Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm feeling a bit under the weather today and finding it hard to put a complete thought together. (even more than usual) So since my brain is jumping from one thing to the next at lightning speed, I figured it would just be easier to go with it. Jan over at Jan's Sushi Bar sometimes does a Friday Randomness post but today she has great recipe instead (check it out) so in the spirit of Jan's idea, here in no particular order are the thoughts going through my head today:

It has come to my attention (D2 is a double agent) that Nole Boy has some country, Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift, on his ipod. I think that means I'm the WINNER! Yippie! I mean, all I wanted to know was that he liked country music. Sooo, if it's on his ipod, I think that means I'M.THE.WINNER! I received an email this morning from him saying that my last attempt was "awful". And he thinks most rap is not appropriate to be sending to his girlfriend's mother (I reminded him, garbage in, garbage out) so his new strategy is to shuffle his ipod and send me whatever comes up first. While he doesn't have to convince me to like other genres, I like them all (except rap), I will continue to play our game since it will be fun and interesting to see what he likes. And since I am THE WINNER and no longer have to convert him as he is already converted, I will stop thinking about what he might like and instead send subtle messages: Like "Mama has a real bad temper and Daddy has a shotgun". He's gonna love me!

I love the Rockettes. They were on the Today Show this morning. There is something about watching those beautiful women step and kick in perfect time that makes me smile. I know I should be offended because it's just not fair for someone's legs to be that long. Have I mentioned that I'm 5'2"?

I think it's funny that while growing up all of D1's friends called me Mrs. Broad and D2's friends called me Ms. Smart Mouth. Growing up in Indiana, we always called our friends' parents by their first name with no Miss, Mrs or Mr. My mother who was raised in Illinois found this to be very disrespectful. What's it like in your neck of the woods?

I mentioned that I'm under the weather. This brings to mind comfort food.

  • Toast. Toast smells good, it's warm, and delightful with just butter. I save the jam for when I'm feeling better.
  • Milk toast. This is something my Grandpa introduced me to years ago. It's weird, I know. No one I know but me eats this stuff. Buttered toast with warm milk poured over it.
  • Chicken soup. Obviously. Preferably with grilled cheese.
  • Honey and lemon Halls
  • And anything else I want. A girl should not be expected to observe good dietary habits when she feels like crap.

What's your go-to food of choice when you're feeling puny?

Why is it so hard to find the perfect pillow?

Some (most) might say that I suffer from A.D.D. I like to refer to it as SASS. Short Attention Span Syndrome. It's becoming more and more difficult to stay focused. Oh, look, something shiny. *sigh*

As I write this, I'm enjoying a cup of Captain Michael's Full Steam Ahead Savannah Seduction coffee. Boy, that was a mouth full. It's quite yummy. MHS found it in the Paula Deen store while we were waiting for our table at the Lady and Sons. And you can purchase it online. Gee, these people should pay me for endorsements. LOL

Why is it that many of us bloggers who never rarely cuss curse in our daily lives swear like drunken sailors on our blogs? It's certainly true of me. And I've heard it all over. D2 told me, "Mommy, you're a potty mouth on your blog." Around here, if I say a bad word, it's like that old EF Hutton commercial, everything stops and everyone listens.

OK, the random thought going through my head right now is that I MUST get up off my arse and get something done around here. This place is a mess and the tissues are starting to pile up. I should probably go disinfect the place.

Please feel free to leave your random thoughts here with me where they will be safe.

Til we meet again…aaaahhhhhh choooo!


Lo said...

hm. well i'm from all over(military kid) but i've always called elders mrs./mr. so-and-so, until they correct me and then i can callt hem their first name. but that's just something in ME, and at 24, i still do it.

im the reverse. i don't swear on my blog. but in real life? watch out. i think its bc i have a lot of christian readers who pop in from time to time, and i really dont want to offend. and probably i shouldn't cuss that much anyway, so its good practice.

i eat chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese. and steak. i am a true believer that steak will cure anything. well. except the stomach flu. then i just drink chicken broth.

i can never find the right damn pillow. andwhen i do my husband usually steals it, right from under my HEAD whiel i'm sleeping. thanks. love ya too.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Ooooo - thanks for the linky love, darlin'. By all means, run with the Friday Randomness - I'd have done it this week except I sort of did a rambling post on Tuesday, and I firmly believe that no one (except Beloved, of course) should be subjected to my ramblings more than once a week.

I love the Rockettes too, but most of them have legs longer than my entire being - I'm 5 feet tall. That's it.

Oooohhhh, comfort food. Where shall I begin? Black-eyed peas and cornbread. My homemade mashed potatoes. Cream of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. My homemade mac 'n' cheese. Southern style banana pudding (the kind with the vanilla wafers). I could go on and on. If I'm sick any of those will help, unless it's something like the stomach flu, then I don't eat anything.

I was always instructed to call adults by Mr. or Mrs. and their last name unless they gave me permission to call them by their first name, and then I was to precede it with Mister or Miss. My children do the same, and they say things like "Yes, ma'am" and "No, sir." It must be a Southern thing, because when we moved to Ohio, I got a phone call from one of The Young One's teachers, who wanted to know what his motivations were when he said things like "yes, ma'am." I was like, "He's trying to be POLITE?" Nor was she the only adult who has mentioned it to me, although all of the others were much more complimentary.

What kind of pillows do you like? Beloved picks out ours, and I must say he has a knack for it.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Lo-I think being a military child has a lot to do with that. Respect is a big thing in the military. Personally, I like it and think that is the way it should be until given permission otherwise.

I love steak but don't really think of it as a comfort food.

The ongoing quest for a great pillow is so frustrating.

MsMeta-Thank you. I just love it when someone babies me. :-)

Jan-Your comfort foods sound awesome but do you actually make those things when you don't feel well. Sounds like way too much effort for me. I love cream of tomato too but only homemade. Can't do the can and that's all I have energy for now. I can usually find a canned chicken noodle that will do. Although lately, I'm harder to please. *sigh*

I had a similar experience with one of D2's friends who couldn't understand why she called the girl's mom, Ms.Jones. It's a respect thing and I like it.

Please tell Beloved that if he ever comes to Florida, I want to go pillow shopping with him. You come too. We'll have fuuuunnn!

Tricia said...

I'm so sorry you're not feeling well and hope those sniffles and coughs head out the door soon.

I'm a Yankee gone South and down here they do the whole Miss and Mr thing followed by a first name (as Jan described above), and it's been a very strange transition for me. But as they say, do as the locals do, so I'm working on it with my son.

And I have to say, I just love your definition of SASS. I'm quite sure I suffer from lot sof SASS.

Anonymous said...

Yay for being The Winner. But was there ever any doubt about that?

Sorry your feeling poorly. Rest up and drink up!

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry you're sick, that is no fun at all. I would email you a cup of my chicken soup, but I emailed some to Jan when SHE was sick, and she said it was AWFUL. So I'll save you that experience, at least.

Milk toast? I've never tried it, but it sounds delicious...

Anonymous said...

hmmm...milk toast sounds a little like 'condensed milk sandwiches' they talk about in The Englsih Patient...a little treat from wartimes perhaps?

oh, and i'm here to tell you and and Jan...I Am The Winnah!!..woohoo...cos i am 5'2 and a half...hah!...seriously, do you now how seldom i meet people shorter than me...**performing the snoopy happy dance right now**

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes.

Tricia-I agree, do as the locals do unless the locals are nuts. I think I'm a Southerner at heart even though I miss Indiana like crazy. But I like the Southern way. And the accent.
I've suffered from SASS for years so I don't think it's a midlife thing. Now you've confirmed it because you're not there yet. :-)

Fancy-I never doubted that it could be done. Tho I can't say I'm responsible for the conversion. It was already on his ipod when we started. But I can claim to be the WINNER!

GF-I've had your soup. You uploaded some to me the last time I was feeling puny. Which makes me think that maybe I need to get some of that Airborne MLS keeps telling to get.
I love milk toast but my family thinks it's gross. It's just milk and toast. How gross can that be? I usually only have it when I am sick tho.

Thistle-I'm going to have to watch again. I don't remember those. Sometimes the movies watch me (sleeping) more than I watch the movies. *sigh* You could be right about the wartime treat as it did come from my grandfather.

And you are even more the WINNER because truth be told I am really 5'1" 1/2. I just like the way 5'2" sounds better. So happy dance yourself another 1/2 inch. LOL

Vodka Mom said...

omg you're damn right. However, I DO tend to use cuss words when I've:
1. Spilled coffee ALL over myself and my white Gap vest on my way to work on a Friday morning!! (son of a bitch).
2. Dropped the coffee mug i refilled in the middle of my classroom and it broke into a million pieces! (SON OF A BITCH!!!)
3. Dropped the litter box our classroom rabbit uses on the way to the garbage can because my hand was slippery from the DAMN COFFEE.

Vodka Mom said...

oh, and I like to call myself a random romantic. sounds better than ADD. (i accidently typed ass. )

Smart Mouth Broad said...

VodkaMom-Oh me too. Always when I spill something but I don't think that counts. Kind of like the 6 second rule.

Pseudo said...

So sorry you're not feeling well. Sending interent good vibes your way so you get better for your weekend.

Over here adults that are considered extended family (which means any slightly close association) are called auntie or uncle. so I am auntie pseudo. My daughter's closest friends call me mamma pseudo.

I'm horrible at knowing the names of musical artists, so I am no help for your muscial dilemas, but I like everything pretty much except for rap. Rock and old style blues are my fav.

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

feel better!


Jason, as himself said...

Milk toast? I think that would make me feel worse. But I'd like some chicken soup with grilled cheese, please.

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief. You are all ove the place today with randomness. Hope you feel better.
I will be taking my 5 foot 3 frame to NYC next month to see the Rockettes. Can't wait.
My feel good food is anything someone else prepares for me.

The award you graciously bestowed upon me has been duly noted at The Asylum and will take its place on my side bar soon.

Lori said...

First off, I hope that you feel much better soon.
Second of all, I have never felt so tall ever...I am 5' 5".
When I don't feel good I uusally don't want to eat anything but when I am feeling down or stressed and need some comfort food, I make hummus or eat chips and salsa. And most of the time unless I'm sick to my stomach a good cup of coffee or tea brings me the most comfort.

As far as swearing goes, I rarely swear on my blog and I work really hard at not swearing around my little people. I used to swear like a drunken sailor but having kids and working in the childcare business all these years, cleaned up my potty mouth. Now, I do let a few slip here and there and I do swear in my head a lot though. When children are not around I am a little freer with my words.

I agree that a lost art is showing respect to our elders and addressing them with respect. I demanded that my children show respect to their elders(well, to all people in general actually)and to this day they are all very respectful people.

I wish I could make you some of my homemade chicken noodle soup but I have a feeling it wouldn't be too good by the time it got there to you...but hey if I brought it to you, I could stop and visit my kids!

Have a good weekend and hope you are feeling like dancing soon!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Thanks, everyone, for the virtual chicken soup and well wishes. It's definitely helping because I am feeling better.

Pseudo-I did know that about the Auntie and Uncle thing from Pualani. Funny how different areas all seem to handle it differently.

Lynn-Good to see you're taking a break from your busy schedule.

Jason-Iknow it's weird but I like it.

Swampy-Yes, it's scrary to see the workings of my mind sometimes. I'm so jealous that you're going to see the Rockettes. Take lots of pictures and share them, pleeeeeeease!

Smiles-You just jump in your car and bring it on down. We can go down to see your family and then get that spin and hip hop booty class in because I'm sure I'll be feeling fine by the time you get here after your long ride. (I think that might be the longest sentence in history. LOL)

qtpie said...

And you call yourself a relocated Hoosier... Everyone in Indiana knows the two best flavors in the world are chicken noodle soup and a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As for comfort favorite comfort food was taught to me by mother and she learned it from Grandma, etc etc... Chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes and corn... (All that starch is WONDERFUL) And as for the Mr. or Mrs. part, I grew up calling my friends parents Mr. or Mrs. It was a sign of respect. Nowadays, its first names with everyone. When a kid actually says thank you Mrs. So and So, it takes me by surprise.

Anonymous said...

My gosh! Is it a prerequisite to be short if you blog? I must have missed that memo because I stand a head taller than most of you. 5'9" and with any kind of heel I stand eye to eye with HBL and he's 6'.

O.k. now for that milk toast. ewwwww......'nuf said. My comfort food when I'm sick is my homemade chicken and noodle and cornbread pancakes. mmmmm...mmmm...good.

I'm glad you linked to Captain Michael's because I was afraid you'd started drinking fancy alcoholic drinks before 10 a.m.

You barely curse in your blog so now you make me feel bad because I really DO curse at times. Sometimes I generic curse but you still get the idea and I feel much better, at the same time.

I love that kleenex dispenser. Is that at your house or at your office? IF it's at your office, why are you blogging and not working??? *wink*

O.K. that enough of my responding to your random stuff. I'm tired and I can't wait to go the Penney's to buy the underwear you suggested. That's on my "list of things to drag HBL to do on Sunday when he'd rather be home working on his latest project". Wish him luck. :)

Did you get the Airborne?? Are you healed yet???

Anonymous said...

Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup or if no grilled cheese then buttered saltines. My sickly day food of comfort.
I too think I am A.D.D. or S.A.S.S. as you so eloquently put it. I also have frequent brain farts! Quite embarrassing!
MLS got all the height in our family, I'm only 5'5". (Not fair!)
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

QTP-I've never had a grilled PBJ before. Are you sure that's a Hoosier thing? And I'm right there with you on Grandma's chicken and noodles with the mashed potatoes but as I said earlier I would have to make them and I just don't feel like that. I do still get homemade noodles from the egg lady in Indiana so I can make that Hoosier favorite. It's funny that we grew up 10 miles away from each other and the name thing was so different.

MLS-Stop bragging already. *wink*
I know, I know, nobody likes milk toast but me. Care to share your recipe for cornbread pancakes? They sound yummy. Kind of like the hoe cakes at the Lady and Sons, I would guess.
I curse in my head more than anything, I guess. It doesn't come out often because I'm so pure of heart and all. The tissue picture was stolen/borrowed from the internet. Don't mention my name when you tell HBL that you want to go shopping for underwear when you haven't been home in weeks. What's his latest project? No airborne. I haven't left the house. But I am feeling a somewhat better now, thank you.

SteppingThru-I love tomato soup too but only if it's homemade. I have SASS, brain farts and mental pause. LOL My grandma on my mother's side was not even 5' so I feel quite tall compared to her.