a greeting card business and are quite talented in anything concerning art and design. We stopped by to visit them and then checked out the other vendors. I bought some homemade dog biscuits for Mayzie and Pixie and that was about as much browsing as MHS would allow. I think next month MHS and I will both be happier if I leave him at home and steal my SIL away from her booth again to shop with me.

We made a quick stop at the pet store for a change in dog food. Next, I twittered and texted while MHS ran into Napa. I once again would like to apologize for bragging about the excitement that is MY LIFE.

Last but not least was a stop at Publix, our local grocer. For the record, I remembered to take the bags inside with me this time. MHS and I stopped at the bakery case and made an executive decision to screw the diet and splurge a little. It was Valentine's Day. He selected a slice of coconut covered nut cake and I chose a double, dark, dense, chocolate piece of heaven. They were packaged and priced together by the baker.

While our purchases were being checked and bagged (in reusable shopping bags) I asked MHS to go the service desk and buy us two lottery tickets as I was "feelin' lucky." He took one look at the two people long line and said he wasn't going to wait in that line for two lottery tickets. No problem, I quickly swiped my debit card, punched all the appropriate buttons and left him there to finish with the bagger. I finished getting the tickets just as he was wheeling the cart out of the door. We loaded up the car and made the six mile journey back home.

The delectable dessert package had been placed in a bag all by itself. I brought in this bag and left the rest to MHS to carry in because that's why I got married. As I carefully removed the container from the bag my eyes froze on the price sticker. There must have been some mistake. I did a double-take. I didn't have on my glasses and figured I must be seeing things. I looked again and it still read the same. There in bold print on the sticker was a price of $48.00! FOR.TWO.SLICES.OF.CAKE! Now my intention was to splurge but I was thinking calorically. It was about this time that MHS came in with the rest of our purchases. I asked what he had done with the receipt. He produced it from his pocket and asked why I needed it.

Now remember that I had run off to buy the lottery tickets and left him with the cashier and the bagger. Apparently there had been a conversation that went a little like this:

Cashier: Wow, this cake must be really good.

MHS: I hope so.

Cashier: It's really expensive.

MHS: Well, we've never had it before but I hope it's good.

And that was the end of it.

**Excuse me, while I pick my jaw up off the floor at the absurdity of the whole scenario.**

Don't you think that the cashier might have mentioned that it was $48.00. That's $24 per slice! No, instead she just said, WOW, it's really expensive…….which by the way it was even at the correct price.

I grabbed the cake and the receipt and jumped in my little go-mobile and made the trip back to the store where I politely explained to the manager that while I was willing to spurge on the calories in honor of all that is Hallmark glitz and Hershy kisses, I WAS NOT going to spend $48 on two freaking pieces of cake.

And then I punched him in the face.

**Back to reality**

He apologized all over himself. He sent me to the courtesy desk to obtain my refund while he went back to have the cake re-priced. I personally thought it should have been given to me as a courtesy being that I had to drive the extra 12 miles round-trip to correct the error but in the end I was just happy to spend $6.00 for the cake instead of $48.00.

The moral of the story is this:

Apparently there are idiots all over the place people sometimes make mistakes. This can result in a big dent in your budget if you're not careful. My Money in the Bank tip of the week is: ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPT!

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Anonymous said...

I love when you punched him in the face. ;) I'm surprised the cashier didn't say that it was probably a pricing error. You're right though...I think they make a fortune on our missing mistakes like that.

cheatymoon said...

That cashier needs some consumer education!

I love that your splurge was a slice of cake each. Other half and I do that once in a while. It really is a treat for us, too.

Also, do you really have a dog named Pixie? We had a Pixie growing up. Excellent name!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You just saved $42!!

I'm in awe...but not jealous, because your weekend was remarkably like mine. Only Beloved took me to the local greasy spoon for breakfast before our wanton debauchery at the local grocery store.

Anonymous said...

Yup, we did the Costco and Grocery Store run on Valentine's Day too. But not after DR. Jekyll gave me a beautiful heart necklace Later he took me out for dinner at Outback.

And that cashier is dumb as a box of rocks. I mean come on -- $48 for two pieces of cake??? Sheesh. Dumbass.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

WOW! It was worth the trip back, but I do agree that it would have been good customer relations to have let you keep the cake. As a matter of fact, once fresh things like that leave the store...all they usually will keep is the receipt..showing the reason for the refund. You did GOOD though! "Sheeh!!!" is close to a perfect word for it! And "Dumbass"..yes...Dumbass is good....

$42 for two pieces of CAKE??!!! Someone needs to talk to that cashier..BIG TIME!!

Pretty darned exciting Valentines what happened.....I mean after you ate the cake..??? Hmmmmmmm??? :) Is this story to be continued? (...she asked sweetly)


Anonymous said...

That's why I prefer it when companies hire older cashiers that understand the value of a piece of cake...I'll be your cashier was young?? Go figure.

Your day sound remarkably like a day in our life. *smiles

The Blue Ridge Gal

rachaelgking said...

I'm so bad about listening to prices or looking at receipts... I'm sure I've been ripped off a million times. I'll try to be better!

Anonymous said...

Uhhmm...I'm noticing that MHS's piece of cake is still there, whilst yours is mostly missing. Hmmmm.......does that mean you didn't even wait on him before you ate yours??? LOL That's something I'd do. You know what I did V-day....and I did it in front of 18K people. Ugh.......I'm still embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

o.k. o.k. after your threatening text messages, I concede that there MIGHT still be a piece of chocolate cake in that package, but it still looks like the wood showing through a clear package with only traces of the chocolate cake that was there before......but if you say it's still there, then I believe ya. *wink*

Lori said...

I learned this lessons some years ago and have also watched some tv shows about this whole topic of people getting over charged on what they are buying. So I do try to pay attention when ever I am checking out and always go over my reciept before I drive away from the store!

Hope you enjoyed your cake!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

BV-He deserved it, no? The cashier was young and apparently not the brightest. But what can I say, we didn't notice either.

Movie-I love it that they sell these yummy desserts by the slice so we can each have what we want. And yes, we have a Pixie. She is actually D1's dog but is with us for now. She is a 10lb shih tsu.

Jan-Yeah, this was my best "savings" yet. It really was a nice day even tho we didn't do much.

Mama-WOW, Dr. Jekyll rocks!

Mona-It was actually mis-priced in the bakery as two whole cakes instead of slices. And we didn't return but instead were refunded the difference. The cashier was a little/lot ditsy for not realizing it was a mistake. DUH!
As far as after cake.......a lady never tells.

BRG-I agree. There is an older cashier there that will say to me, "do you know these grapes are $10?" At which point, I tell her to keep them. I like that.

Lilu-Life is so crazy, it's a shame that we have to make sure someone else is doing their job correctly too but it is in our best interest.

MLS-Oh good, now I don't have to say anything about how I heard that you "flashed" the crowd on the jumbotron at the pbr this weekend. I would hate to spread that rumor. *wink*

Smiles-I don't think it was intentional but just a stupid mistake. The problem is that we suffer so it makes it our job to make sure it's right. ugh.

The cake was great and enjoyed with beer.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

MLS-And there is SOOOOO a whole piece of chocolate cake there.

Anonymous said... ARE a bad one, aren't you? LOL

Erin Moore said...

that is a FANTASTIC story! That's so crazy that they didn't just give you the cake for free! What's wrong with people these days.

My company recently had an offsite meeting at a Sheraton hotel. The hotel had a small fire in one of the rooms and my collegues had to be woken up and evacuated from their rooms at 2am. You'd think that would qualify you for a free night, but noooo...instead the hotel treated them to a free breakfast. Nuts!

Anonymous said...

First - congrats on remembering to take the reusable bags with you - you are still ahead of me. $48 bucks for 2 pieces of cake is a bit much and my Devoted Spouse wouldn't have noticed it either - must be a guy thing. Our V-day was a tad quieter than yours - we went real cheap and had Hershey's kisses for our dessert!

Debbie said...

Good heavens! That cashier must have thought that cake had real gold in it.
And good job taking your bags in:)

binks said...

Schnikes! We got a whole dulce de leche cheesecake for $7.
We spent the day running errands and the evening buying baseboards.

Reader Wil said...

I hope the cake was great and tasted good!. I never take notice of prices. I suppose, that most of the time it's okay what I pay! Good on you that you went back to the shop.

Anonymous said...

OMG...this story reminds me of the pic where the road line painter does the zig around the tree branch lying partly in the road, rather than stopping to kick it out of the way...what the hell is wrong with a cashier who doesn't take the time to double-check a ridiculous price like before mindlessly punching it thru?!

great advice once again...

ps...can you tell i'm stll a little bitchy after the last few days encounters with few others who who need a punch in the face? ;)

Anonymous said...

umm...that should have been 'a few others'...which of course mean something totally different...

ok...shutting up now...

have a great week LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I can't believe the cashier rang that up! She noticed and still rang it up? WOW! But if it's anything like my grocery store...then the cashier is either 12-years-old or 112.

Stepping said...

I once ate a $14 cookie before I realized how much it cost and didn't even enjoy it.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

MLS-Yes, I am. For shame, for shame.

Erin-That's what I'm thinking but still $6 was better than $48.

CroneandBearit-Snaps for me and my bags.

Debbie-Or something!

Binks-Or maybe you just think it was $7. LOL

RW-It was delicious at any price.........well almost.

Thistle-LOLOL! I know, even if she would have said $48! She was young.

Fancy-She was much closer to 12. Probably 16. Ugh. At least she wasn't on the phone to her bf.

SteppinThru-Geesh, that must have been some cookie!

Pseudo said...

Thanks for including us in your Valentine's. I love the slices of cake.

I think my next MITB will be our frugal Valentine's.