Monday, November 17, 2008

HIP HOP BOOTY for beginners

It was back to Hip Hop Booty after work today. I have to tell you: THIS.CLASS.IS.SO.MUCH.FUN. The class is led by P & J. Their styles are completely different and yet both awesome. They are really good sports as well. I spoke to them prior to class and explained that I blog and wanted to take pictures. I even asked them to show off a little extra for the camera. After answering several questions (like: Do you do it for a company? NO. Do you do it for money? NO. How many hits do you get in a day? Oh...uh...thousands. *cough, cough, cough* Why do you do it? I have absolutely no idea but I love it.) They promised that they would show off for me but not tonight. You see, P is preparing for some sort of fitness competition and was completely wiped out. He said he would just be consulting and not teaching tonight. That and the fact that we are working on creating a new dance and because of all the starts and stops, it didn't make for good video. But not one to be easily discouraged, I did video anyway.

The class is made up mostly of young girls but I'm not always the oldest. Believe me when I say that I am NO GOOD at hip hop but I am improving. It's great exercise and really fun. Still, there are some moves that this tired old body just won't do. And when I try,'s just not pretty.

Tonight, we worked on some choreography that broke us into two groups and my group was shooting at the other group. After all the crap I've given Nole Boy for the last week about listening to thug rap, I felt like a bit of a hypocrite. I'm still no fan of the song we were using but as they used to say in American Bandstand, "It has a good beat and you can dance to it."

The video is of the same choreography we've been working on for the last few weeks but now it's slowed down and to a different song. It is supposed to help you build your skills to slow down the steps. It is more difficult to do it slowly. This was prior to the shoot 'em up that we did at the end of class. Once P gets back from competition, I'll get P&J to really show their stuff for you. Until then, here is a not so good sample of the class. As you will see, P couldn't keep himself from dancing a bit once the music started.

To what lengths will you go to embarrass yourself for the sake of fitness?


Anonymous said...

as Goodfather would say...First!....that does look like a fun class...which makes the time ( and the pain)go by un-noticed doesn't it!

Thanks for sharing...!

Pseudo said...

I am impressed Smart Mouth. I relaly need to kick it up a notch because the walks aren't doing it so much. Skin's a hanging places it shouldn't. My daughter wants me to go to her tap class. I might. I always wanted to do that.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Honestly - it looks like so much fun! Do you think it's something I could do one armed?

Anonymous said...

FOURTH! Hmm. Top 5!!!

That class does look like fun. I always wanted to try a dancing class, or something like Tae Bo, but I never had the nerve. I think the elliptical at the club is pretty embarrassing, heh.

Anonymous said...

It DOES look like fun...and sounds like more fun than "Iron Bodies." Do they, perchance, have a "Marshmallow Bodies" class I could attend?

qtpie said...

I need to find one of those hip hop classes around here. I think dancing would be more fun than stair climbers and weight machines. You're lucky you found one. I've never heard of one around here but I'm going to start looking!

Lori said...

Now that looks like fun. If I lived by you, I would be going to these classes with you. There is nothing like this where I live. I would have to drive at least an hour to go to a class like this and then I am not even sure if they would have anything like this. Bummer. I am so jealous!

Anonymous said...

You know I'm reading blogs & commenting when I'm supposed to be learning something in class. Now what I want to ask is ......which one do u most resemble of the two teachers? I'm just trying to get a good mental pic of you doing the booty shake. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this! Right now I am on crutches and PT is not very stimulating but when I can actually walk on my own two legs again I am going to have to build up the muscles in my legs and hips to hold my legs in sockets. This would be so much fun. Wonder if I can find Hip Hop Booty in Western Oklahoma? Yeah, right! Maybe Country Line Dancing!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Thistle-You are right about that. I don't think I've ever taken any exercise class where I wished it would last longer.

Pseudo-That's what I had to do. My workout was stale. When I'm having fun, I'll work harder. I would LOVE to take a tap class. I've looked all over for a class that won't put me with the 6 year olds (my level) but the only one was just too far. Do it!

24-Absolutely. Believe me, there are plenty of modifications that I make too. Some parts just don't want to move like an 18 year old. But you being 24 and all will be just fine. *wink*

GF-You really should try it. You just have to be able to laugh at yourself. For me, that's 1/2 the fun. It's way more fun than the elliptical. I used to love Tae Bo. I haven't done it or along time tho.

Jan-Yeah, Iron Bodies is a great workout, probably better than this but the dancing is just so much more fun.

QTP-Do they have LA Fitness there? Nole Boy tells me that the LA Fitness here has a HHB class.

Smiles-If you lived here, I would hold you to it. We'd have a great time.

MLS-Hahaha! Neither by far. J is very athletic and Justin Timberlake like. P is smoothe and natural born dancer who has never taken a class. And neither shows me any mercy because I am an old broad. None. Nada. It's Bring it or else!

Stepping Thru-I bet they have videos. You could build up at your own pace.

Tricia said...

That looks like too much fun to be exercise. Go SMB!!!