Monday, February 23, 2009


There's too much to do at the MHS/SMB household these days. It seems like all we do is work, work, work. By Saturday afternoon, both My Harley Stud and I were feeling like "who did it and ran". We needed an escape. Fortunately for us, we have a motorcycle in the garage and a beach close by. It only took me a few minutes to get ready to ride when he suggested that we "get outtahere" for awhile. MHS knows where to go to calm my nerves, unruffle my feathers and soothe my soul: The Beach. More specifically to the inlet.

The inlet calls to me. The lighthouse beckons. I love to watch the boats come in and go out. It makes my day to walk along the fisherman on the jetty and peer into their buckets to see their daily catch. It gives me great joy to walk along the sea wall and look down into the crevices between the huge rocks to search for crabs that live there. The birds are flying overhead and diving into the water to show off their superior fishing skills. There are kids with boogie boards and old men chatting on park benches. It's a people watching feast. It's clear that I'm not the only one to which the inlet calls. Young and old, sportsman and photographers, tourists and locals, we all love the inlet.

It's easy to get caught up in the tasks of day to day life and forget to take time to smell the roses or the sea salt as the case may be. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we live in a sub-tropical paradise.

There were no crabs to be found that day. Darn!

I did find one Mountain Dew bottle but I didn't take a picture.

Littering makes me mad.

I like it when the fisherman are bold enough to climb out onto the rocks. Then I don't have to worry about getting tangled in their lines on my crab hunt along the sea wall.

I guess it wasn't a very good day for fishing because not one bucket had something fun to see.

Look at this handsome devil trying to pick up chicks.

Isn't it lovely?

Where do you go to get away from it all?


Anonymous said...

That has to be one of the loveliest spots I've seen. I totally understand why you love it.

Beth said...

Gorgeous! And I wish I could head to the beach. Well, I guess I can (we are 2 hours away) but it seems like so many other things get in the way.

Sometimes my husband and I go away for the weekend to St. Augustine Beach, FL. We love the beach. And we love the Old Town history (and drinks within walking distance to the hotel).

For every day get aways, it is usually the backyard. 'Cept in the winter. And I am so over winter right now.

K Dubs said...

ahhhhhhhh that looked like heaven right now. I'm so over the snow. Right now? I get into a book to go away. In the summer? If I'm not at the beach on Cape Cod (my nirvana) I'll go over to Lake Michigan for a quick substitute.

Anonymous said...

Makes me sigh. I would love to have the best of both worlds, both these beautiful mountains I live in and your beach..... maybe in my next life.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Vodka Mom said...

I love that!!! I have always had an affinity for the water. WHich is why I live smack in the middle of the mountains.....

Anonymous said...

I need some place like this to go and get away from it all. But i think i may need more than one day...

The one shot reminds me of the pier at White Rock...which the best and closest place for ocean walks around here. Lovely...thanks for sharing.

cheatymoon said...

We live 10 minutes from a beach, but it is currently under 2 feet of snow. ::sigh::

Love the photos. When I escape, I drive to the mountains - about an hour. But we can't drive anywhere today... 2 feet of snow (but no school, so I can catch up on google reader).

Lori said...

That is beautiful! I love the ocean and seeing the lack of the "white stuff" in your pictures makes me long to get out of here even more. So sick of the cold and snow...ugh. We did get away for the weekend but not away from the snow and cold...played in the snow for 2 days..hey if you can't beat it, join it right?!

Barb said...

Beautiful! I love the beach too. Our getaway is the farm almost every weekend. As much work as it is, it is a different kind of feeling to work up there. (I'd still like to go to the beach though :-)!)

Anonymous said...

Ah, I wish there were some way to soothe my soul and calm my nerves. As it is, I've given up caffeine and alcohol for the time being. You'll also be amused to know that I'm going to be looking into a yoga class this afternoon.

I'll refrain from hollering "Booyah!" during class. If I can.

Anonymous said...

I go to my home in Texas to sooth my weary soul, unless HBL plans a party at the last minute. But...I survived, and all is well with the world again. Your inlet looks lovely and I noticed everyone has on jackets so now I know why you were brrrrrr'ing after your ride. Hope the back is better. :)

Anonymous said...

The photos are lovely - I need to be by the water to collect my thoughts and restore my soul.

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to the intlet, but alas, all I have around here is snow.....
I'm going to make it to Florida one day yet!!

Lo said...

uh, my wine bottle? i kid. i kid. i think. uhm, usually it's to florida. (heh. coincidence?) or to lake geneva.... basically anywhere near water!!!!

Debbie said...

Fabulous photos! I used to go up in the mountains to get away. Funny but I don't feel a big need to get away anymore. I hadn't thought about it until you asked.

Reader Wil said...

Lovely beach SMB! I hope it did you good, better than the gym! Where do I go when I want to get away from everything. Well I don't want to go away, I feel most happy when I am at home.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Well, you already know my answer... you can find me (all the time) at the beach. BTW, I'll be in florida sometime in the next 2 months. I don't know quite when yet .........

Smart Mouth Broad said...

BV-I know, right?

Beth-I love St. Augustine too. But the backyard is also nice.

Kathy-Cape Cod is some place I've always wanted to see.

BRG-I think I might choose the breathtaking views of your neighborhood to the beach......maybe.......I think........But I'm not sure.

VM-Isn't that always the way?

Thistle-You keep talking about that vacation.....c'mon down.

Movie-The snow and especially snow days sound great to me but I know it would get old really quick.

Smiles-It sounds like you had a great escape too.

Barb&Steve-I know what you mean. I'm enjoying reading about it.

Jan-No caffeine or alcohol. Forget Booyah, try BooHoo!

I can't wait to hear what you think of the yoga class.

MLS-You loved every minute of that party and you know it. And had the headache to prove it.

MsMVNJ-It works every time.

WW-Make sure you send me an email so we can meet.

Lo-The wine bottle is always a good alternative. LOL

Debbie-You've found it. You're living the ultimate get away.

RW-I'm a homebody too but when everywhere you look there is too much work to be done, sometimes I have to get OUT!

24-The Real California Girl. Be sure to let me know when you're coming.

Princess and the Degree said...

The water looks so nice. I am ready for spring break and the beaches.

Pseudo said...

Ah, well, you know where I go ; -)

Loved these pictures, thanks for taking us along. The water is such a pretty color.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Princess-It won't be long.

Pseudo-Yes I do know and I'm afraid our beaches don't compare to yours but we like them.