Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My Entertainer of the Year (Kenny Chesney really won)

I have a rule. I believe that anyone worth their salt likes country music. I would and often do go as far as to say that if you don't like country music, then you don't have a soul. Oh sure, I have friends that I love dearly that claim they don't like country. I think they're lying. Or maybe they are in denial. They just don't KNOW that they like country music yet. I mean where else can you play music backwards and get your dog back, your wife back, your house and your job back. Sorry, I know it's an old joke, but I love it anyway. I crack myself up sometimes. I'm corny like that.

What I love about country music is that it usually tells a story. Sometimes the story is humorous. Sometimes it's sad. Sometimes it's a delightfully sappy love story. But almost without fail there are some good old fashioned, wholesome values there that cannot be denied even when we're talking about drinking whisky and reading the bible in the same song.

As I write this post, I am watching the 42nd Annual CMA Awards ceremony. Country music is so much more than Conway Twitty twang. Not that there is anything wrong with that genre. I love me some twangy music too. But country is so much more than just that. My parents love(d) country. My kids love it. It's the one area of music that we can all agree on and survive a roadtrip.

And then of course, there's Brad Paisley. I love his humor and his musicality. I mean, what's not to love about a song that says, "I wanna check you for ticks."?

I have a problem. Daughter #2 has fallen for a boy who claims he doesn't like country music. And he seems like such a nice boy too. I told you about them, remember. I showed you their picture. Cute kid. Well mannered. Comes from a good family. Wants to be a lawyer. (OK, so he's not perfect.) But how can I allow D2 to continue this romance if the guy doesn't have a soul!

So, I've started a campaign to save his soul. For the last few days, I have been emailing him songs trying to convince him that he really does like country music and then I can rest knowing that he does indeed have a soul. Below is a copy of the correspondence that has taken place thus far:

From: Smart Mouth Broad

Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 10:01 pm

Subject: Just trying to save your soul

To: Nole Boy

Attachment: Brad Paisley's "Waitin on a Woman"

This may not convince you to like country but it might help to

understand why you're always waiting. LOL

But I will convince you that you like country if it kills me.

I'm sure you do have a soul.

From: Nole Boy

Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 12:07 AM

To: Smart Mouth Broad

Subject: Nice try!!!!!

Haha, Well unfortunately Mrs. Broad that one just didn't appeal to me.

But it did sound alot like D2 : ).

You can keep trying but I'm warning you I'm one tough cookie and I

don'tcrack easily. So I look foward to more attempts to save my


Gotta admire the kid for sticking to his convictions.

From: Smart Mouth Broad

Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 7:35 pm

Subject: RE:Nice try!!!!!

To: Nole Boy

Attachment: Darius Rucker's "Don't Think I Don't Think About It"

OK, strike one.

How about this one? He's African American. It's almost rap. LOL And it's


Let me know.

:-) SMB

And his answer:

So that's what happened to Hootie.... But where are the Blowfish????

It actually wasn't terrible,

but it's going to take a lot more than that to make me a fan, lol.

So far, no luck. What's a girl to do?

Then it came to me! That light bulb moment. What is it that Oprah says? "AHA!" Yeah, that's it. I have millions of more than three readers who can help me out here. I need some suggestions. What songs can I send that will guarantee success? And please be quick about it. Christmas is coming and I don't want to have to buy this guy a gift if he doesn't have a soul and he'll be history before New Years!


I received an email last night at 1am from Nole Boy. (He's a college kid and keeps those kind of hours)

It appears that Nole Boy feels that if I am trying to convert him to my country way of thinking that it's "only fair" that he open my eyes to the joys of, Lord, save us, RAP music. We (like how I've included you) have to step it up a notch, people. Because I love all music but rap just makes me want to hurt someone. Don't let that happen. I need to accomplish my goal even faster now, puleeeeze! It's GAME ON!


Anonymous said...


How about: 'Before He Cheats', Carrie Underwood? That song tells a story...

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift...Love Story (it's pretty pop)
Rascal Flatts...Take Me There
or Blue Rodeo, John Mellencamp or Skynyrd!!

...we need to know what he DOES like to help you with assignment...i am a die hard country fan also...but what i've noticed is that it's becoming so mainstream, wouldn't be surprised if there isn't stuff he likes that is actually country, and he just doesn't know it :)

qtpie said...

Turn him on to anything Rascal Flats... I haven't heard anything of there's that I don't like and they are young. I know my two boys like them a lot!

Lori said...

Two of my favorite are Big & Rich and Keith Urban. Keith Urban is completely hot but I guess that doesn't help any. I too am a country fan but my mind is slow this morning so if I think of any later I will post back some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, my dear, but I do NOT like country music. I've never liked country music. The chances I ever will are, well, slim to none.

I am a rock 'n' roll animal. Always have been, always will be.

But good heavens, I'll listen to C&W before I'll listen to rap. Egads.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, you have a problem on your hands but lucky for you, we are here to help.

Jason Aldean has some good ones and this week I'm liken "Country Girl". Cowboy Troy does a sort of country rap. Taylor Swift's songs on her newest album "Fearless" are all on the top 100 downloaded on iTunes. If all else fails, we'll kidnap him and hold him hostage and play non-stop country music until we reprogram his obviously black soul. Just give me the word and I'll grab my white hood and be there.

Anonymous said...

We might have to grab Jan while we're at it.

Oh, and this damn comment thingy makes me jump through 14 hoops to finally get it to take my comment. Are you just messing with me?? :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm...Jason Aldean is a great idea!! is Keith Urban, and maybe Dierks?....

and Jan, you just haven't been exposed to the new stuff (no one calls it C&W anymore hun)...i thought you were from Texas?!....

this could work, this intervention stuff...even the Tall and Unfairly Thin Friend is now starting to grudgingly accept some if it and she HATED Country not too long ago...

Bookworm said...

LOL I do love me some Brad Paisley. YUM!

Oh, and I FINALLY got around to acknowledging the bloggy award you gave me like five hundred years ago. Sorry for the delay! and THANK YOU for the award!

Rap? That's not music; it's noise. LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree with MM. Rap is what you do when you're standing at someone's front door and they aren't expecting you. I go with the hoop jumping again. ;)
I'm leaving this one as anonymous because you KNOW who this is. LOL

Lo said...

anything by garth brooks. lordy, i love that man. and HELLO KENNY CHESNEY!!! when's he comin' to my house? phew! a man like that? in wranglers? oh i've died and gone to heaven.....

Anonymous said...

Thistle, you're propagating a stereotype, there - just because one is from Texas does not automatically make one a) a Republican, b) an oil tycoon or c) a fan of country music. LOL

I have heard the "new" stuff - my oldest step-daughter is a huge country music fan, and I'm sorry, I still don't like it. The closest I can get to liking it is some good ol' Southern rock - gimme some Lynyrd Skynyrd and some Allman Brothers and I'm good to go.

But the guy in the picture IS very cute, I'll give him that.

Anonymous said...

ok..see steps...that's all we ask for...

Try som skynyrd on that future SIL...Jan is the litmus test...eventually they all come around ;)

and i'll bite my lip over the sterotype thing...oh so many comebacks...but somehow i don't want to come across as the hockey loving igloo dwelling hoser i am LOL

huh...'comas' favourite kind of nap....

Smart Mouth Broad said...

GF-That's twice in a row! I think the Carrie Underwood is perfect because it's a story and a message. LOL Not sure that will make him like tho.

Thistle-Would you consider John Mellencamp and Lynard Skynard country? He likes rap so I have to come up with something really contemporary. I love Taylor Swift and she writes her own stuff which is amazing at her age.

QTP-I'm thinking Rascal Flatts may be a good try too. Thistle mentioned them too.

Smiles-Yeah, I don't think that fact that Keith Urban is going to work on a young college boy. LOL But I sure like him.

Jan-I knew that about you but I still think you have a soul. I guess we're going to have to plan that intervention just as soon as I complete this mission. LOL But I can see hope there since you would choose it over rap. Who wouldn't? UGH! Nole Boy, I guess. *sigh*

MLS-Thank goodness you all have my back. I like the kidnapping idea best. Roadtrip, everyone...Start packing!
And then we'll work on Jan when we finish with Nole Boy. This is going to be fun.

Thistle-Dierks! I forgot about Dierks! Start packing, we're planning that intervention.

Mama-No sweat about the award. You are a busy girl, I know that! And Congrats again. I completely agree, (c)rap is just noise to me too. LOL

Lo-Somehow I don't think Nole Boy would get as excited as you about those guys. LOL

Jan-You mean all Texans aren't Republican! Who knew! I'm still not convinced that you can't be converted. Where does Beloved stand on this issue?
And BP-he's a honey, huh?

Smart Mouth Broad said...

thistle- ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Rap.....crap....maybe D2 will fall "out" of like with Nole Boy and all will be well again! If not, tell MLS to pick me up on her way over.

Anonymous said...

SMB - Beloved has very eclectic tastes in music - the only thing he really cannot stand is heavy metal and rap - but he is first and foremost a Dead Head. Yes, believe it or not, he was one of those hippie-types that would take off for weeks at a time and follow them around.

He likes what Thistle would refer to as "old time country and western" - as a matter of fact, as I write this, Johnny Cash is issuing from his iPod - and he adores bluegrass. But he dislikes "modern" country as much as I do. Or so he says.

Anonymous said...

CMT here in Canada has a program called Wide Open Country (which i love btw)that has a lot of those artists I mentioned...and many more that would not be considered traditionally minds people, open minds...and best of all, this hour long program has no talking heads wasting time yabbering thru a too long introductions etc...just video after video...absolute heaven...that's where you need to start with this kid (and Jan apparently)...eventually he'll realize Mr Cash bleeds cool LOL

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Stepping Thru-He really likes all sorts of music except country....he claims. And I think he's a keeper for the time being. And if you knew the last one, you would know how important that is to us.

Jan-Beloved's taste in music sounds as eclectic as my own. Maybe not the same music but one would be very surprised to hear what's on my ipod.
I'm not giving up on ya yet, sister.

Thistle-Lately in the morning I have been putting CMT or GAC on the tv while we get ready for the day. It's just too early to hear how bad the economy is. And not before coffee.
And regarding this kid, I thinks I might have been led astray. There is deception in the air.

Anonymous said...

Colt Ford. Country and rap all in one artist.

Anonymous said...

For the record, this last "anonymous" isn't me. I don't know who Cold Ford is but I shall go find out.

Anonymous said...

I love love love love Country Music. Nole Boy doesn't know what he's missing.

Perhaps you are going about it the wrong way. Have you tried introducing him to Carrie Underwood? She's mighty nice for a young guy like him to look at.

Might be too Kuntry for him, but how about some Trace Atkins? Who doesn't love some Honkeytonk Badonkeydonk? LOL

Toby Keith's "Talk about me" sounds a bit rap-like and is a darn good song.

Montgomery Gentry - Hell Yeah.

Or some oldies - Hank Jr., Alabama

Anonymous said...

Hubby has always disliked country but does like a few Toby Keith songs... he thinks they're funny.

Anonymous said...

How about 'Little Boxes' by Billy Bob Thornton? Talks about doctors and lawyers... lol

Anonymous said...

Or maybe sh*tlist by the Boxmasters... explicit but he might get a hoot out of it depending on his sense of humor. (oops, my bad)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Anonymous-Good one. I had never heard of him but checked it out.

MLS-I know you even when you are anonymous. LOL

Fancy-All good ideas. I'm thinking Honky Tonk Bedonk..... might be a great one. Hmmm, is that a message I want to send to a boy dating my daughter? This could be tricky.

BRG-My goodness, you've got a sh*tload of ideas. LOL I'm going to go check that out once I disinfect my house.