Sunday, November 2, 2008


Tomorrow I'm leaving for Savannah with My Harley Stud, my brother, Smitty and his friend, Pualani. Smitty and Pualani will arrive in the morning from Maui. MHS and I will meet them at the airport and drive to Savanna from there. I've mentioned before that I'm a foodie and a Food Network addict. My brother was the one who introduced me to the Food Network years ago. Since then I've become a HUGE Paula Deen fan. I love Southern cooking and have the arse to prove it. *sigh*

We have reservations to dine at Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons. I've never been one to swoon over celebrities. I could never understand women who yell, scream, throw bras and faint at the sight of the Beatles, Elvis, Justin Timberlake or Tim McGraw. But if Paula Deen is there, I just might make a fool of all of us. I can see myself running up and telling her something intelligent like, "You're my biggest fan!"

Stay tuned for pictures. I'll be the one chasing Paula Deen down the street, screaming like a banshee about how much I love her. She'll be the one running away while frantically dialing 911 on her cell phone, followed by a call to her lawyer to file a restraining order against me.


Anonymous said...

Have a great time! And yes, we are hoping you do something silly, so we can have a nice laugh reading all about it!

Anonymous said...

southern cooking is the best...i have a cookbook that is nothing but fabulous artery clogging recipes from the south...good thing i can't cook LOL

Anonymous said...

I heart Paula Deen. Paula's Party looks like such a blast.

Although I'd probably stroke out after eating one of her recipes. Looks/sounds delish but all that butter would probably kill me. lol

Have a wonderful time! Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

I lurve me some Paula Deen, too, but the celebrity chef I'd make a fool out of myself for - yes, including throwing my underwear at him - is Mario Batali.

A big, red-headed, teddy bear of a man who can cook? *woof*

PlungerGirl said...

My in-laws went and said the line was SO long! But it was during the summer so maybe it won't be so bad.

I have a friend who knows her personally--did you know she's agoraphobic? Apparently "recovered" now, but always brings people with her.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Fancy-You can count on it.

Thistle-Can't wait to try her hoe cakes.

Diana-I'm really trying to be good these days but for I am definitely not observing my diet at the restaurant. (even if I have to spend the rest of the day at the gym)

Jan-I love Mario too. He's the real deal!

PG-MHS and I have tried to go before but got there too late. Pualani has an "in" so we have reservations this time.
I didn't know that. Poor thing won't know what hit her once I get there. (if she is there)LOL

Tricia said...

Since you annihilated our Dawgs, the least you can do is drive to GA and enjoy some Deen cuisine. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Tricia said...

PS: I like your new color scheme.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what her age is....

She cooks so good it automatically makes her sexy!

Oh, and you can't possibly be thinking making that Fla State photo as your Christmas cards???

Now, come on up to Athens, put on some Ga Bulldog outfits and you'll be everyone's favorite relatives!

Bear Naked said...

Have fun and do something blogworthy just for us please.
And pictures we are going to need pictures.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

I swear I left a comment earlier. Did you delete it? Come on, fess up because I know I can't be thinking I did when I didn't because I never do things like that. Nope, not ever ever ever.

My daughter whined when I told her you were going to see Paula. I hope you get to see her in the flesh. Well, not just in the flesh, but with clothes on of course, but for real.

Have fun and be safe!!!!

Pseudo said...

Oh, you are gonna love it. You are so lucky to have an in. We were on vacation summer 07 and spent a couple of days in Savannah. I made my family wait in line for quite a bit for my dinner at Lady and Sons. The chicken pot pie my husband had was to die for.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time!! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Lori said...

I so hope you get to see her so you have a fun exciting story to tell us about! Hope you have a great time!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Tricia-Wrong Florida team. We are actually the ones that took a beating from Georgia Tech while UF was whooping up on the Dawgs. We were FOR the Dawgs. It was a sad day for us both. :-(

Slick-I'll give Paula your regards should I get to see her. She loves young studs like you.

Bear-I've got my camera all charged up and ready to go.

MLS-Maybe you left your comment on a blog across town. *wink*

Pseudo-reservations 6:30 tonite. Can't wait.

GF-Thanks. I'll do my best to get some good pics to share.

Smiles-We are really looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck in the house for a couple of weeks after hip surgery and spent most of today watching the Food Network! I printed off at least a dozen recipes. I might have to put together a cookbook by the end of the two weeks.
Thanks for making me jealous!