Saturday, November 15, 2008


While I am always grateful for the blessings mentioned here that make my life complete, today I am counting the simple joys in my life that add a little kick and make me smile. As you will see, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

  1. The view of the sunset at the lake
  2. The distant sound of a train's whistle on a quiet night
  3. Soup
  4. Warm footy socks
  5. Soft tissues
  6. Tivo
  7. Soft sheets
  8. DVDs
  9. Long, hot showers
  10. Hearing Bobby Bowden say "Dadgummit!"
For What things are you grateful for today?


Anonymous said...

1. My box or kleenex tissued for stuffy nose.
2. Fresh brewed coffee in the morning
3. Chai Latte Flavored Coffee Creamer
4. Grandchildren
5. Warm Pajamas
6. Pantry full of food
7. Loving Hubby
8. Computer Technology
9. Friends
10. Fuzzy slippers

(Please note these are in no particular order)

Happy Sunday!
The Blue Ridge Gal

Lori said...

Grateful for many things because like you it doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy.
1. My cell phone that enables me to talk to my chidren and grandchildren A LOT and the fact that my children call me A LOT.
2. For the internet that connects me with people like you.
3. Coffee, hot and black
4. That I am in a home with heat and not living in my car or a cardboard box, since it's cold outside and suppose to get colder.
5. Little voices telling me they love me constantly.
6. Weekend football games
7. For the hot wings and bloody mary's that I will partake of while watching football.
8. For the fact that I have children and grandchildren to miss and right now I am missing them a lot.
9. Laughter
10. For my big king size bed that allows for big cuddle fests with my little people and my not so little people when they are home for visits. Everyone loves my bed.

Hope your feeling better soon. Great list you made! Happy Sunday!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

BRG-Great list. Sounds like we are suffering from the same bug.

Smiles-Also great list. I love bloody mary's and hot wings but together I would fear a real stomach ache. *sigh*

Pseudo said...

1. Quiet moments in the morning before everyone wakes up.
2. Everytime my children arrive home safely now that they are both driving.
3. Free long distance so I can talk to my family every weekend.
4. Going out for a walk in my shorts in November.
5. My son staying home last night and having a movie night with me.
6. A husband who doesn't mind grocery shopping and errand running for me.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I'm grateful for my company laying me off so I can finally take the time to really write! And that's so big, it takes up the whole list right now!

Anonymous said...

Great list!

First coffee of the morning.
The smell of fresh-cut grass.
Cuddling with the girls on a Saturday morning.

Vodka Mom said...

grateful for...
a sister I can laugh with, and cry with.
a daughter who misses her mom when she's at school
a son who laughs like a girl and keeps me smiling......

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for all the things you mentioned except that last one but only because I have no idea who that is. I googled him though, but I still have no idea who he is except he's a football coach.

I'm kind of too tired to think so I'm going to list my gratefuls in a separate post. In other words, I'll be copying you, dear friend.

Hope your Sunday has been great. muahh

Anonymous said...

hah!...a DAD who actually says 'dadgummit'...and
sunday naps...really long ones...cos apparently i seem to have had another mini-stroke as the fuddle in my head's the only explanation LOL

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Pseudo-I especially like movie night when the kids are home.

NGIP-You go, GIRL!

GF-Morning cuddle time is a great one.

VM-A sister is a very special thing.

MLS-Bobby is a Seminole icon. Just love him!
And by all means, Dear, copy away!

Thistle-I love it. Is he related to Bobby? Sunday naps are rare around here but cherished non the less.

qtpie said...

Favorite simple things in life...
1) Sitting in the three season room with my parents, H2 and the boys and just talking to each other. Finding out what we are all about.

2) Cooking a big meal and having Z1,L1 and M1 come over so we are all together and hanging out as a family.

3) M1... He's L1's son and he is 3. He's the little slice of heaven in my life.

4) Looking at the smokey mountains in the fall and feeling so little compared to its vastness

5) Sitting on my porch in the morning with my diet mountain dew and a good book while everyone else is sleeping

6) A warm shower after a hard day at work

7) Being all snuggled in my home, with H2 and the boys knowing everyone is safe as a winter storm buries us outside

8) Sitting by a fire outside and listen to all the men and menboys play their acoustic guitars and really enjoy themselves. (Those times are rare)

9) Curling up with a good book, all snuggled in a blanket and no one else is home.

10) Having a cousin who writes like a real live Erma Bomback... It lets me know she's going through the same things I am and laughing all the way through it. I look forward to everything she writes. I glad we have the same blood running through us. Maybe some of creative writing talent will rub off on me.


Smart Mouth Broad said...

QTP-Great list. I especially like the last one. *wink*

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Did you mention soup? Yum! Oh, how I hope the temp drops out of the 90's soon so that I can have soup without sweating! I am grateful for so many things. I would take up pages writing it all down. Sigh!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

24-We're having a cool snap right now so soup is a really good thing.